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We're saying farewell to June with some of our favourite new tracks from the month

Hey June, we hardly knew thee. We are farewelling the month by picking out some of our favourite tracks from the last few weeks. Dig into our latest selection of fresh scoops!

Anderson Paak – Lockdown

Anderson .Paak - Lockdown

To commemorate Juneteenth – a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States 155 years ago – Anderson .Paak dropped his latest single ‘Lockdown’. Covering everything from the protests to police brutality and coronavirus, .Paak balances some heavy social commentary with a funky, buttery-smooth groove.

Bring Me The Horizon – Parasite Eve

Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

There aren’t many rock bands today that can hold a torch to the evolution and output of Bring Me The Horizon. Following months of little socially-distanced studio teasers, we finally have the first taste of whatever comes next. ‘Parasite Eve’, AKA the perfect pandemic anthem, was actually written last year, and it’s a return to the heavier side of BMTH that we haven’t heard for quite a while. “The world doesn’t need light-hearted pop music right now – it needs anthems for anger,” frontman Oli Sykes recently told NME, so expect more where this came from.

Cookii– coca-cola

The identity of newcomer cookii might be a complete mystery but what they are delivering on their debut single (they also dropped a cover earlier this year) is everything we need to keep us around to find out more. ‘Coca Cola’ – written about their imaginary life where they’re perfect and everyone knows it – is a bubbling slice of futuristic pop that channels the attitude and feel of 100 gecs and Charli XCX. You’ve got us hooked cookii and we can’t wait for more.

FeelsClub – talkTALK

FeelsClub are at it again, and this time they are treating us to the first slice of musical goodness from their forthcoming EP. ‘talkTalk’ shows off a new direction for the band with its moody, darker electronic pop sound. Don’t fret though, the indie charm, frenetic energy, and strut-worthy hooks that drew fans to them initially are all still here.

Gordi – Our Two Skins

It’s been a little while since Sydney-via-Canowindra singer-songwriter Gordi blessed us with her debut album Reservoir, and now she is back with her sparsely delicate second album Our Two Skins. Focussing on the rawest of human emotions and using only a handful of instruments and sounds, Our Two Skins is an achingly intimate journey – the kind that gets under your skin and embeds itself into your soul.

Haim – Women In Music Pt III

It’s true, Haim can do no wrong in the music department, but on Women In Music Pt III they take that even further, creating, by far, their greatest record yet. The catchy, vivid songwriting shines through every moment, while the way they inject a kaleidoscope of sounds – from folk and country to glam-rock, funk and R&B – into their summery pop-rock, keeps listeners guessing. Ever bold and confident, this is Haim like we’ve never heard them before.

H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe

H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe (Audio)

Written in response to the recent police killings of unarmed Black citizens and the ripple effect it has had across the world, H.E.R has released her powerful new single ‘I Can’t Breathe’. “I think music is powerful when it comes to change and when it comes to healing, and that’s why I wrote this song, to make a mark in history. And I hope this song does that,” she said when she premiered the song during an episode of the iHeartRadio Living Room Concert Series. It’s a sombre blues moment, with a sparse melody carrying her soulful vocal.

Jack Grace – A Ribbon

Jack Grace - A Ribbon (Lyric Video)

If you’re going to put two years between singles, this is exactly the sort of track you should come back with. Jack Grace’s new track ‘A Ribbon’ is not only a beautiful return for the Sydney-born, Paris-based artist but it’s also the first chapter in a new sonic direction, showcasing a more minimalist approach to his songwriting and production. Delicate vocals and warm keys create a sense of dreamy nostalgia, the track waiting to wrap itself around you. Now to hear what chapter two delivers.

Jerome Farah – I Can’t Breathe

Jerome Farah - I Can't Breathe (Official Video)

Maybe you’re familiar with his band Jakubi, or his work with the likes of Dallas Woods, Adrian Eagle, KIAN and Baker Boy, but now it is time to get to know Melbourne musician Jerome Farah. On his debut solo single ‘I Can’t Breathe’, Farah isn’t holding back, blending neo-soul, rap, and R&B in this politically-charged tune. From fire bars to showcasing his incredible vocal power, this emotion-packed track doesn’t let up for a second.

Lucianblomkamp, Darcy Baylis, Nearly Oratorio – Madison

Darcy Baylis, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Nearly Oratorio - Madison

If you’re looking for a new boyband, you’ve come to the right place. Individually all three of these artists are incredible, but on their team-up Lucianblomkamp, Darcy Baylis, and Nearly Oratorio are other-worldly. Right from its opening seconds ‘Madison’ will snake its way under your skin, and as the vocals kick in – delivering a throwback to early The 1975 – you’d think this trio had been creating together forever. Dreamy analog textures amd nostalgia-tinged shoegaze vocals, ‘Madison’ is exactly the delicate, soothing moment we need right now. They’re calling this a one-off, but if we can convince them to please give us more that would be great.

Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

Make sure you are tucked up somewhere comfy with tissues on hand when you hit play on Phoebe Bridgers’ second album Punisher. Full of candid, vivid storytelling and gut-punching emotion, this is an album that is well worth a start-to-finish playthrough and will stay with you long after its 40-minutes have ended. Each individual story is a world of its own, feeling as if they are conversations between friends, and no matter what genre or sound she is trying on, it is Bridgers’ rare, distinct voice that holds it all together.

Riley Pearce – Breathe and Release 

Riley Pearce - Breathe & Release (Official Video)

On his latest single, Riley Pearce is perfectly showcasing the breezy folk-meets-indie-pop that has made him so well-loved. The bright, singalong moment will have you smiling and bopping along with ease. Pearce has said that the track is “about the freedom of really letting go and not giving a shit and creating what you love because you love it,” and we can definitely hear that freedom within this one.

Sophisticated Dingo – What Is Going On? 

Sophisticated Dingo - What Is Going On? (Official Video)

We hope by now you are as big fans of Sophisticated Dingo as we are – which means that you’re probably already well across their latest tune ‘What Is Going On?’. Another taste of the EP due out next month, this anthem of self-empowerment shows off all our favourite parts of the Dingo package – big hooks, a healthy dose of garage-punk attitude, a sprinkle of nostalgia – but it also shows off a softer, more melodic side to the duo. Oh, and we also get to hear drummer Jimmy take on some of the vocal duties.

The Hunting Birds – Flashlight

If you have ever stumbled across Melbourne-via-Perth trio The Hunting Birds on social media, we’re sure you’re as obsessed with them as we are (hey pals, why haven’t you accepted our friend request yet?). It is this joy and undeniable warmth that fills every one of their tracks. On their latest single ‘Flashlight’ you’ll find it in bucketloads, as they continue to take things up a notch with every release. The groove is catchy, the chorus is huge, the hooks and vocals are soaring, and the songwriting is brilliant, further proving that The Hunting Birds are well on their way to being an Australian pop favourite in no time.

The Veronicas – Biting My Tongue

After teasing their first new album in six years, The Veronicas have well and truly delivered with their new single ‘Biting My Tongue’. Even without an album, The Veronicas have given us banger after banger in the last few years, and this new single is another bright pop anthem to add to their mantle, showcasing the pair at their absolute best. The queens aren’t dropping their crowns anytime soon.

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