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Tina Says | World-class, bouncy bops calling us back to the dancefloor

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2021. Welcome Perth-based producer & DJ Tina Says.

We really have missed the dancefloor, but creators like Perth-based dynamic house producer Tina Says are reminding us just why we need to get back there, pronto.

One of the country’s most exciting selectors and producers, Tina Says has spent years honing her craft and solidifying herself as a heavyweight of the electronic scene, but now it’s time for everyone else to know her name.

With each release, Tina Says has gone from strength to strength, continuing to push and reshape the boundaries of her sound, and catching the attention of media and tastemakers including triple j, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers, and more along the way.

There’s always something new to uncover in Tina Says’ catalogue – whether it’s an experiment with sound or feeling, or going for a vocal-led collaboration like on recent release ‘Limbo’ – whatever she tries, it always seems to hit the spot.

It sure sounds great in our headphones, but it is live on stage, in front of a crowd, where Tina Says’ music is best enjoyed. Renowned for her lively and uplifting DJ sets – and with more than 150 shows under her belt – she has shared the stage alongside the likes of Fatboy Slim, Fisher, ShockOne, What So Not, Slumberjack, KLP, and more, and played at festivals including Splendour In The Grass, Wonderland, Castaway, WA Unlocked, and Southbound.

Whether she’s crafting sleek, world-class, bouncy bops in her studio or commanding a packed dancefloor, we want to be wherever Tina Says is in 2021.

The Tina Says Story

From the beginning

Tina Says: “In 2013, as I had been DJing for fun and I realised how accessible music production had become. I knew I always had a deep love and passion for electronic music but I never thought it could be a career path, especially for women, then one day I decided I could fill a gap so I started and never turned back.”

What you’ll hear

Tina Says: “I find this hard to answer as I am constantly evolving as an artist, but at this stage I would say bass driven house music with a tasteful edge. I came to it through trial and error, experimentation, and influential factors from other producers or something completely not released to music.”

Influences & inspiration

Tina Says: “My dad, he always told me to think big because it’s better to come close to what you want than achieve an average goal. Musically, I’d have to say Boys Noize and Golden features have had a HUGE impact on me.”

For the love of music

Tina Says: “I love the freedom! I can’t be in a 9-5 job. It just doesn’t work for me. The freedom to express my creativity in my own way genuinely makes me a happy person. I also love the achievement of progressing.”

Kicking goals

Tina Says: “Getting unearthed artist of the week and featured on triple j all week was pretty awesome. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing as there are so many little wins along the way, like getting signed etc. The latest highlight would have to be closing down the NYD show at Habitat Festival. Such an epic energy!”

2020 taught me

Tina Says: “That perception is everything. I saw people freak out about all the change the pandemic had brought on us, but I realised if our path doesn’t go to plan, then walk through the other doors of opportunities that are possible. My tour got cancelled and instead of stressing, I channelled my energy into production, taking time out and having gratitude and 2020 ended up being one of the best years for me personally and professionally.”

The year ahead

Tina Says: “More music, more shows planned for 2021 :)”

When we chat in 12 months…

Tina Says: “Having a track on triple j full rotation would be great, but generally just more touring, hitting the east coast to delve into that market.”

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Essential Listening

Tina SaysElevate

Tina Says – Elevate

“I’m still milking this release 1.5 years later because it hits the dance floor hard.”

Tina SaysLimbo

Tina Says – Limbo feat. Jeremy Beamish

“This song is v special to my heart <3.”

Tina SaysSweat

“Written for my dad just after he passed, included greek instruments to represent my cultural background. Also v special to my heart.”

On Tour 2021:

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Follow Tina Says

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