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Yours Truly | Storming to the front of pop-punk’s next generation

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2021. Welcome Sydney pop punk band Yours Truly.

In just a handful of years Sydney pop-punks Yours Truly have gone from fresh-faced upstarts to standing at the forefront of the scene’s next generation.

If you’re already a pop-punk fan, you probably don’t need convincing about just why you need to keep an eye on this breakout four-piece, but for everyone else – your time has come.

Their 2017 EP Too Late For Apologies saw Yours Truly independently burst out of the local Sydney scene, but it was off the back of their break out track ‘High Hopes’ (racking up 11 million lifetime streams so far) that heads really started turning their way.

Less than two years later, and the band’s 2019 EP ‘Afterglow’ continued their forward momentum, earning Yours Truly slots on some of the biggest punk and metal festival stages around the world including Download UK, Riot Fest, Slam Dunk, Good Things, and Sad Summer. Add to that sold our hometown shows and support slots alongside scene heroes Sum 41, Senses Fail, and State Champs, and it’s fair to say that the first few years of Yours Truly’s career have been an absolute whirlwind.

Between non-stop touring, mounting imposter syndrome, growing expectations and personal crises, the group wrote one of the highlight pop-punk albums of 2020 in Self-Care.

Chockful of upbeat, catchy pop-punk anthems – readymade for mosh pit, or even front seat, singalongs – Self Care is bursting with non-stop energy, catchy hooks, sentimental reflections, and earworm choruses sure to be on repeat long after the music stops. 

It also sees Yours Truly exploring the anxieties, heartbreak, and struggles of their new lives within and outside of the band in a way that is confident, candid, and well, a perfect reminder about the importance of acknowledging your emotions. True self care.

Yours Truly have solidified their presence as an absolute force in the pop-punk scene both here and abroad, and if you haven’t checked them out, it’s time hit play.

Yours Truly – 'Composure' (live for Like A Version)

The Yours Truly Story

From the beginning

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “We’ve all been playing music individually for as long as we remember! Teddie and I started playing together at 16-17 years old, but the band formally started doing its thing about five years ago now, in 2016. Time has definitely flown! We all found each other online and through our love for alternative music. But music has been something we all felt called to do from a young age, especially the idea of playing in a band.”

What you’ll hear

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “We’d say our sound is pop rock/pop punk. It’s got elements of both! We all grew up with bands like All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Paramore. It was hard to find other people who also liked the same bands growing up, it was nice to have that in common with other people. So I messaged Teddie on Facebook after a random add and asked him to start a band and that’s how it happened.”

Influences & inspiration

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “We’re really influenced by emotions and storytelling. We love artists like Basement, City and Colour, and Pierce The Veil. They have their unique sounds and are so good at telling stories, you feel transported into their own universe. That’s exactly what we want people to feel when they listen to our music. To be transported to a Yours Truly sounding land and to be able to feel something and connect to the stories we are sharing.”

For the love of music

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “Its all about connection. We get to meet and talk to so many people around the world; people who listen to our music, other musicians, and make new friends. Music is universal, and I think the past year we had really proved that you can physically be apart but still reach people and use music as comfort.”

Kicking goals

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “Releasing our debut album Self Care would have to be our biggest achievement. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do. We’re so proud of it.”

2020 taught us

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “To take care of yourself! 2019 was such a whirlwind year for us, it was hard to settle. We all learnt that we probably hadn’t been taking great care of ourselves on tour and it really made us reconnect with ourselves. Also to look out for your friends, they need you too!

The year ahead

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “There’s hopefully a lot planned! We hope to take Self Care on tour for the first time. We’re also trying to put on the best show we possibly can, so A LOT of practicing. Hopefully we can share what’s next for YT this year too!”

When we chat in 12 months…

Mikaila Delgado/Yours Truly: “We hope the album has made its way to more people! We hope to have some new music out (or ready to be out) and to have been around the world playing music again!”

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Essential Listening

Yours Truly – Together

Yours Truly – Together [Official Music Video]

“‘Together’ is about feeling the stress and uneasiness of imposter syndrome. I had a lot of fear and anxiety coming into releasing Self Care, having this expectation to exceed what we did with our previous EP Afterglow. I remember telling myself, ‘You need to write the best songs of your life,’ and getting upset about the possibility of not being able to prove ourselves. One night I turned to Lachlan (Cronin, guitar) and said, ‘I just feel all the colour has been drained from my brain,’ and we both looked at each other with wide eyes, and that’s how the lyrical ideas of ‘Together’ came about.”

Yours Truly – Undersize

Yours Truly – Undersize [Official Music Video]

“‘Undersize’ is a letter to a close friend of mine. While watching them navigate through all the ups, downs, and obstacles life throws at them, I wrote this to let them know that I’m here for them through all of that.”

Yours Truly – Funeral Home

Yours Truly – Funeral Home [Official Music Video]

“I wrote ‘Funeral Home’ after going to a funeral and realising how odd it is to be in a room of people you’re related to because someone has died. I was thinking about how sad it is that you miss the life of someone you have the same blood as, and all of a sudden in tragedy everyone suddenly comes together as family yet then won’t talk until the next one.”

On Tour 2021:

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Follow Yours Truly

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