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Automatic – Excess

If you haven’t already, you need to listen to Excess, the second album from LA trio Automatic. Using ’70s and ’80s vibrancy and playfulness, alongside a gritty, cinematic synth-fed soundscape to soundtrack their critique of modern society, Excess is straight into our fave albums of the year.

Bumpy – Leave It All Behind 

Noongar woman and Naarm artist Bumpy has the sort of storytelling ability that gives you goosebumps. The warmth of her vocal, the soul in her music, the intimacy of her delivery – new single ‘Leave It All Behind’ is the sort of transportive musical moment you don’t soon forget.

Bumpy – Leave It All Behind

Cub Sport – Always Got The Love  

Cub Sport are back with their first new single in almost two years, ‘Always Got The Love’, and they are absolutely shining. This ‘uge euphoric banger is one big celebration, and if this is the sound of the next Cub Sport chapter we cannot wait.

Cub Sport – Always Got The Love (Official Music Video)

Elizabeth – Happier Now 

Back in 2020, when we popped her on our Artists To Watch List, we dubbed Melbourne singer-songwriter Elizabeth the patron saint of sad girls, but now, on new single ‘Happier Now’, she’s proving that every mood sees her vocal shine. This time she’s focusing in on “the feelings that come after heartbreak” when “you are getting better”, kicking off a trio of singles that should continue rolling out soon.

Elizabeth – Happier Now (Official Music Video)

Empress Of – Save Me

Take your break up and turn it into a bunch of bangers – that is what Empress Of has done on her latest EP Save Me. Across its five tracks, she is serving up non-stop dancefloor moments, trying on a kaleidoscope of genres and sounds, each moment pulsating with confidence. Save Me marks a sonic bridge between album three and whatever comes next, so expect more of this.

Euan Hart – 145 

When Euan Hart released his debut single a few months ago, he instantly had our attention – his delicately warm vocal, vulnerable and poetic songwriting, dreamy guitars, and stirring-yet-subtle melodies weaving their way into our ears on first listen. Now he’s back for track #2, and ‘145’ is here to prove Hart isn’t a one-trick pony. Dreamy, soothing, and oh so blissful, Hart’s is a voice we hope to keep hearing for a long time to come.

Euan Hart – 145 (Official Music Video)

Golden Features X Rromarin – Touch 

It’s been a little while since we’ve had new music from Golden Features. Three years in fact. He hasn’t been sitting around though, instead teaming up with dance heavyweights Odesza and The Presets and diving into collaborative mode. Now ‘Touch’ welcomes him back, reuniting with Rromarin in the process. Hauntingly beautiful vocals blend with club-ready production, and as expected Golden Vessel has served up another dancefloor anthem.

Golden Features – Touch (ft. Rromarin)

Johnny Hunter – Want 

This is the moment Johnny Hunter have been building to for the last five years – their debut album Want. And the wait has been well and truly worth it because this bold, shimmering record is an absolute triumph. The band have harnessed their sound – a heady mix of gritty post-punk and glistening pop, and there’s any urgency and infectiousness that’s hard to ignore throughout.

Julia Jacklin – I Was Neon  

Originally written for a side project she was in back in 2018, ‘I Was Neon’ is quintessential Julia Jacklin storytelling – her knack for turning anxious moments into big pop-rock tunes again on show. “I was desperately longing for a version of myself that I feared was gone forever,” she says of the track’s inspiration.

Julia Jacklin – I Was Neon (Official Video)

Kat Edwards – Best Bad News 

The end of 2021 saw a welcome return for Kat Edwards, releasing her first new music in two years, and now we get another gorgeous slice in new single ‘Best Bad News’. Raw honesty, vulnerability, and power that drenches all her songwriting is what we’ve loved about her earlier releases, and this track is no different. Her EP – which this is the title track for – is out next month.

Kat Edwards – Best Bad News (Official Music Video)

King Stingray – Let’s Go  

Every track that Yolngu surf rockers King Stingray drop is a winner, so no surprise that ‘Let’s Go’ is one of our fave releases of June. The upbeat indie-rock harnesses the breezy, coastal energy, driving melodies, and hook-filled storytelling that King Stingray have established for themselves. Expect more of this when their debut album lands next month.

King Stingray – Let's Go (Official Music Video)

Lupa J – Young Drug  

We can’t decide what Lupa J does better – build out world-class production or tell brilliant, gorgeous stories. On ‘Young Drug’ they are showcasing both. With every release, Lupa J takes things up to another level, proving that they are an undeniably brilliant musical force.

Miiesha – Smoke & Mirrors  

Ever since the release of her debut single ‘Black Privilege’, Miiesha has been a force on the national music scene. Now with her second EP in two years Mirrors – combining with her 2021 release to form Smoke & Mirrors – she continues to build out her sound, taking her R&B and soul foundations and adding in elements of electronic and pop to the mix. Her storytelling is deeply personal, her vocals are rich and soulful, and every moment here is brilliant.

Pink Matter – Bare It All 

Brisbane band Pink Matter are back with their first new music in a little while and wowie it is a BIG bop. Shaking up their sound and sending things in a new direction, their neo-soul vibe has been injected with some moody,Madonna-inspired, dancefloor energy. It’s a total feel-good moment that promises to make you drop everything and dance.

Pink Matter – Bare It All ('Night Out' – Official Video)

Sloan Peterson X Pearl – Wear My Heart Out 

Punchy, breezy, danceable, earwormy – we could keep going with our list of words to describe Sloan Peterson‘s new single ‘Wear My Heart Out’. She’s teamed up with Perth singer-songwriter Pearl for this one, injecting hints of the pop-rock style of Peterson’s earlier releases following her dive into a more electro-pop sound. Love, lockdown, and freedom are all on the cards in this joyous team up.

Sloan Peterson – Wear My Heart Out (feat. Pearl) [Official Video]

Sly Withers – Passing Through 

If there is one thing Sly Withers are good at (besides writing top-notch tune after top-notch tune) it is punching you right in the gut with their stirring emo-punk anthems – and on newie ‘Passing Through’ that’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s their first new music for the year and a “taste of bigger things to come”, so we’re definitely going to be keeping our ears locked here.

Sly Withers – Passing Through (Visualiser)

Spacey Jane – Here Comes Everybody

It’s been a huge few years for Freo band Spacey Jane, and it’s all come together in their second album Here Comes Everybody. From self-loathing to love, and all the layers of feeling in between, Spacey Jane aren’t shying away from the most vulnerable, reflective sides of their storytelling here. We’ve been shouting about Spacey Jane for a few years now, but it’s clear with album #2 that they’re one of the key voices in the next generation of Aussie indie-rock. Don’t miss them on tour around Australia this August.

Telenova – Haunted  

Their debut EP, 2021’s Tranquilize promised big things from the airy, cinematic electro-pop of Melbourne trio Telenova – and on their second new single since they are continuing to prove that they are masters of their sound. That big, cinematic sound is still here, but this time it takes on a darker more dramatic edge – vocalist Angeline Armstrong adding a rich, soulful layer to the vibrant, hypnotic melody. EP #2 ‘Stained Glass’ is out next month.

The Beths – Silence Is Golden  

Album #3 is on it’s way and, with every new single, New Zealand indie-rockers The Beths are proving why it’s going to be their best one yet. You can feel the anxiety and stress Elizabeth Stokes is singing about in every note, but still the melody bristles with an undeniable pop punk energy. We’ll take new The Beths over golden silence any day.

The Beths – "Silence Is Golden" (official)

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Alfie Templeman – Mellow Moon

Big, joyous, colourful indie-pop moments sit alongside more melancholy spots of reflection across English singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman’s debut album Mellow Moon – and after seven EPs and a mini album across five years, the wait has been worth it. The record moves through Templeman’s headspace, as he navigates and wrestles with moment of loss, optimism, reassurance, anxiety, restlessness, hope, and more. Intense feelings need melodies to match, and Templeman hasn’t shied away from sonic exploration here either.

Becca Hatch – Without You 

On her first single of the year, Western Sydney’s Becca Hatch has delivered a silky, soulful club ready moment. Smooth, R&B verses lead through ‘Without You’, before that thumping drop kicks in, ensuring this track is readymade for warming dancefloors. We can’t wait to see how this one goes down at Hatch’s upcoming shows.

Becca Hatch – Without You (Official Video)

Flume – Palaces 

Flume has done it again! Relocating to the NSW Northern Rivers at the start of the pandemic, the inspiration from his natural surroundings is evident across the record. Sitting alongside bird calls and wildlife is a stacked list of collaborators from Damon Albarn to Caroline Polachek, MAY-A, Emma Louise, and more. But no matter the feature artist, it is Flume’s artistry – moving between left field electro, deep bass, hyperpop, cinematic moments, and more – that holds Palaces together.

Flume will bring the album to Australian stages his November – tickets are on sale now.

Gordi – Way I Go 

Every time we get a new slice of Gordi magic it’s a good day. The first track lifted from her upcoming EP, ‘Way I Go’ perfectly showcases Sophie Payten’s warm, delicate vocal against a raw, sparse melodic backdrop. She’s said the track is “about the newness and the oldness of being in love [and] how it saturates and warms you, expands and transforms.” And it’s definitely giving us the warm and fuzzies.

Gordi – Way I Go (Official Video)

Harry Styles – Harry’s House 

It’s clear that we don’t need to tell you that album number three from Harry Styles, aptly titled Harry’s House is a must-listen to album, but as we hit replay for the 10000th time we thought we’d take the opportunity for a Harry-chat. Oozing with charisma and glistening in its confidence and style, Styles doesn’t put a foot wrong throughout. From the quirky unexpected opener ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ to soulful pop moments like ‘Late Night Talking’ and ‘Daylight’ or tear-jerkers ‘Matilda’ or ‘Little Freak’ – Styles has well and truly entered his lane and he is travelling full speed ahead.

Harry Styles will bring Harry’s House to Australian stages in February and March 2023. Tickets are on sale via

Ninajirachi – Start Small 

Central Coast producer Ninajirachi is doing it like no one else in Australia right now, and her latest single ‘Start Small’ is a perfect example of her production prowess. Sparkling, glitchy, pounding sounds, beautifully delicate vocals, the balance between every single layer. This track is an adventure, Ninajirachi is a wizard, and we can’t stop listening.

Ninajirachi – Start Small (Official Visualizer)

Ocean Alley – Deepest Darkness 

On their first new single for the year, and second taste of new music since their incredible 2020 album Lonely Diamond, Ocean Alley are continuing their unshakeable form. A smooth little love song about how someone can bring the best out of you even in your darkest moments, it features all the surfy, psych-rock hallmarks of Ocean Alley’s sound, while watching their confidence continue to soar.


Oliver Tree – I Hate You 

We are only half way through, but we’re pretty certain Oliver Tree’s Cowboy Tears is going to be one of our albums of the year. That’s why we are pretty excited that he has already graced us with more new music. Not hiding away from the songs core message, while the lyrics aren’t a single bit subtle, alongside the pop-punk infused, hard hitting melody we bet ‘I Hate You’ will be stuck in your head for days.

Oliver Tree – I Hate You [Lyric Video]

RedHook – Jabberwocky 

If you aren’t familiar with Sydney nu-metal outfit RedHook, let ‘Jabberwocky’ be your introduction. Fitting right into the band’s catalogue sonically – with its blasting guitars, signature vocal and big breakdown – it is the songwriting, which sees Emmy Mack baring her soul, that makes this release even more important. We implore you to read her first hand account of the songs inspiration for Rolling Stone (but content warning the article contains a personal count of sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors). RedHook are one of the most exciting bands rising through the heavy ranks, and ‘Jabberwocky’ is further proof of that.

RedHook – Jabberwocky (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Riiki Reid – Say You Want Me 

Landing as the final part of her three-track mini-EP Newer Oxygen, ‘Say You Want Me’ is a captivating listen. Across the EP, New Zealand singer-songwriter Riiki Reid hits on ’90s-inspired pop rock to big dream pop and R&B moments, and here on ‘Say You Want Me’ she is diving into her love for alternative rock. At just three tracks, the release might be short, but it perfectly captured Reid’s production style and vocal chops. This is Reid’s reintroduction into the musical world and it is wonderful.

Rina Sawayama – This Hell 

NPR has described Rina Sawayama’s latest track ‘This Hell’ as a “glammy, country-pop inspired banger” and yes exactly that! The first single from her forthcoming album Hold The Girl packs a lot into its four minutes – there’s both a Shania Twain and a Paris Hilton reference, a huge guitar solo, and a middle finger up to her haters. “I was thinking about the rights being taken away from the LGBTQ community when I wrote this song,” she said in a statement. “When the world tells us we don’t deserve love and protection, we have no choice but to give love and protection to each other.”

Rina Sawayama – This Hell (Official Audio)

Spacey Jane – Hardlight 

We have entered Spacey Jane month – that’s right their second album Here Comes Everybody is due out in a few weeks and, alongside a stack of huge tour dates, May gave us new single ‘Hardlight. The track is classic Spacey Jane – huge hooks, hazy melodies, and moments readymade for big singalongs.

Speaking of big singalongs, Spacey Jane are taking their new album on the road this August. Tickets to their Australian tour are on sale now.

Spacey Jane – Hardlight (Official Video)

Sports Team – The Game 

“It’s a mantra for a nation of landlords… Something to mutter to yourself behind the electric gates as the world burns around you,” – that’s how British band Sports Team have described their new single ‘The Game’. We’re calling it a hook filled, moshpit stirring, great time. The band’s second album Gulp! lands in July – this time turning their focus from the state of their home in the UK to the state of the world. We can’t wait.

Sports Team – The Game

Tasman Keith X Phil Fresh – IDK 

Tasman Keith is like gold dust lately, everything he touches shines – and the latest cut from the rapper’s forthcoming debut album A Colour Undone is no different. ‘IDK’ sees him team up with Sydney singer and rapper Phil Fresh (another masterstroke collaboration) and this time he is wearing his heart on his sleeve. With a smouldering beat produced by Kwame, Keith’s smooth flow, and the addition of Fresh’s vocal, everything hits just right.

IDK feat. Phil Fresh (Official Visualiser)

Thelma Plum – Backseat Of My Mind 

We’ve got new music from Thelma Plum and we couldn’t be happier about it. After the success of her breathtaking debut album Better In Blak, Plum is ready to launch into a new era, and she’s kicking things off with ‘Backseat of My Mind’. Her first original music in three years sees the Gamilaraay singer-songwriter reflecting on everywhere she has been; its nostalgic, vulnerable, and powerful – the perfect Thelma Plum combo.

Thelma Plum – Backseat Of My Mind (Visualiser)

The Terrys – Waiting For You 

Sunshine-filled, youthful energy spills out of Gerringong favourites The Terrys’ lates single ‘Waiting For You’. It’s their second track of the year and one the band have described as “one of our favourite tracks to date”. Huge hooks, big riffs, an earworm chorus, and a melody that keeps building – The Terrys are onto a winner here.

The Terrys – Waiting For You

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Blood Money 

If you’re familiar with any part of Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s sublimely gorgeous catalogue of music, you’ll know he is a wizard at crafting lush, dreamy, soaring soundscapes that transport you somewhere else entirely and punch you right in the gut. That’s exactly what you’ll get on new single ‘Blood Money’. With every new track taken from forthcoming album Fallen Paradise we find ourselves saying “wow, is this the most beautiful song ever?”, and we’re asking that again.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Blood Money (Lyric Video)

Wafia – In The Honey 

Wafia is one of the most consistently brilliant artists in this country, every track she releases is pure alt-pop bliss. On her latest single ‘In The Honey’ – which is perfectly titled if you ask us, seeing as its sticky and gooey and warm – the newly independent artist returns with solo music for the first time in almost two years. Inspired by her personal healing after comforting words from her father – an Arabic saying that translates to “they were sleeping in honey” – the track serves as “a reminder to hold on to the things worth fighting for.”

Wafia – In The Honey (Official Visualizer)

Yb. – Change Your Mind 

If you’re looking for a big, catchy indie bop, look no further than ‘Change Your Mind’, the latest single from Brisbane artist Yb. Like sunshine in a bottle, lush, dreamy, hazy melodies carry this effortlessly groovy tune, making it impossible to resist.

Yb. – Change Your Mind

Yours Truly X Josh Franceschi – Hallucinate 

What’s better than one of your favourite Aussie rock bands releasing new music? Probably when they team up with one of your favourite vocalists to do it. That’s right, alternative bright lights Yours Truly have recruited You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi to deliver a punchy, breakbeat-infused pop-rock anthem called ‘Hallucinate’. The track marks a new chapter for the band, and we are here for it.

Yours Truly – Hallucinate feat. Josh Franceschi [Official Music Video]


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Cosmo’s Midnight X Tkay Maidza – Bang My Line

It’s not summer anymore, but thanks to this fire team up it sure feels like it could be. Cosmo’s Midnight are masters of harnessing that West Coast funk feeling with bright blissed-out synths and grooving basslines, then Tkay sprinkles on a little gold dust – her silky flow absolutely undeniable.

Cosmo's Midnight – Bang My Line (Official Video) ft. Tkay Maidza

Cry Club – People Like Me

We have been waiting for new Cry Club since they blew us away with their dazzling debut album God I’m Such A Mess back in 2020, and the wait has definitely worth it. Written during one of Melbourne’s lockdowns and harnessing the need for excitement that many of us felt during that time, it’s grittier than a lot of what we heard on their debut, but it’s still Cry Club at their most confrontational and honest best.l

Flume X Kučka X Quiet Bison – Escape

We got a double-drop from Flume this month, and we aren’t even a little bit mad about it. If you watched his Coachella sets, then you’d already be familiar with them both, and as the final slices of his forthcoming album, we couldn’t be more hyped for the whole package. Teaming up with rising star Quiet Bison and the stunning vocal of Kucka , ‘Escape’ is quintessential Flume in the best way – big drops, soaring breaks, glitchy future bass sounds. Bring on Friday.

Flume feat. KUČKA & Quiet Bison – ESCAPE (Official Music Video)

G Flip – Get Me Outta Here

G Flip is back with her second single of the year, another fiery, rock-tinged cut called ‘Get Me Outta Here’. G Flip’s punchy drums have become a staple of their sound, and with the addition of some sharp production and gritty guitars, this one sure packs a punch.

G Flip – GET ME OUTTA HERE (Official Music Video)

Gretta Ray – Vienna

Gretta Ray covering Billy Joel was a moment we didn’t know we needed, until we heard ‘Vienna’ on TikTok earlier this year. Now Gretta has done us one better, and released an official version. Staying largely true to Joel’s 1977 original, while making her version sound even sparser, it is the stirring piano carrying Ray’s warm, velvety vocal that gets us every time we hit play.

Gretta Ray – Vienna (Official Audio)

Jessica Mauboy – Automatic

On her first slice of new music in 2022, Jessica Mauboy is serving in every way. Produced by George Reid (AlunaGeorge) and written alongside Cosmo’s Midnight and Sophie Curtis (Aston), ‘Automatic’ harnesses a slick electronica meets R&B sound, but it is the storytelling – about taking control of all aspects of your own life – where Mauboy is really channelling that boss energy.

Jessica Mauboy – Automatic (Official Video)

Johnny Hunter – Dreams

Sydney post-punkers Johnny Hunter have dropped the news that their debut studio album will drop before the end of June, and alongside the announcement comes this cruisy, glistening cut from it called ‘Dreams’. With it’s laidback beat, shimmery ’80s-esque synths, and that distinct, howling croon, this one certainly hits the spot.

Johnny Hunter – Dreams (Official Music Video)

Julia Jacklin – Lydia Wears A Cross

New album news and new music from Julia Jacklin – what more could we want? On the opening song from her third album Pre Pleasure, Jacklin reflects on her catholic school days, cataloging the experiences of a small person contemplating profound questions. Her delicate, mournful vocal carries across a tender, sparse beat before building into a surging closer.

Julia Jacklin – Lydia Wears A Cross (Official Video)

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

It’s been five years since Kendrick Lamar gave us his Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece DAMN., and now we know why its follow-up has taken so long – because Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is as brilliant as it is sprawling. The sort of album that you need to listen to in full to truly understand the brilliance of, across its 18-track, one-hour-13-minute run time, Lamar turns the focus to himself, highlighting his insecurities and beliefs, while trying on a variety of styles and sounds along the way.

Lucianblomkamp X I.E. X Madam3empress – F**k It’s A Habit

We are in the final countdown until Lucianblomkamp drops his new album at the beginning of next month, and the latest slice of the record might just be one of our favourites. Teaming up with Sydneysiders I.E. and Madam3empress who lend their vocals to the track, on ‘F***, It’s A Habit’, Lucianblomkamp is channeling dark and sultry R&B. Across the singles we’ve already heard, we know the upcoming album is going to cover a lot of sonic ground, but the best part is Lucianblomkamp is comfortable in them all.


Maisie Peters – Cate’s Brother

One listen to ‘Cate’s Brother’ and it’s no wonder Maisie Peters has been poised as pop’s next big thing. Taking specific yet relatable experiences and channelling them into catchy tunes – from the most clever and playful to completely heartbreaking – is a feature of her growing catalogue, and this tune is no different. Channelling some ’80s arena rock level energy and riffs layered with Peters’ bright pop vocal makes for an instant anthem – a truly memorable breakthrough pop moment.

Maisie Peters – Cate's Brother [Official Live Video]

Marlon Williams – My Boy

His 2018 album Make Way For Love might have broken our hearts into a million little pieces, but on his latest single ‘My Boy’ all Marlon Williams has us doing is smiling and dancing. He’s describing it as a “pop song with a Māori folk strum”, we’re describing it as almost three-minutes of catchy, hook-filled fun. As always, Williams’ silky, warm vocal sits front and centre, but its the swap of the melody that keeps pulling us back.

Marlon Williams – My Boy (Official Video)

My Chemical Romance – The Foundations Of Decay

When My Chemical Romance announced their reunion back in October 2019, none of us expected new music was on the horizon – the band has quite a chunky catalogue to work through on their planned reunion shows. Was new music always in the works, or has the pandemic-fuelled delay in their comeback inspired their first new song since 2014? Either way, we are very happy about it. Instead of resting on their legacy, MCR are exploring new territory, it’s urgent, it is fearless, and it’s readymade for the stadium’s they’re filling once again.

My Chemical Romance – The Foundations of Decay

Pale Waves – Lies

English rockers Pale Waves are entering album number three season in a big way. New single ‘Lies’ arrives alongside the news that their next album will be dropping this August – big pop hooks, glistening crunchy guitars, and huge pop punk energy – if the track is anything to go by, the record is going to be huge.

Pale Waves – Lies (Official Video)

Press Club – Cancelled

Press Club are back with their first new music in two years, and its a big one! Instead of focussing on cancelled tours or even cancel culture, the track sees vocalist Natalie Foster looking inward and contemplating who she was versus who she is now. They’ve announced their third album is almost finished, so expect more new music to come.


Slowly Slowly – Forget You

Continuing to lean into the melodic pop side of their sound, Slowly Slowly have dropped new single ‘Forget You’. Another brilliant example of frontman Ben Stewart’s storytelling, the track perfectly balances between being confidently bold and introspectively vulnerable, all the while not losing the band’s upbeat catchiness.

Slowly Slowly – Forget You

Stella Donnelly – Lungs

Three years after dropping her stunning, unforgettable debut album Beware of the Dogs, Stella Donnelly is back with new single ‘Lungs’. Inspired by bird-watching, the track leads her new album Flood, set for release this August. Deliberately shaking up her sound from the indie-rock of her debut, the single’s bouncing drumbeat and frolicking melody is more of a dance vibe than we’re used to. Now we wait to see what the rest of the album holds.

Stella Donnelly – Lungs (Official Video)

Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go

If you aren’t quite familiar with Suki Waterhouse yet, let us introduce you. Six years on from her first single, her debut album I Can’t Let Go is a shimmering, glistening pop record that is both stunningly stripped back and endearingly self indulgent. Led by her smokey, soulful delivery wrapped around Waterhouse’s poetic lyrics and storytelling, it makes for one of our favourite records this year.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Pretty Good For A Girl Band

We’ve shouted about them so many times, we hope by now you know how good Canberra-via-Melbourne Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are, but if you not their debut EP Pretty Good For A Girl Band is sure to get you over the line. We’ve already heard three of its five singles, but as a whole package it demonstrates the force that Teen Jesus is. Angsty, honest, powerful, and full of attitude, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers is a name we’ll be shouty for years to come!

Wallace X Close Counters – Arcade Queen

With a sound steeped in a mosaic of beats, jazz, blues and soul, it is hard not to pay attention when Wallace starts singing. On her latest single, ‘Arcade Queen’, she has teamed up with Melbourne duo Close Counters to add another element to her sound – resulting in almost three minutes of effortlessly cool, electro-infused soul. Her debut album lands this August!


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1300 – Foreign Language

It is here, Western Sydney-based Korean-Australian rap group 1300 have dropped their debut mixtape, and just as the previous singles promised, the five-piece don’t skip a beat. Endlessly creative, pushing past the boundaries of the genre, intelligent, forward-thinking, and effortlessly merging elements of the Australian scene with Korean language – each member of their collective bringing their own creative visions to the project. What we get on Foreign Language is something that can only be described as pure 1300.

Beddy Rays – Sort It Out

Brisbane surf rockers Beddy Rays are back in a big way with their second single for the year, ‘Sort It Out’. Huge rock energy that doesn’t step off the pedal for even one of its 120 seconds. It’s short, it’s sharp, and it’s Beddy Rays at their absolute best. How good can this band get?!


Blake Rose – Demon

‘Demon’ is an instantly catchy, indie pop gem and it’s sure to have you hooked right away. Perth singer-songwriter Blake Rose sure knows how to write a tune, and the way this one weaves through it’s little twists and turns – at moments its a groovy bop, at times a little gritty, at others subtly gentle – makes ‘Demon’ as readymade for late night singalongs as it does really big venues.

Blake Rose – Demon (Official Video)

Euan Hart – Snowflake

Way to hit it out of the park on your debut single Euan Hart! Ready to melt hearts with his delicately warm vocal, vulnerable and poetic songwriting, dreamy guitars, and stirring-yet-subtle melodies – we’ve only known him for four and a half minutes so far, but we’re certain Euan Hart is going to fast become a favourite.

Euan Hart – Snowflake (Official Music Video)

Fvneral – California Street

If you aren’t already familiar, you’re going to want to get to know Sydney indie-rock creative & music collective FVNERAL. They’re bundling up all the feelings on their new single ‘California Street’ – from the intimacy of its delicate melody to the perfectly balanced dual vocals that make it feel like we’re listening in as the night unfolds, and the build that arrives exactly when you want it. The song is made even better if you watch the video with it – you’ll know when you get there.


Harvey Sutherland – Boy

Harvey Sutherland has spent a real long time mastering his musical wizardry, so it may come as a shock to you that one of Australia’s favourite – and funkiest – producers is only just now releasing his debut album. But we promise, ‘Boy’ has been well worth the wait. The record brings together everything listeners have loved about Sutherland across the last almost-decade while still managing to mine new ground. Hypnotic, groovy, funky, ‘Boy’ is all that and more – but mostly, it’s just a damn good time.

Mel Blue – Everything About You

We might have farewelled Summer a couple of months ago, but Sydney based electronic pop six-piece Mel Blue are harnessing all the sunshiney good vibes on their latest single ‘Everything About You’. If you’re looking for a tasty mix of catchy hooks, driving beats, singalong choruses, and fun songwriting, all sprinkled with a dusting of nostalgia – you’re going to want to press play here.

Mel Blue – Everything About You (Official Music Video)

Miiesha – Everything

On her second single of the year, Miiesha is stripping things back for one of her most vulnerable cuts yet. ‘Everything’ opens with haunting strings and the distant sounds of children chattering among birds, before everything pulls back to centre Miiesha’s raw, silky vocal. An unforgettable single and an even more unforgettable artist.

Miiesha – Everything (Official Music Video)

Mitch Santiago – Out For You

The sort of song that sounds like you’ve listened to it before but is also somehow completely new, both warmly intimate and refreshingly unfamiliar – that’s what we’re getting on Mitch Santiago’s second single ‘Out For You’. The wildest part is, he’s only 15, and if this is what he is serving up already we can’t even imagine what’s to come for – or from – the Perth multi-instrumentalist.

Mitch Santiago – Out For You (Lyric Video)

Nick Ward – Brand New You

Sydney singer-songwriter Nick Ward has us both crying and smiling on his latest release Brand New You, and it kinda seems like that’s exactly what he wants. From loneliness to clarity, inadequacy to acceptance, vulnerability to confidence, across its 26 minutes, Brand New You is as much about deep, self reflection as it is about optimism, hope, and joy. All that balanced with brilliant production. What more could we ask for?

Sampa The Great X Denzel Curry X Powers Pleasant – Lane

No one is doing it like Sampa The Great, but just in case you didn’t already know that, she is absolutely setting the trail ablaze on new single ‘Lane’. Releasing her first new music since 2019’s The Return after relocating to Zambia during the pandemic, she sounds more confident and assured in her artistry than ever before. Against her dreamy, confident bars, Denzel Curry’s sharp, cutting verse adds a perfect juxtaposition to the track. It’s Sampa season!

Sampa The Great – Lane ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video)

Sofi Tukker – Wet Tennis

Every moment spent with electronic duo Sofi Tukker is a dance party, and on their second album Wet Tennis that’s exactly what they’re delivering. Packed with hooks and bursting with varied sounds and influences, here Sofi Tukker are continuing their tradition of masterfully seeing just what they can meld into a dance music record. From acoustic guitar to rattling cowbells, steel drum to poetry, no matter the direction every moment feels expertly crafted.

Teenage Joans – Terrible

We’ve got the first taste of new music following Adelaide duo Teenage Joans‘ debut EP, Taste Of Me and it’s a big one. Building on the angsty, pop-punk flair we’ve become used to with a little extra bite, the track has become a regular in the band’s live set so it’s nice to have a version for our playlists. They’ve been labelled one of Australia’s most promising acts, and ‘Terrible’ proves exactly why.

Teenage Joans – Terrible [Official Music Video]

The Blssm – Pure Energy

LA-based singer, songwriter and fashion tastemaker THE BLSSM is delivering absolute bliss on their sophomore EP Pure Energy. Both nostalgic and refreshing, the EP effortlessly blends moments of pop, grunge, hip hop and more into a record that feels cohesive and exciting. Celebratory yet cathartic, on Pure Energy The Blssm feels unstoppable.

Waxflower – The Sound Of What Went Wrong

Waxflower lead singer Tristan Higginson describes the band’s new EP as “five anthems for the over-thinker,” and that sharp, emotional reflection is exactly what you’re going to get on The Sound Of What Went Wrong. Channelling all the best bits of your favourite nostalgic, emotive rock anthems balanced with the perfect amount of pop-punk angst, all while injecting their sound with refreshing songwriting and pop energy. Have we entered the emo revival?


[su_spoiler title=”Ticketmaster’s Fresh Scoop: the best new music from April (Part 2)” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

April is coming to an end, but thankfully for us the music doesn’t stop. Here are some of our favourite releases from the last two weeks!

Alfie Templeman – Colour Me Blue

Alfie Templeman is incredible – but you probably already know that! Seven EPs and a mini-album have led to his debut album Mellow Moon (which we get to enjoy in a month’s time). For now though, we have ‘Colour Me Blue’ – a shimmering, indie pop love song that makes you hit play again as soon as it is done. Alfie is an artist you need to see live now, because the next time he tours Australia he won’t be playing in bandrooms.

Alfie Templeman – Colour Me Blue (Official Lyric Video)

Architects – When We Were Young

We weren’t ready for new Architects – but here it is, and it is HUGE! Triumphant and anthemic, the track is all about the good and bad, gained and lost of growing up. When Architects are at their most reflective, they always deliver – can’t wait to see how this goes down live.

Architects – "when we were young"

Bülow – Booty Call

Mesmerising, vulnerable and heartbreaking right from the first note – on the title track of her latest EP, German-Canadian alt-pop artist Bülow has teamed up with Finneas for this stripped back moment. Although soft and tender, it is the emotional weight dripping off her vocals that hits the hardest. Find us staring out the window while this one plays on repeat.

bülow – Booty Call (Audio)

Conan Gray – Memories

Another taste of Conan Gray’s second album Superache, ‘Memories’ – while a little different from what he’s shown us so far – is that perfect sad-bop to get us eagerly waiting for a full album. Readymade for dramatic, hairbrush singalongs, if Conan Gray isn’t heading towards being one of the biggest indie-popstars in the world by the time this album comes out, he won’t be far off.

Conan Gray – Memories (Official Music Video)

Jarrod Jeremiah – Stopped Talking To You

Laid back grooves, introspective reflections, and a tasty balance of jazz and r&b is what Perth artist Jarrod Jeremiah is delivering on his latest single ‘Stopped Talking To You’. And we are eating it up. His best single so far – you’re going to want to keep your eyes and ears locked here to see what he delivers next.

Stopped Talking To You

Lizzo – About Damn Time

YES LIZZO! Big disco beats? Check! Self-loving lyrics? Check! Irresistible grooves? Check. Oh, and the news of a new album? Yep, on ‘About Damn Time’ Lizzo is delivering in every single way and we couldn’t be more here for it.

Lizzo – About Damn Time [Official Video]

Matilda Mann – Nice

Injecting a little gritty edge to her effortless vulnerable pop, London singer-songwriter Matilda Mann is layering her soaring hooks with swelling guitars and drums on ‘Nice’ and – while unexpected – it adds something a little different to her flawless, every growing catalogue.

Matilda Mann – Nice (Official Video)

Nerve – DFRNT.

By now we’re all probably talking about his #DIYSuperGroup entry (that he served up in less than 24 hours by the way) but Brisbane emcee Nerve was already showing why he is an absolute outlier in the Aus hip hop scene on previous single ‘Nerve’. The bars, his flow, lyricism, production – Nerve is the whole package and he’s absolutely unstoppable.

Ocean Grove – Up In The Air Forever

Ocean Grove have been doing it their way for years, but on their latest album Up In The Air Forever are pushing the envelope even further, expertly crafting their genre-bending take on grunge, pop and rock – a concept/universe they call ‘Oddworld’ – and truly establishing themselves as the artists they want to be. Big riffs, big hooks, big anthems, and a melting pot of different sounds and styles, this one will be on a stack of end-of-year lists for sure.

Oliver Cronin X Mason Dane – 10,000 Hours

Breakthrough artists Byron Bay’s Oliver Cronin and Newcastle’s Mason Dane have joined forces for tasty dancefloor-ready bop ‘10,000 Hours’. Teaming up with producer Liam Thomas, the pair slide over his hypnotising production with ease while complimenting each other’s styles effortlessly. We love a good team up and this one is ticking all the right boxes.

Oliver Cronin – 10,000 Hours (feat. Mason Dane)

Phoebe Bridgers – Sidelines

We haven’t been able to stop thinking about ‘Sidelines’ since Phoebe Bridgers performed it during her Coachella sets, so of course we have the studio version on repeat. The first new, original music from Bridgers since her 2020 album Punisher, in her true fashion it is dark, moody, low key and utterly beautiful.

Phoebe Bridgers – Sidelines (Official Audio)

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Night Gnomes

On album number five, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are again pushing themselves further – exploring more sonic influences and creative tangents than ever before. At moments frantic, at others anthemic, where a track might begin lush and dreamy, it might end in a sea of fuzzy guitars and distortion. Across its 40 minute run time, you can’t quite get comfortable knowing where PPC will go, but that is all part of what makes this whole record so good.

Riiki Reid – The Dream State

Fresh off the back of her return to the music scene, New Zealand singer-songwriter Riiki Reid has delivered a big, smoky alt-pop bop in new single ‘The Dream State’. Created after a night where Reid was woken during a thunderstorm before drifting back to sleep, where reality and imagination merged inside her mind, ‘The Dream State’s swirling beat and intoxicating melody will have you moving in no time. She’s been described as NZ’s new indie-pop queen, and now we know exactly why.

Rosarrie – Take Me Home

Intimate and delicate, on ‘Take Me Home’ Perth singer-songwriter Rosarrie is delivering four minutes of lush, enchanting bliss. Subtle and spellbinding, she is an artist you definitely need to keep an ear on.

rosarrie – take me home

Sigrid X Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life

There are collaborations that you can’t even dream up, and then there is Norwegian pop star Sigrid teaming up with UK rockers Bring Me The Horizon. Finding a middle point between Bring Me’s big rock anthems and Sigrid’s dreamy, synth pop, the pair work together effortlessly making the collab an absolute winner.

Sigrid, Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life

Sophiya X JessB – Kween Energy

It’s all in the title really, this is absolute ‘Kween Energy’ in every sense of the phrase. Dialling the energy and power up to 100, it’s been a little while since we’ve heard new music from Sophiya and this is exactly the way to return. The perfect team up. We’re here for it and we’re bowing down.

Sophiya – KWEEN ENERGY ft. JessB

South Summit – Tired Of Waiting

Right from the outset the cruisy lead in to ‘Tired Of Waiting’ will have you hooked, but as soon as that dynamite chorus kicks in, you’ll know you’re on to a winner. Darker and rougher around the edges then you might be used to, the Perth melting pot of fast rising rock bands is bubbling over here.

Stand Atlantic – Switchblade

With every new track Stand Atlantic are proving that they’re unstoppable. The fifth taste of the band’s new album is heavier and angstier than the slices we’ve heard so far, it blends big guitar moments with earwormy pop melodies and sees the four-piece continue to blur their sonic boundaries. Album number two Pink Elephant was described as the shape of pop punk to come, and if these singles are anything to go by, Stand Atlantic are about to blow that out of the water.

Stand Atlantic – switchblade (Visual)

Stevan – The Wave

Everything that Sydney-based woozy pop producer Stevan creates is pure class. Bright beats and a driving melody carry Stevans warm, cruisy vocal – creating one of the biggest, earwormiest bops we’ve heard this year. It’s a big disco-inflected indie-pop moment and it has us hitting repeat again and again.

Stevan – The Wave (Official Visualiser)

Telenova – Why Do I Keep You?

On their first slice of new music since last year’s mesmerising EP Tranquilize and Telenova are proving that they are masters of gorgeous, cinematic pop moments. With its instantly likeable refrain and lush melody carrying attention to Angeline’s vocal, and of course that beautiful chorus, ‘Why Do I Keep You’ sees Telenova firing into 2022.

Telenova – Why Do I Keep You? (Official Video)

The Kid LAROI – Thousand Miles

By now, we know that The Kid LAROI doesn’t put a musical foot wrong, so we aren’t surprised that his latest release ‘Thousand Miles’ is an instant winner. The first track to arrive off the 18-year-old’s forthcoming debut album, it perfectly showcases his pop sensibilities and is sure to be another inescapable winner.

The Kid LAROI – Thousand Miles (Official Video)

Tina Says X Jude York – Barriers

In true Tina Says style, her latest single ‘Barrier is a textured melting pot, this time led by bouncy, dark, moody production. Contrasted brilliantly by Jude York’s light and bright vocal, the track is the perfect late night soundtrack. Proving once again she is one of the most promising and dynamic producers in the country, Tina Says delivers another brilliant dancefloor moment.


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We have made it to April, and the glorious soundtrack of new music being served to us from every corner of the globe is exactly what we need. Here are some of our favourite releases from the last two weeks!

5 Seconds of Summer – Take My Hand

After working on their last two albums with some of the world’s biggest names in pop production, this new era for 5SOS see the band shining in their creative independence. New pop slow-burner ‘Take My Hand’ was written by lead vocalist Luke Hemmings and produced by guitarist Michael Clifford, and it shows just how much growth the band have made since their incredible 2020 album CALM (yes, we called it the best album they’d ever made, but we might have to retract that statement now). Album number five is on its way, and we can’t wait.

5 Seconds of Summer – Take My Hand (Official Visualizer)

Almost Monday – Sunburn

Sunburn is generally not very pleasant, but we will get through it for as long as possible if it means we can listen to Almost Monday’s latest slice of sunshiney goodness ‘sunburn’. The San Diego trio’s infectious groove-pop anthem is singlehandedly ensuring summer stretches through April – so if you’re enjoying any nice weather, you can thank Almost Monday for it. The band just played their first show outside of the US in Sydney, and from all accounts it was absolute magic. The aloe vera is packed, we’re getting in the car and playing this one full blast while we drive around for hours.

Barkaa X Electric Fields – Fight For Me

Sydney artist Barkaa has well and truly cemented herself as one of the most exciting and powerful rappers in Australia (you can check her out on our Breakthrough 22 list here). A proud Aboriginal woman of the Malyangapa and Barkindji people, and she uses her music and her voice to speak her truth and highlight issues affecting First Nations people, while sharing pride in her people and histories, fighting against injustices, and honouring bright Indigenous futures. On her first taste of new music since her debut EP Black Matriarchy dropped last year, she continues doing exactly that. Teaming up with electronic duo Electric Fields, Barkaa has described the incredibly personal track as “one of the most heartbreaking and hardest tracks she’s ever had to write” and it is truly unforgettable.

Barkaa – Fight For Me (Official Video) ft. Electric Fields

Beabadoobee – Talk

We are getting a new Beabadoobee album, we repeat a new Beabadoobee album is incoming. According to the press release, her new album “traverses fuzzy rock, classic singer-songwriter, psychedelia, midwest emo and outright pop whilst remaining undeniably herself throughout” and if lead single ‘Talk’ is anything to go by, we cannot wait. Counting down the days until July.

beabadoobee – Talk (Official Video)

Ben Lee – Like This or Like That

Ben Lee is an absolute legend, a true Australian icon, an artist that should be protected at all costs. Yes, you probably know him from his unforgettable tune ‘Catch My Disease’ (yes, we nearly cried when we realised it came out 17 years ago) and no matter what, we know you’re singing every word every time you hear it. His recent musical renaissance has us hooked – from his swift rise to king of social media to this absolute bop ‘Like This or Like That’, Ben Lee is truly meant to be making music and we are meant to be enjoying it.

Ben Lee – Like This or Like That (Official Visualiser)

Cookii  – Popstyle

When Melbourne hyperpop duo cookii burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘coca cola’ back in 2020, it was the mystery shrouding the project that made them as fascinating as the PC Music, all-in pop maximalism they were creating. Now, on their second mixtape, popstyle, the recently unveiled duo are embracing the limelight. Revealing their identities hasn’t hindered the pair – in fact their genre-bending boldness and production flare has flourished. With influences as broadly ranging as Aqua and Good Charlotte, popstyle is a fun and exciting blend of sugary sweet bubblegum pop and gritty y2k pop rock, continuing cookii’s assent as one of this country’s most exciting new projects.

Confidence Man – TILT

Our favourite party starters Confidence Man can be described in three simple letters – OTT. And their latest album TILT – packed full of incredible hooks, effortless fun, and tongue in cheek humour – delivers exactly the right amount of over the top charm to keep us hooked. There’s glitter, theirs brattyness, wit, grooves, and more packed in. These Brisbane electro-poppers aren’t subtle, but they are perfectly camply irresistible.

Eliza & The Delusionals – Halloween

Just like the holiday itself, the latest single from rockers Eliza & The Delusionals is a hauntingly beautiful slice of vibey indie rock that sees the band, once again, take their sound to the next level. The band say it best, when describing ‘Halloween’ as being “about feeling like you’re the main character in a movie and you get to choose the role that you want to play.” We’re a little over a month from their debut album, and Eliza & The Delusionals are definitely having their main character moment.

Eliza & The Delusionals – Halloween

Franc Moody – Mass Appeal

We originally tipped Franc Moody’s debut album Dream In Colour as one of our favourite records of 2020 as one of our favourite records of the year. The London funk collective were born from a concoction of old soul beats and warehouse funk, of nu-disco and escapist pop, and the album was a perfect treasure of dance breaks and soaring melodies paying testament to it. New single ‘Mass Appeal’ marks a new era for the group. The first taste of album number two is everything we could have hoped for.

Gracie Abrams – Block Me Out

Gracie Abrams 2021 record This Is What It Feels Like was born out of isolation and provided the soundtrack for crying in your bedroom while dissecting all the relationships – with friends and lovers – that have ended, while figuring out who you are without and after them. Her smooth, delicate vocal and relatable, dreamy songwriting returns on ‘Block Me Out’ returns on the brutally honest guitar-driven burner. Intimate and captivating, Abrams debut album is said to be on the way, but ‘Block Me Out’ will tide us over for now.

Gracie Abrams – Block me out (lyric video / making of the song)

Harry Styles – As It Was

Is there a record that ‘As It Was’ – the latest single from Harry Styles and first taste of his forthcoming album Harry’s House – hasn’t broken? From its simple refrain, supercharged vulnerability, irresistible call to the dancefloor melody, and ’80s style synth-pop deep dive, fans can hopefully start to get a sense of what the next era of Harry Styles is going to sound like. We saw someone on Twitter describe the track as Harry Styles crafting a Coin song, and we cant unhear it and we aren’t even slightly mad. Styles is well past just getting started, and ‘As It Was’ sounds exactly like an artist at the peak of their creative powers.

Harry Styles – As It Was (Official Video)

Jack Harlow – First Class

Did we need Jack Harlow to take on Fergie’s Glamorous (AKA a perfect lesson in pop hits and spelling)? No, but are we glad that he did anyway? Yes, of course. His laid back flow building to that infectious sample-filled hook saw the track go viral on TikTok before it was even released, and with the whole track in hand we know why. The Kentucky rapper’s second album is set to land soon, then soon after he’ll be on our shores for what are sure to be some unforgettable shows.

Jack Harlow – First Class [Official Visualizer]

Lupa J – Always Wanting

If youve been around for a little while, you’ll know how much we love Australian artist Lupa J – constantly pushing the boundaries of their sound and consistently delivering incredible works of art, for years they have been slowly unravelling all the layers that make up their musical identity. And on latest single ‘Always Wanting’ they have struck gold again. Sparse production highlights their killer vocal, this time leaning into a brighter pop angle than we’ve heard before – honestly, it’s a perfect track.

Lupa J – Always Wanting

Maggie Rogers – That’s Where I Am

Maggie Rogers is a treasure. Here, on ‘That’s Where I Am’ – the lead single from her just announced, July-due sophomore album – hand-clapped rhythms and a buoyant melody carry Rogers’ soaring vocal in this brilliant, bright, and euphoric declaration of love. Try not to smile during or after hearing this one, it is impossible.

Maggie Rogers – That’s Where I Am (Official Video)

Spacey Jane – It’s Been A Long Day

We apologise in advance for the swift change in emotions here, but we don’t control the alphabet so you can’t blame us for breaking your heart. Drenched in emotion and reflection, Spacey Jane have delivered a powerful crooner in ‘It’s Been A Long Day’. Contemplative, lilting, slowly shuffling instruments carry vocalist Caleb Harper as he tears all our hearts out. Are Spacey Jane the biggest band in Australia yet? Because with songwriting like this, they really should be.

Spacey Jane – It’s Been a Long Day (Official Video)

Tasman Keith X Genesis Owusu – Cheque

Yep, this is the team up of the year and there isn’t anything anyone else can do in the next eight months to change our minds. The Tasman Keith-Genesis Owusu pairing was teased back in November, and it is well worth the wait. The bars, the percussion, the bass, the production, the energy – no one and nothing, not a single beat or a single line, is here to mess around. How’d they do all that in only two minutes?!

CHEQUE (feat. Genesis Owusu) (Official Video)

Teenage Dads – Exit Sign

Blissful yet melancholic, shimmering and catchy – those are our favourite adjectives to describe the gorgeous slice of indie pop from Teenage Dads called ‘Exit Sign’. Bright, jangly lead guitars and a buzzing bassline meet warm vocals, and somehow even though this track is about relationships ending it still makes us feel really good. Teenage Dads have got us feeling all sorts of ways, but one thing we’re certain on is how much of a bop we’ve got on our hands.

Teenage Dads – Exit Sign (Official Visualiser)

The Regrettes – Further Joy

Exploring the space somewhere between stripped back guitars and big pop hooks, on new album Further Joy, The Regrettes have come a long way from the garage punk rockers that landed on the scene with a swift kick back in 2015 – and it absolutely suits them. Underneath the punk energy there was always a strong pop sensibility, and here they are letting it come to the fore. It is vulnerable yet confident, anxious yet strong, honest and vulnerable yet powerful and joyous. More than anything though, it sees the four piece coming into their own and becoming completely comfortable in their musical skin.

The Blssm – Not Today

There is a beautiful joy in The Blssm’s new single ‘Not Today’ – a glorious, bright celebration of the little daily wins amongst the not so positive, even as small as they might be, and we are here for it. The genre-bending singer-songwriter is really onto something with this feel good moment that they say “was written about the small nuances of joy I thieve, collect and steal to keep in my pocket to get me through an ever rat-race agenda of wanting more, wanting everything and wishing.” Also, we can’t go past the incredible outfit.


Void of Vision – Into The Dark

If previous single ‘DOMINATRIX’ was the most adventurous Void Of Vision has ever been, we don’t quite know how to describe their latest tune ‘Into The Dark’. Pushing the boundaries even further sonically, they’re levelling up in terms of production, seeing how far they can bend and shape their sound, and showing off a new side to vocalist Jack Bergin that we haven’t heard before. Chaos meets calm, elegant meets destructive – if this is Void Of Vision heading into the dark, we are following.

Void Of Vision – INTO THE DARK [Official Music Video]

WAAX – Dangerous

Now this is a WAAX we haven’t quite heard before. Marking a significant departure from the band’s usual sound, ‘Dangerous’ is driven by melancholic grand piano chords, warbling synths and subtle strings, vocalist Maz DeVita trading her usual bite for delicate, heartfelt ’90s pop balladry – and every bit of it works. We can’t wait to hear this one live.

WAAX – Dangerous / Help Me Hell

Wet Leg – Wet Leg

Wet Leg’s self-titled album rushes out of the gate with unflinching infectious joy and that feeling doesn’t waver for the entirety of it’s almost 40-minute long runtime. Bursting with earworm hooks, catchy choruses and an undeniable sense of fun, Wet Leg prove that their perfect formula of buzzy guitars, sarcastic one liners, and youthful exuberance can hold strong for an entire album – and the best part is, the duo are only getting started.


[su_spoiler title=”Ticketmaster’s Fresh Scoop: the best new music from March” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]

There’s been so much great new music, it’s hard to keep up – so why not take a look back at March and make sure you didn’t miss any of the best bits.

1300 – Rocksta

Western Sydney-based Korean rap supergroup 1300 lead our Breakthrough 2022 roundup for obvious reasons – they are operating in their own musical universe. With their knack for laying down razor sharp verses over the top of huge catchy beats – with perfect harmony and chemistry between each band member – the five-member crew have quickly carved out a niche in the Aussie music scene, and their latest single ‘Rocksta’ is another confident and exciting track to add to their ever-growing catalogue.

1300 – Rocksta (Official Music Video)

ArrDee – Pier Pressure

It was the pun in the album title that original caught our attention, but it’s hard to ignore what Brighton’s cheekiest chap is throwing down on his debut mixtape. Adding a pop flair to the UK drill sound, layered with tongue-in-cheek bars and care-free, bassy hooks, it isn’t hard to understand why ArrDee was so quickly ranked as one of the UK’s most promising talents. Pier Pressure will definitely get a revisit this summer.

Bakers Eddy – Love Boredom Bicycles

The Bakers Eddy story is truly one of friendship – the band have been playing music together since they were 12-year-old kids in Wellington, New Zealand and now 12 years later find themselves living together in a Melbourne sharehouse. We met them four years ago, and it was their irresistible energy and fun that had us hooked. On their debut album Love Boredom Bicycles, that hasn’t changed.

It’s an absolutely charming listen, written while the band were locked down in their sharehouse studio and truly shows just how far the band has come sonically thanks to years developing their sound on the road. Full of big hooks and youthful energy, this is another album to put on your listening bucketlist.

Beckah Amani – Lebeka Leka

Tanzania-born, Gold Coast-based soul-pop singer songwriter Beckah Amani beautifully fuses the traditional west African songs her parents taught her from a young age with her teenage love of artists such as Avril Lavigne and Queen. She has spent the past few years crafting gorgeous deeply rich gems and her voice is truly the kind that wraps itself around your soul. Her latest single, ‘Lebeka Leka’ is a powerful, triumphant anthem reminding the young singer-songwriter to let go. It is lush and uplifting and we’re certain you’ll be hearing a lot more from her for years to come.

Beckah Amani – Lebeka Leka (Official Video)

Bugs – Cooties

If you’ve been here for a little while, you’ll know by now that Brisbane trio Bugs are one of our favourite bands in Australia, and if you still haven’t checked them out, their third album Cooties is here to prove why we’ve been shouting about them for so long. It’s a punchy 10-track collection that’ll make you laugh, dance, and hit you straight in the feels, packed full of big pop hooks, catchy melodies, huge singalong moments, and impressive, heartfelt songwriting. Bugs have stepped it up in every way, and the best part is, it’s the kind of album that you want to listen to front to back over and over. 

Camp Cope – Running with the Hurricane

Known for the empowering, hard-hitting power-pop of their first two albums, on Running With The Hurricane, Camp Cope are proving tenderness and restraint can be just as powerful. They’ve found a peace in vulnerability, refusing to let the world around them break them down, as they reckon with loneliness, jealousy, romanticism, insecurity and landing at self-awareness and self-love. They end the album with a simple yet poignant refrain – “You are not your past, not your mistakes…You can change and so can I,” and we think that sums it all up perfectly.

Charli XCX – Crash

On album number five Charli XCX has turned away from her hyperpop origins to craft a record that she said from the outset is the most commercial pop album she has ever made. And while on the surface that might be the case, Charli XCX has never been one for playing by the rules, and Crash is testament to her boundary-pushing creativity. Across the album’s 12 tracks, you’ll get everything from dream-pop to Eurodance, and lyrically she isn’t holding back. Crash marks the end of this chapter in Charli XCX’s career and, if this swan song is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Coin – Uncanny Valley

The latest album from Nashville trio Coin, Uncanny Valley, explores the troubles and joys of modern technology and the human experience on a bed of indie-pop and auto-tune filtered classic rock. You’ll find moments that swirl back to the sound of Coin albums past, but for the most part the trio are pushing forward – distortion, synths, and funk-laced grooves breathing fresh air into the band’s sound. It’s gritty, it’s yearning, and it has a confident strut to it.

Columbus – Driving In The Dark

Irresistibly charming and perfectly tinged in late ‘90s and early ‘00s nostalgia, on their latest EP, Driving In The DarkAustralian east coast sweethearts Columbus showcase their sound at its absolute best. But alas, the release of the EP is bittersweet, with the band announcing their final run of shows ever to support it. Don’t let that news sway you though, because Driving In The Dark is the perfect pick me up. If you were a fan in the past, DITD will remind you just how good Columbus are, if this if your first introduction, they’ll immediately have you hooked.

King Stingray – Camp Dog

Another group on our Breakthrough 2022 list is Yirrkala, North-East Arnhem Land five-piece King Stingray. With their instantly catchy brand of beach-ready indie rock, surf pop, and funk – a sound they’ve dubbed Yolngu surf rock, King Stingray have very quickly won hearts and ears right across the country. On their newie ‘Camp Dog’, its their joyous melody, dance-inducing drums, and combination of indie melodies and traditional instruments that pull it all together. This five-piece sure know how to tell a story, and with just four singles they have already well and truly left their mark.

King Stingray - Camp Dog (Official Audio)

Lucianblomkamp X Darcy Baylis X Royboy – Still Dreaming

One of Australia’s most in demand producers Lucianblomkamp returns with another cut from his upcoming new album in new single ‘Still Dreaming’. As he has become known to do, he’s again teamed up with some of Australia’s most unique and forward thinking artists – this time hip hop duo Royboy and new wave pop artist Darcy Baylish. The track is angsty pop with huge hooks and a punchy delivery. His music covers the spectrum of sounds – from indie-pop, dance and hyperpop, to R&B and hip-hop – and we expect no less from his new album.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Still Dreaming (with Darcy Baylis & ROYBOY)

Meg Mac – On Your Mind

Meg Mac is back again with ‘On Your Mind’, a gorgeous, neo-soul, slow burner that showcases the full range of her powerhouse vocal. After spending some time away, Mac returned with ‘Is It Worth Being Said’ – earning rave reviews and immediately becoming the most played track on triple j – so of course, only a couple of weeks later and she is back with more. Working with Grammy nominated LA production team The Donuts (who’s resume includes work with Kendrick Lamar, SZA, H.E.R, and Joji), ‘On Your Mind’ went from a simple vocal and piano demo to this sticky, smoky crooner.

Meg Mac – On Your Mind (Live at Golden Retriever)

Nilufer Yanya – Painless

Back in 2019 we picked Miss Universe, the debut album from London singer-songwriter Nilufer Yanya, as our Album of the Week. It was a beautiful, thrilling blend of ideas, her delicately husky vocal holding everything together as she bent and weaved through genres with ease. Now she is back for round two with Painless – a more focussed and refined but no less exciting collection of music. Painless isn’t a straight road – power-pop shifts to grunge, before swerving to post-punk, Eurodance, and more – but it is the sheer power of Yanya’s songwriting and her intricate arrangements that keep you completely hooked.

Nova Twins – Cleopatra

“I’m a samurai, samurai, samurai, dancer / Warrior, warrior, warrior, fighter / I’m a boss b***h / I’m Cleopatra.” It’s the kind of simple, hooky chorus that earworms in and is hard to forget, and that’s what Nova Twins are delivering on their new single ‘Cleopatra’. Their 2020 debut album Who Are The Girls? earned the duo a stack of love across the UK and now they enter album number two in a huge way. It’s empowering, and uplifting, and does a great job of harnessing Nova Twins’ genre-bending expertise.

Nova Twins – Cleopatra (Lyric Video)

Rex Orange County – Who Cares?

By now, we all know that Rex Orange County is so good at what he does, and that he does it with ease. Album number four Who Cares? is a masterclass in joyous, uplifting, and heartfelt pop songwriting that keeps you coming back for more. Leading with openness and honesty has always been his way, his candour wrapped in shades of pop, R&B, soul, and jazz, and on Who Cares? he continues the trend, this time more comforting and uplifting than the last.

Sasha Alex Sloan – WTF

Sasha Alex Sloan has been on our radar for quite some time (check out our chat with her from back in 2019) and it’s because we think she should be one of the biggest songwriters on the globe. Blending dreamy vocals and honest songwriting with glorious pop hooks and fluttering soundscapes, shimmering electronics, or stripping everything back to its bare essentials, with every track she continues to step things up, and on her latest ‘WTF’ – another taste of her forthcoming second album I Blame The World – it’s clear that she has truly come into her own. Hopelessness and isolation are going to be ongoing themes for Sloan, but she does it so well.

Sasha Alex Sloan – WTF (Official Video)

Sea Girls – Homesick

It’s been less than two years since London indie rockers Sea Girls took us through their debut album Open Up Your Head, chock full of indie-rock anthems and bursting with joyous melodies, huge guitars, and layers of brooding introspection and honest songwriting. That record cemented Sea Girls as a band to watch. Less pop than its predecessor, and clearly aiming to build on the ambition and potential laid down since their last record, their newie Homesick deep dives into coming of age nostalgia. It still features those same soaring choruses and gritty riffs, but here they’ve expanded their sound and gained some confidence, while still holding onto their original spark.

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun

Soccer Mommy is back to make you feel all the feelings on ‘Shotgun’, the first taste of her forthcoming album Sometimes, Forever. Searching for the perfect metaphor to describe the love she is in – cold beer and ice cream, a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound, coffee and menthol – the angsty, emotional, breathy sonics of her debut have been shrugged off, here she is rougher around the edges, more direct, her sound fuller without being any less dazzling.

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun (Official Music Video)

Sophisticated Dingo – Feeding Time

We’ve got a lot of love for Melbourne’s self-proclaimed trash-pop duo Sophisticated Dingo, and how could you not when they are releasing tracks that are this fun? Their new single ‘Feeding Time’ is all about the challenges of staying motivated and consistent in an ever-evolving music industry – another big fuzzy, fast-paced anthem to add to their super catalogue. It’s the third single since their 2020 EP How’s The Carry On, and is it quintessential Soft Dingaz at the absolute top of their game.

Sophisticated Dingo – Feeding Time (Official Video)

Sports Team – R Entertainment

So many of our favourite bands dropped new music in March, and London rockers Sports Team are another band growing our playlist. They’ve just announced that they’re following up their 2020 debut Deep Down Happy with Gulp! this July, and they’ve welcomed the chapter with raucous, heavy hitter ‘R Entertainment’. Taking a bat to modern society and the infinite social media scroll, the track doesn’t slow down for a second, with gritty guitar lines and their usual tongue-in-cheek lyrics welcoming the band into their self-professed Vertigo phase. We’re right here with ’em.

Sports Team – R Entertainment (Visualiser)

Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers – Girl Sports

Canberra four-piece Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers not only have the best band name in Australia, they’re also experts at penning tracks that you want to play over and over, and their latest ‘Girl Sports’ might just be their best yet. Taking on a slightly darker sound compared to their typically buoyant grunge pop, the band have described the single as “a big middle finger to all the men that have treated us like we’re less than in the music industry” – and if you’ve ever been told to smile in public, you’ll understand the feeling. It comes from their upcoming EP Pretty Good For A Girl Band.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Girl Sports

The Mysterines – Reeling

There is so much good new music coming out of Liverpool lately, and rockers The Mysterines are a very great example of the city’s rejuvenated sound. On their huge debut album Reeling, the four-piece are showing exactly why they’ve been touted as the UK’s next rock heroes – big grunge rock moments full of distorted guitars, slower moodier moments dripping in drama, vocals that pack a supreme punch, all wrapped in The Mysterines’ swagger and confidence. It’s the sort of debut that critics will be referencing for many years to come.

Thomas Headon – Victoria

London-born, Australian singer-songwriter Thomas Headon is the next big thing in pop music, we’re certain of it, so if you don’t know him yet, you can thank us for the introduction later. One of TikTok’s rising stars after going viral with his earlier singles, over the last few years Headon has been building himself up to prove he is more than just a social media expert. He’s earned comparisons to The 1975 and Harry Styles – some very big but very deserved parallels – and now we catch him on his latest EP Victoria. Falling in and out of love and having nights out with your best mates, wrapped in indie-pop-rock melodies, this is the perfect soundtrack to your teenage years (no matter how long ago they were).

Waxflower – The Drama Scene

Brisbane band Waxflower are gearing up to drop their second EP The Sound of What Went Wrong in a little bit, and their latest slice of it, ‘The Drama Scene’ has us ready for it. Infusing the sounds of your favourite emotionally-charged pop rock bands like Jimmy Eat World, Kisschasy, and The Maine with huge hooks that will hit you straight in the feelings, Brisbane rockers Waxflower need to be on your radar immediately.

Yours Truly – Lights On

We first got to hear this single live at UNIFY Forever and since it officially dropped we have had ‘Lights On’, the latest track from Yours Truly, on repeat. The pop punk anthem is fiery and straight to the point, carried by snappy drum fills, bouncy guitar riffs, and tasty synth samples – all, of course, held together by vocalist Mikaila Delgado’s vocal. She’s described the track as being “about challenging the way you view yourself and how much that is influenced by other people”, and with more new music promised this year we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Yours Truly – Lights On [Official Music Video]


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