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Euan Hart | Melting hearts on his new single ‘Snowflake’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Sydney-based singer-songwriter Euan Hart, melting hearts with his debut single 'Snowflake'.

With dreamy guitars, soothing backing vocals, and his own powerful-yet-tender vocal, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Euan Hart will melt your heart on his debut single ‘Snowflake’.

Vulnerable, self-aware lyricism, soul-stirring melodies, and warm, mesmerising vocals are all on the table throughout this incredible debut – and we’re hoping to get more of the same as Euan Hart’s catalogue of music continues to grow.

Hart’s journey to releasing his first solo single ‘Snowflake’ has been years in the making. From childhood lessons on violin and guitar, to a healthy combination of Irish, folk, and popular music from his parents – including everything Bob Dylan to Scottish trad, Cat Stevens to The Beatles, and Mozart to Britney Spears. His catalogue of influences is just as open.

Now, after stepping out from his band Last Thursday, Euan Hart’s own music is – as he describes it – “what Weyes Blood would call Cosmic Cowboy-esque rock-pop-folk”. You’ll find warm, earthy acoustic folk foundations, sprinkled with glistening electro-pop, and held together by vivid, raw storytelling and lyricism that perfectly balances vulnerability with self-deprecating humour.

Fluttering with warmth and glistening in its melody, it is hard not to be swept up by Euan Hart. And with a debut as enticing as ‘Snowflake’, he has well and truly positioned himself as an artist to watch.

Snowflake’ is about wanting someone you can’t have, or more specifically haven’t had in a long while. Then when you think it might work out, they make you too damn nervous to be fully yourself, like you were before you met them. It’s quite funny because I wrote this a couple weeks before I met someone I was really attracted to, and didn’t quite understand my own lyrics, until the situation came to fruition. Be careful what you wish for.


To celebrate the release of his debut single ‘Snowflake, we sat down with Euan Hart to get to know him better.

Check out ‘Snowflake’ by Euan Hart:

Euan Hart – Snowflake (Official Music Video)

The Euan Hart Story:

From the beginning

Euan Hart: “I began learning guitar because I realised the violin wasn’t going to be able to sing and play. Then I started learning Irish read songs and old folk songs thanks to my parents. I tried to learn pop songs but found them really hard to sing, so I started writing my own from around 11 or 12. My voice didn’t cut it singing a lot of other people’s songs, so I said ‘fuck it, I’ll give my own a try’.

“My family are very musical, dad loves music and wishes he was Irish and a musician. Mum is very musical and wishes she was more Irish. So I grew up being pumped full of lots of Bob Dylan, Donovan, Irish/Scottish trad and folk, Cat Stevens, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Woody Guthrie, Roy Orbison, and HEAPS of early Motown records. Mum loved her pop, apparently James Taylor would stop me crying instantly. I had a strange mix of music being played in the car, it would go from Britney Spears compilations to James Taylor, to The Pogues, the Dubliners, and then to Mozart. They just loved their pop from all different genres and I think that’s ingrained in me.”

What you’ll hear

“I’d say my sound is a mix of a lot of old familiar artists like John Lennon’s Mind Games album, with some modern American/Canadian singer-songwriter sounds and instrumentation. It’s what Weyes Blood would call Cosmic Cowboy-esque rock-pop-folk stuff. I love experimenting with very traditional forms of acoustic instruments and throwing in completely opposing notes that sound quite electronic. I also love harmonies.

“It came in the first lockdown when I couldn’t write with my own band. I had just got a new DAW and, to be honest, the sound just came out. I was writing a lot at the time and this sound just formed. I had always written on acoustic guitar because I thought, if it didn’t sound good on acoustic it won’t sound good anywhere, no matter how good the production.

“I was writing and recording nearly every day in the first lockdown and chipping away at these songs, trying to learn how to produce and mix (which I didn’t quite accomplish), but mainly learning how to compose the songs that I really want to without being limited to having a band in a room.”

Influences & inspirations

“At the time of these songs being written there were actually a lot of strange CDs I had picked up. I was listening to A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night by Harry Neilson, Chet Baker Sings, The Strokes, early Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan, and classical music.

“After mining this strange sort of sound, I discovered Weyes Blood and Father John Misty, which was very strange – I was ranting to my friend before a Weyes Blood show (which I had been given a last minute ticket to, not having heard her before) about how I really want to mix folk, acoustic, and traditional songwriting and production with electronic and atmospheric sounds and then I saw Weyes Blood do it! I cried at that show, twice, and I’d never heard her music before.

“That opened up the door and I felt very inspired for months after. Father John Misty was the next one and not only was he combining whacky sounds, he was writing incredibly satirical, comedic, and heartfelt lyrics which really made me realise I needed to get my lyrical shit together. I think a lot more artists should, people are getting lazy with lyrics…can I say that?”

On his debut single ‘Snowflake’

“‘Snowflake’ came very quickly one night after about half a bottle of wine in our little Marrickville studio. My friend had recently split with his long-term girlfriend, and he was speaking to me about it. I was also pretty down at the time for some reason, and I think I took on his emotions a bit and wrote this song.

“It was also a strange song, because I was writing about someone with pretty strong imagery but I hadn’t actually met the person yet. I met this person a couple of weeks after writing the song, and somehow the song created the situation.”

For the love of music

“To be honest, I am only now realising, after lockdown, how much I need music. Meeting heaps of new people in the last couple of months made me realise I can sound pretty wacky and silly saying stuff in conversation. Music allows me to say that stuff and have people listen or not listen to the meaning behind it. It’s like, I’ve made a good song, listen to the lyrics if you like, if not, I hope you at least feel something through the music.

“I really enjoy the limitations music gives me as well, in saying what I want to say AND very importantly, the strange spirituality in it where you can manifest things (such as in ‘Snowflake’) or write without even thinking when you are playing. It’s a very strange thing and I think a lot of people overlook the other worldliness of it. Sorry to get all new age on y’all!”

Kicking goals

“Filming the music videos with Jack Moran and Eddie Yabsley in the beautiful Aussie countryside has to be the highlight of this project so far. It came at a time I didn’t know I needed to get out of Sydney, and the videos turned out so incredibly well considering the spontaneity of the trip.

“Also simply launching the project and my friends and family finally being able to hear the songs I’ve been saying I have for the last three years. I felt like a liar for the last year.”

Overcoming struggle town

“The biggest challenge has been, of course, Covid. End of and mid last year was tough, every time I thought I had a chance of getting my live band together, filming the music videos, and doing anything involving other people. But everyone has been in the same boat so it is ok, and I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to still get these things done even in this strange world. It all begins now!”

The year ahead

“Fame and riches. Fame and riches.

“No but in all seriousness, lots of shows, lots of music, an EP in fact! Some epic videos and photos shot with Jack Moran and Eddie Yabsley. Some funny content, and hopefully lots of meeting new people and creating new things.

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