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Pop punk trio Columbus celebrate ‘Temporary Summer’ with some of their favourite things

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Australian pop punk trio Columbus delivering the perfect summer soundtrack with their new single 'Temporary Summer'.

With a joyful, hard-hitting blend of punk and indie-rock that will see you wearing an unshakeable grin, Australian trio Columbus are exactly what we need heading into the warmer months.

The band have built a solid name for themselves as a must see-live act – especially on festival stages – and with their latest single ‘Temporary Summer’ in hand, we think they are going to be soundtracking more than a few of your sunshine-filled afternoons in the coming months.

Navigating lockdowns is hard enough in any normal situation, but when your band is based all around the country, getting in the same room to record is a balancing act – and with only a few days together to rehearse and record their new material in between Melbourne’s lockdowns, Columbus’ new single was born.

This single – their second for the year – is more than worth the hard work. Hopeful and warm, ‘Temporary Summer’ showcases everything we’ve come to love about Columbus. But, if you’re new to the band’s sound it also makes the perfect introduction – encapsulating the bouncing, driving melodies, catchy, heartfelt songwriting, and overall sunshine-meets-gut-wrenching vibes that have run throughout the band’s catalogue.

Columbus – You Can't Hide From What Hurts (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Since forming in early 2012, Columbus have been taking their earnest songwriting to audiences around the world. Starting out as a high-school jazz band, founding members Alex and Daniel released their debut EP Home Remedy in 2015, with lead single ‘Downsides of Being Honest’ earning the band at spot on stage at Soundwave Festival.

2016 saw Columbus release their debut album Spring Forever, peaking at #47 on the ARIA charts and seeing them tour with the likes of Birds Of Tokyo, The Ataris, You Me At Six and Trophy Eyes, as well as taking the stage at festivals NYE On The Hill and UNIFY.

After capping off sold out Australian shows on their final Spring Forever tour, they dropped their second album A Hot Take On Heartbreak and headed out on the road with William Ryan Key of US rockers Yellowcard before completing an Australia-wide headline tour of their own.

In 2019 this new chapter of Columbus officially began. After bassist Lauren Guerrera joined the band, Columbus released their first independent single since 2014 – powerful track ‘Can’t Hide From What Hurts’. Two more singles followed, 2020’s ‘Out Of Time’ and this year’s first release ‘Pain Is A Mirror’. In the meantime, they’ve earned nods from triple j, toured around the country with Sly Withers, and made their third appearance at UNIFY Festival.

And that’s where we meet the trio now – on their second single for the year, and one of their strongest ‘Temporary Summer’. If you haven’t pressed play yet, we’ll warn you from now – good luck getting this one out of your head.

To celebrate the occasion, we sat down with Columbus to learn about some of their favourite things – and from coffee to cooking, we totally agree.

I was listening to a lot of early The Killers when I wrote ‘Temporary Summer’, and I wanted to try and channel their uplifting indie-rock drive alongside Columbus’ heartfelt rock/punk style. It’s a song about escapism and being somewhere for a short while where everything feels good, and nothing can hurt you – a temporary summer.


Check out ‘Temporary Summer’ by Columbus:

Columbus – Temporary Summer (Official Lyric Video)

Daniel’s Favourite Things

My Bike

I took up riding again about a year ago, when the pandemic was just kicking off and we were all thrown into lockdown together.

I didn’t really know it at the time, but it’s helped me immensely throughout the past two years!

Being able to get out, go for a ride and have some space away from everything has been a godsend – I don’t mind going a little bit fast and having a cheeky coffee stop too.

My Volvo

daniel columbus favourite things volvo

I inherited this 1990 Volvo 740 from my grandparents nearly two years ago now.

My other car had just died, and my Dad travelled down to Orange in NSW to pick this up from their place.

The aircon and radio doesn’t work, it took me forever to get it up and running again, but it’s as reliable as ever now (touch wood) and is full of charm!

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A Coffee

As hinted at before, I’ll find any reason to sneak out for a coffee. I picked up the habit a few years back, and as life got busier, I found my intake increasing.

Flat white on oat milk to kickstart the day or even just an espresso after dinner, I can enjoy one whenever and however. It’s just one of those little things that I look forward to every day.

Alex’s Favourite Things


daniel columbus favourite things cooking

I love cooking, I think predominantly because I like to eat a lot!

I didn’t know how to cook until I decided to go vegan, and funnily enough the removal of certain foods from my diet helped me notice some cuisines I’d been neglecting. I love to cook curries, pastas and eclectic Mexican, and enjoy experimenting with creating new healthy (and unhealthy) plant-based recipes (although they’re not all winners!).

I’ve been making a cashew and butter bean cheesy-sauce recently, and I’m putting it on top of everything!

I always like to say that when you try and cook something good for yourself you taste food and pride, and even if you mess up the recipe, pride still tastes pretty good.


Since we’re a band, I know it’s a bit obvious to include a music-related thing on this list, but I only have a few hobbies.

Writing songs has always been one of my favourite things to do, even well before Columbus. Often I’ll spend a day writing and recording a song I have no intention of ever showing anyone else, just for the fun of making something.  

My Stand-Up/Treadmill Desk

One small benefit of being in the Melbourne lockdown and working entirely from home, is that it has motivated me to upgrade my desk and workspace.

Being a fidgety, restless, and all round energy-ball human with a sedentary job and primarily sedentary hobbies, I’m not too stoked on sitting still. For ages I used a DIY stand-up desk (consisting of things piled on my normal desk), but recently I purchased a proper sit-stand desk, and a treadmill to slide under it. Now I walk while I produce music, write emails, and talk to my mum on the phone – I love it! 

Lauren’s Favourite Things

My Houseplants

lauren columbus favourite things houseplants

Did I ever think I’d become a plant person? No.

Have I become one? Yes…

Being a plant-person clicked for me when a friend gave me a propagated monstera leaf, I planted it thinking it would die but then spring came around and !!!! new leaf!!!!

Now I have to resist the urge every week to not buy more plants…I know, it’s so Sydney’s-inner-west it hurts.

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Ru-Paul’s Drag Race

Where do I even begin?! I stumbled upon an episode of season 7 a few years ago when my mental health was well and truly in the toilet. I had never seen a TV show so diverse and ridiculous, and it just made me laugh harder than I had in months.

Learning some of the queens’ stories played a big role in me rebuilding my mental health and it’s always going to be my most comforting TV show (no one asked but my fave queens are Bob, Katya and Alaska 💁🏼‍♀️)

Teasing Alex Over How Much He Loves Weezer

Here’s the thing, I like Weezer. I’m a big fan of The Blue Album and Pinkerton, and The Green Album rules too.

However, Alex has made us listen to NEW Weezer albums too many times for my liking on tour and it quickly became something to razz Alex for.

Next tour, I’m burning all of Alex’s Weezer shirts when he’s not looking out of respect for my suffering xo.

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