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Waxflower takes us inside the video for self-affirmation single ‘Ring’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Waxflower and go behind the scenes of their new single 'Ring'.

Infusing the sounds of your favourite emotionally-charged pop rock bands like Jimmy Eat World, Kisschasy, and The Maine with huge hooks that will hit you straight in the feelings, Brisbane rockers Waxflower need to be on your radar immediately.

Since forming in 2020, it didn’t take long for the four-piece to make their mark on the national and international music scenes.

Their debut singles ‘Cut Your Teeth’ & ‘Back To Back’ were instant crowd pleasers, seeing Waxflower play sold-out shows across Australia and perform alongside global heavyweights Simple Plan, The Maine, Stand Atlantic, and The Dangerous Summer.

After a steady stream of successful singles that ensured Waxflower are a musical force to be reckoned, 2021 saw the band release their debut EP We Might Be Alright, catapulting them to international attention and garnering support from the likes of RockSound, Kerrang! Radio, and Clash in the UK and ChorusGM and HMV in the States.

The support continued at home from tastemakers and publications including triple j, Pilerats, The Guardian AU, Wall of Sound, and Music Feeds, while Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music were quick to add Waxflower’s singles to their playlists.

The tail-end of 2021 saw Waxflower return with their first new single, ‘Soak’. Still carrying the vulnerable, emotional songwriting fans have grown to love, the single also saw the band kick things up a notch, expanding their signature sound into darker territory and flexing their musical muscles by injecting a heavier punk attitude to their emo hooks.

Despite the sonic shakeup, Waxflower’s vision still remained the same – to create moments of honesty and vulnerability within their music.

Which leads us to their incredible new single, ‘Ring’.

As Waxflower lead the emo revival, ‘Ring’ storms in with catchy hooks and emotive storytelling, while showcasing a brighter, pop-driven side to the band’s sound.

“I almost gave up on music before Waxflower. Questioning my ability at the backend of a decade of failed projects and crumbling under the weight of panic disorder, I recorded a demo as a last ditch effort to get something started. A year and a half later I was playing with my heroes, beginning to do the things I’d always dreamed. It’s me trying to calm the insecurities that keep me from putting myself on the line creatively. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of where you want to be.”

Tristan Higginson – Waxflower Frontman

To celebrate the release of Waxflower’s new single ‘Ring’ and its video, the band took us behind the scenes of the shoot to give us the inside scoop.

Before we go behind the scenes, check out the video for Waxflower’s new single ‘Ring’:

Waxflower – Ring (Official Music Video)

Go behind the scenes of Waxflower’s new single ‘Ring’:

All photos by Giles Higginson

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