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New Music: Elizabeth

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2020. Welcome Melbourne queer pop anti-heroine Elizabeth.

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Melbourne singer-songwriter and patron saint of sad girls Elizabeth is an incredibly special artist.

You may have already been acquainted with voice and songwriting. As the lead singer and songwriter for Melbourne act Totally Mild since 2015, Elizabeth released two records before they decided to go their separate ways in mid-2019.

But now, her own path is carved out with glamourous, heartbreak pop songs. The kind that get under your skin and rip out your heart without a moment’s notice. Hers is chaotic, sad pop akin to the likes of Lykke Li, Angel Olsen, or Sky Ferreira.

In August 2018, Elizabeth graced us with her debut solo single ‘Burn It All’ in what was a truly heartbreaking re-introduction to the singer-songwriter. But it wasn’t until a year later that ‘Parties’ – with it’s “I got to parties like I don’t need anybody/ But I only miss you more” hook – showed us exactly what was to come.

Elizabeth’s debut solo album might be inspired by her breakup, but The Wonderful World of Nature is a new kind of heartbreak album. Rather than taking a down-and-out, mournful approach, Elizabeth depicts heartache in all its gut-wrenching, glittery glory; in it’s all-consuming, obsessive, and destructive splendour. Across the albums 40-minutes, sad ballads evolve into shimmering bangers as we move from post-break blues into self-care and self-celebration.

Through her deeply personal lyrics and dreamy, soaring vocal, Elizabeth will have you feeling like her best friend in no time. These are songs that will stay with you for a long time after the record stops turning.

In 2020 we want you to step into Elizabeth’s hazy, glimmering world, that’s why we’ve handpicked her as one of our New For 2020 artists to watch.
elizabeth new for 2020

The Story

From the beginning

Elizabeth: “I’ve been playing music since I was a small child. I learned the piano from very young and my dad taught me how to sing harmonies to Eagles’ songs. I started playing in bands when I was a teenager and I never stopped.”

What you’ll hear

“My sound is melodic pop, silky heartbreak bangers. It’s intimate and vulnerable, I want to feel connected with my audience. I’m obsessed with destruction and desire, bad behaviour and falling in love. I have only ever written songs to process my feelings and I want that emotional immediacy to carry through the production.”

Influences & inspiration

“Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, The OC, Twin Peaks, my friends and lovers.”

For the love of music

“I love having an outlet for my excessive feelings. It’s cool to write about something that feels so personal and then have people connect with it, everyone gets their heartbroken, it’s hard to be alive. I also love playing with my band, I have a band of six wonderful girls who are the most fun, beautiful and talented. I feel blessed to play with them.”

Kicking goals

“Releasing my album the wonderful world of nature in November was a monumental moment for me. It is my first solo album and I am really proud of making something that feels so honest and raw. 2019 was a very big year, I played at the Forum supporting Beach House, I went to America for the first time as a solo artist and made many music videos that I love.”

The hard yards

“Taking the first steps as a solo artist. When you have the freedom to write and make whatever you want it can be a little daunting.”

The year ahead

“I am going on tour in February and March around Australia, playing a few festivals and some of my own headline shows. I’m bringing my whole girl gang so I really can’t wait to be out in the world with them all. After that, more touring and more writing! Fingers crossed I will finish a new album by the end of the year.”

When we chat in 12 months…

“I hope that I’ve finished another album and have had a very busy year of exploring and collaborating with new friends. I would love to have tasted many fresh margs across the world and danced a lot more.”

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Essential Listening 

Elizabeth – Parties

“This song is all about the excess that comes after a break-up. It’s about trying to fill your life with illicit activities and new people but knowing that it’s just to cover up a hole. It’s about missing someone and watching them have fun on the other side of the room.”

Elizabeth - parties (Official Music Video)

Elizabeth – Beautiful Baby

“This is a song that says goodbye to love. It asks how something that started off as such a beautiful thing could go bad. The first line “leave behind the tower” is a reference to the tower tarot card which is very chaotic and something that I was pulling a lot around the time that I wrote this. I was so just ready to leave behind the chaos of a relationship and the tower is a perfect representation of that – it’s literally two people leaping out of a burning building.”

Elizabeth - beautiful baby (Official Music Video)

Elizabeth – Death Toll

“This song is about all the things that you lose when you break up with someone. You don’t just miss them, you miss the life you had built together. It features my favourite moment on the record, a loud scream in the middle of the second verse. I wanted to convey that visceral feeling you get when you realise that you have literally become an animal, just baring your teeth and screaming at someone in the street.”

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Follow Elizabeth
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Elizabeth 2020 tour dates:

Elizabeth will hit the road throughout February and March including a show at Sydney’s The Vanguard on Friday 6 March. Tickets are on sale now.

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