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New Music: Miiesha

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2020. Welcome proud Pitjantjatjara/Torres Strait Islander soul singer Miiesha.

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From the small Aboriginal community of Woorabinda in Central Queensland comes a 20-year-old with a voice ready to be heard – meet Miiesha.

A strong, proud Pitjantjatjara/Torres Strait Islander woman, Miiesha has been singing for her family and her community since she was 8, and has since been developing her songwriting as a teenager. With only two singles under her belt, hers is a voice and a spirit you won’t soon forget.

Inspired by the sounds of R&B, gospel and soul, alongside the power of spoken word poetry, Miiesha’s music seeks to bring people together to help educate and inspire, sharing her truth and the stories of her community through her honest songwriting and storytelling.

Her debut single ‘Black Privilege’ is a low-key, lush unveiling of her musical mind. It is an especially powerful debut because of what it stands for –  ” I’m just asking people to listen to the real stories, that survival ain’t that beautiful, but we as a people are,” Miiesha explained.

Then her follow up ‘Drowning’ took things one step further – showcasing vocal magic alongside a bed of flowing R&B production in a masterful balance of power and vulnerability.

Having supported the likes of Baker Boy, Briggs, Adrian Eagle and Thelma Plum as well as performing at Vanfest, Falls Festival, Party In The Paddock, and soon Laneway Festival, Miiesha is using her voice and her message to bring her community to the world.

Miiesha is a name you’re going to want to know in the very near future, that’s why we’ve handpicked her as one of our New For 2020 artists to watch.

miiesha new for 2020

The Story

From the beginning

Miiesha: “I first started making music when I was 14 years old after my Nan signed me up for a music program in community where I wrote my first song. I was then flown to Sydney to perform the song and continued to love performing throughout high school.”

What you’ll hear

“Melodically and lyrically I am really inspired by R&B, soul and gospel music, having grown up singing in church. Working with iammxo on production has really helped shape the sound of my songs.”

Influences & inspiration

“I grew up listening to a local gospel artist called Silja Henaway who has the most amazing voice, so she was a massive influence on my early singing style. These days I’m listening to a lot of newer R&B music like Summer Walker, Tink, Jacquees, H.E.R. and Adrian Eagle.”

For the love of music

“I love being able to say what I want through my music, getting to express myself and have my voice heard where it might not be heard otherwise.”

Kicking goals

“Being able to go on Thelma Plum’s national tour was an incredible experience. Visiting places I’d never been before and sharing my music with so many people. Bigsound with my band was awesome as that’s been a long term goal for me.”

The hard yards

“It would be very difficult to do music in my community so having to move so far from home has been a big challenge. But I’ve been able to meet a lot of deadly people travelling around. Also building my confidence to talk on stage was really difficult at the start and I’m still getting used to it.”

The year ahead

“In 2020, I have a lot more music ready to release, and a lot of live shows planned. I’m really excited to challenge myself to be the best I can be.”

When we chat in 12 months…

“I would love to have the opportunity to perform internationally at least once. Going to the ARIA’s would be super cool too.”

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Essential Listening 

Miiesha – Drowning

“This was my first music video and I got to film it in my home community. Because I had to move away from home to record all this music, it was really nice to share this moment with my people.

Miiesha - Drowning (Official Video)

Miiesha – Black Privilege

“This was the first song that I ever released, and it was also the first that I decided to write for my project. I had the title in my head first and just knew I wanted to try and capture the idea that my people get things easy.”

Miiesha - Black Privilege (Lyric Video)

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Follow Miiesha
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Miiesha 2020 tour dates:

Miiesha will perform as part of Laneway Festival Brisbane coming to Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday 1 February. Tickets are on sale now.

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