Elvis: A Musical Revolution – A new bio-musical authorised by Elvis Presley Enterprises is playing in Australia.

Calling all Elvis fans - Get to know the leading man of the production thrilling audiences across Australia!

Following its world premiere at the State Theatre, NSW and Athenaeum Theatre, VIC earlier this year, receiving thunderous applause and standing ovations. The new musical authorised by Elvis Presley Enterprises is a must see for all Elvis fans and theatre lovers!

The smash hit show now makes its way back to Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre from 27 July – 11 August.


The story of cultural icon and award winning musician, Elvis Presley, is told by an outstanding Australian cast, through dazzling choreography and with over 40 of Presley’s iconic hits! His legacy preserved in a musical theatre extravaganza.

Elvis: A Musical Revolution


Since news broke that a new authorised Elvis Presley production would be coming to Australian theatres, the question on everyone’s lips was, of course, who will play the musical legend? Out of the over 700 people who auditioned, who has the flair, the grit, the magnitude of talent to play one of the world’s most multifaceted and adored icons? Enter Tasmania born actor, singer, dancer, stage and screen heartthrob, Rob Mallett.

We had the pleasure of asking Mallett a few questions ahead of the shows debut, and he delivered some great insights into how he plans to fill those big old blue suede shoes and what’s in store for audiences.

What inspired you to audition to play Elvis in this new production?
I grew up knowing Elvis almost more as a mythological character than a real human being so there was an appeal as an actor to dive into what the man behind the myth must have gone through. Roles like this don’t come around too often and when I started working on the material, it was a natural fit.

What were you doing when you found out you got the part? How did you feel?
When my agent called I was halfway through my morning workout so I sent it to voicemail. I called him back and he pretended he was calling about some other mundane admin issue before he just casually dropped it in mid conversation. It was a great day for both of us.

Elvis is a complex character to play. What have you been doing to prepare to step into the role?
Since learning I got the role, my days have been saturated with all things Elvis. Watching his movies, listening to old interviews, working with a dialect coach, a singing teacher, guitar teacher, and working on the script. Doing everything I can to pay homage to such a legend especially for the huge fan base that continues to support his legacy.

Do you, Rob Mallett, have anything in common with Elvis Presley? If so, what?
Well, we’re both born in January and have made a living out of singing. If only I could include private jets and sprawling mansions to that list…

Out of the many beloved Elvis songs audiences will hear – which song are you the most excited to perform?
I am really looking forward to singing Can’t Help Falling In Love every night. The song holds a special place in my heart as a close friend sang it at my wedding and I know it will be a beautiful lullaby for when our baby arrives. I have also been using it as a daily warmup before practicing Elvis material because it just has that quintessential Elvis sound.

Elvis: A Musical Revolution is a brand new, never-before seen production. How does it feel to be involved in a musical that is completely fresh with a relatively blank canvas?
It’s a rare privilege for an Australian company to get to originate a show like we get to with ‘Elvis’. The book has some really lovely moments which I’m excited to flesh out with the other actors in rehearsals. It allows us the freedom to put our own stamp on it as opposed to repeating what a host of other performers have done before us.

You have an impressive resume! How is this role different to other roles you’ve played and is it more or less challenging to play a real-life character?
I think, on balance, it’s slightly harder to tackle a character that’s based on a real-life person. Taking on a real-life character means you are confined to tighter boundaries to play within. It’s our job as actors to bring elements of ourselves to a character to make it authentic and interesting but with a real-life character, especially one as famous as Elvis, there are very clear goalposts and expectations to meet.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? What are they?
While I don’t have anything too superstitious, everything I do in my day before the show is to put me in the best position for that performance. Whether it’s the amount of sleep I get, what I eat, when I eat, how much exercise I do; too much and I’m fatigued, too little and I’m under energised and lethargic… It’s all done by design to situate me for a good show.

Tickets are already flying, but tell us, why do you think people should come see Elvis: A Musical Revolution?
There is a reason Elvis’ story has gained so much interest, having had such a colourful life, and the music speaks for itself. This show has over 40 of his iconic songs like Burning Love, Suspicious Minds and Can’t Help Falling in Love. I think audiences will love hearing this incredible catalogue of music but they’ll also enjoy watching his story being told live on stage, the story of a humble man who achieved incredible things.


Produced by David Venn Enterprises, Elvis: A Musical Revolution is being brought to life by an excellent creative team of artistic, musical and theatrical masterminds including writers Sean Cercone and David Abbinanti, director Alister Smith, choreographer Michael Ralph and music director Daniel Puckey.

United with an all Australian cast including Noni McCallum as Gladys Presley, Ian Stenlake as Colonel Parker, Annie Chiswell as Pricsilla Presley and Kirby Burgess as Ann-Margaret. Four impressive young men, Oliver Bosward, Rhys James Hankey, Finn Walsham and Tommy Kent, will share the role of young Elvis Presley throughout the duration of the production.

Tickets are now on sale via