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Sophisticated Dingo share the top tracks they’re yearning to hear live post-COVID

If you like your music live, loud, and local – get ready to pencil these bands into your gig diary

If you’re missing local music as much as we are, our mates in Sophisticated Dingo are here to get you excited and hopeful for all the live music memories waiting in your future.

Best mates Jimmy and Lew know a thing or two about huge live performances – mostly because they’ve become quite known for putting them on. The self-proclaimed ‘trash pop’ duo also have quite a knack for writing nostalgia-filled, hook-driven tunes that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

Last year, they released their sophomore EP How’s The Carry On!?, with singles like ‘Vultures’, ‘What Is Going On?’, and ‘Don’t Wanna Be’ earning nods from Spotify, triple j, Apple Music, Unearthed, community radio, and more.

On the live stage they’ve earned quite the collection of headline sold-out shows, alongside support slots with the likes of Press Club, Beddy Rays, Tired Lion, Dear Seattle, The Gooch Palms, British India, Bakers Eddy, and more.

Their latest single ‘Day In The Life’ is pure Sophisticated Dingo. In head-banging, hip-shaking, relatable style, the millennial anthem recounts the inevitable moment when life comes to a crossroads, and the anxiety that comes from not knowing which path to take. 

Now they’ve kicked it up a notch, by recording a ripping live version of the track at Taste Police in Melbourne, and it’s landing just in time to get everyone prepped for their upcoming tour dates this September and October.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience a Sophisticated Dingo live performance yet, this video should give you a little taste of the energy and fun this two piece manage to conjure.

The live version of ‘Day In The Life’ captures all of the pent up energy and anger from cancelling shows, and our desire to get back on stage ASAP! We were so keen to shoot this live version to show off another side of our new single including the outro that we play live but didn’t make it on to the studio version. It is a real moment where Jimmy and I focus our energy to build something for the crowd to latch on to and respond to during a show.

Lewis, Sophisticated Dingo for

To celebrate the live video, and to start to fill the hole in our empty live music calendars, Sophisticated Dingo vocalist and guitarist Lew shares the tracks he can’t wait to hear live once gigs get back up and running.

Check out ‘Day In The Life’ live by Sophisticated Dingo:

Sophisticated Dingo – Day In The Life (Live at Taste Police)

The top tracks Sophisticated Dingo can’t wait to hear live again:

Eliza & The Delusionals – YOU

“I really want to see this live and the only thing holding me back is COVID. I have my ticket at the ready and I am just hoping lockdowns let up so they can get to Melbourne eventually. The track is all the good bits Weezer and Wheatus!”

Eliza & The Delusionals – YOU (Official Music Video)

Bakers Eddy – Concertina

“Huge new tune from a huge local band with a huge live show and a huge debut album on the way. They are going to be huge.”

Bakers Eddy – Concertina (Official Video)

Beddy Rays – Wait a While

“Played with this lot back in May and the Corner Hotel absolutely went off when this one dropped. Great song.”


Down For Tomorrow – Sentimental

“Sydney’s finest that we love and long to see post-COVID. This chorus is one of the best this year and I can’t wait for it to hit me for six live.”

Down For Tomorrow – Sentimental (Lyric Video)

RAT!hammock – Word Of The Day

“Who doesn’t love RAT!hammock? I love how all their songs roll and stir something deep within me. One day they played this really fast one live and I just thought damn it, they do the upbeat thing better than us too. We’re not worthy.”

RAT!hammock – Word Of The Day [Official Video]

BUGS – Diamond

“Another band COVID is holding me from seeing. My own fault really that I have been a fan for so long but haven’t made it to a show. STILL though, COVID don’t dog me too much longer, let them fly to Melbourne.”

Bugs – Diamond (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Fan Girl – Fox Song

“Long time fan of Fan Girl. When they dropped ‘Fox Song’ the stars aligned. This is the track I look forward to most at any Fan Girl show.”

Fan Girl – Fox Song – Tour Diary + Misheard Lyrics Video

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – AHHHH!

“Best band name in the game. New rules too and will go off live… post lockdown lol”

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – AHHHH! | LIVE on Slippery TV

TOWNS – 98.

“These fellow two-piece buds have a crazy good new song that hits on every level, I just need to see it live now. I have a ticket but like just about every other name on the list as I’m learning writing this; COVID is holding me hostage from seeing them.”

TOWNS – 98 (Official Music Video)

Pandamic – Bus

“Song bangs really hard and cuts straight to the point. Wanting to catch this live and let the chorus hit me like its namesake; a bus.”


Check out the full playlist:

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Dive into this ripper playlist before catching Sophisticated Dingo live around Australia this September and October.