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New Music

Melbourne’s Fan Girl take us through their favourite things That Are Not (backwards)

We love Melbourne indie-rockers Fan Girl, and with their latest single – and first release for 2020 – ‘backwards (everything is)’ they are proving once again why they’re a band who should be firmly locked on your radar.

Since bursting on to the scene with their debut single, ‘Small Town’ back in 2016, music fans around the country instantly fell in love with Fan Girl’s catchy hooks and relentless, raucous energy.

They soon earned slots supporting the likes of The Vines, Catfish & The Bottlemen, and Birds Of Tokyo, before releasing their debut album, Elephant Room, in early 2018. Tragically, a few months later, Fan Girl’s founding member Jack Wood passed away. 

After taking some time for themselves, the band returned in a huge way in early 2019, with a sold-out hometown show that brought the city’s music community together, alongside releasing a handful of stunning tunes.

Now we meet Fan Girl at their latest chapter, with their new single ‘Backwards (Everything Is).

The trio have said the track was the result of a challenge, “to write what some people might see as a ‘happy’ sounding Fan Girl song, while still being a little wonky, broken and unhinged,” and whether they’re diving into their darker sound or writing sunshine-filled melodies, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2021.

To celebrate the occasion, we sat down with Fan Girl to learn about some of their favourite things that are not (backwards) – and from cheese to Bjork, it’s a wild time.

Check out ‘backwards (everything is)’ by Fan Girl:

Fan Girl – backwards (everything is)

Noah’s Things That Are Not (backwards): 

L’Artisan Organic Halloumi  
The best halloumi I’ve ever had. I have been getting this halloumi when I go to Small Batch Roasting Co in North Melbourne for the morning coffee. I don’t get it every time, that would be decadent. More as a special treat. It’s seriously like eating pillows. Cheesy cheesy pillows. Perfect addition for a big Sunday fry up. I bought some for Vince’s housemate Frankie, and she didn’t share any of it, that’s how good it is.  

Obscura Hails EP Siren

Obscura Hail – Doomer (Official Music Video)

Seriously one of the best releases this year, if not the best. Every track is perfection. Catchy, cute, with a touch of creepy. My vinyl copy arrived in the mail the other day, and nothing else has been played since. Grab a copy today. Vince will be annoyed that I thought of this first.

Carlton Gardens 

keiko fan girl vocalist noahs dog reading normal people in carlton gardens

Hey, I know this is sort of boring! [ed: we too LOVE gardens]. But we haven’t been allowed out of the house much This park has been a lifesaver for me. It’s beautiful when the weather is both good or bad. I walk around it a lot with my dog Keiko listening to demos, occasionally I will social distance with a coffee and a friend there, and when the weather is good I’ll take my book in the afternoon and read until it gets cold. Good park, 10/10.  

Vince’s Things That Are Not (backwards): 


Martha My Dear (Remastered 2009)

Dogs are great. Some would say this is a boring, universal fact. I say it is a fun fact. They’re wonderful. Deal with it. On the topic, can I get some advice? Over the last couple of years, I’ve started waving at all of the dogs I pass, while not acknowledging their owners. Sociopath? Or sweetheart? Please let me know.  


Bjork – You Shouldn't Let Poets Lie to You

I just love Bjork. A constant musical reference in my lifetime, but always fresh. Like comfort food that still surprises you every time. Homegenic has been getting an almost daily spin for the last two months. 

Vietnamese Coffee

Scrubs – Ted's coffee is dirt

Take yourself to your local KFL supermarket, and buy a Vietnamese Drip Filter (Phin Filter), some Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend, and some nice condensed milk. A lot of people prefer Vietnamese Iced Coffee (amazing, yes), but the hot drip-style coffee doesn’t get enough love. Super-strong, super sweet. Yes, it takes a bit of time to drip through, but I believe it was Jesus who told us that all good things take time? I drink it every day in some vain attempt to pretend I haven’t been stuck in Melbourne for seven months. 

Luke’s Things That Are Not (backwards): 


Will It Blend? – Bic Lighters

I’m not too sure what the general consensus is on how good smoothies are…but in my life, the humble smoothie has been a criminally underutilized food group. Out of laziness (or creativity), I’m now blending it up on the daily: berries, bananas, water, spinach, honey, peanut butter, you name it and I’ll blend it. It’s really opened my eyes to a new culinary world.  

Cats (It’s on, Vince!) 


I absolutely adore my two kittens (they are actually full-grown cats but they will remain kittens in my eyes) Moe and Finn. They are an endless source of entertainment, cuteness and cuddles which has kept me sane throughout this year. Cats, would recommend.

Late ’80s/Early ’90s rock

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade (Official Music Video)

I have recently rekindled my love for late ’80s/early ’90s rock, specifically bands like Rage Against The Machine and Guns & Roses – bands that I grew up listening to as a young boy. Nostalgia inducing, tinnitus activating, joy sparking, this music really hits my soul in a different way. I’ve been enjoying blasting it in the house to the dismay of my poor sister who I live with. I’ve kept this as a quiet guilty pleasure of mine, but no more.

Now we’ve got to know Fan Girl a little bit better, go back and listen to their latest single ‘backwards (everything is)’. Follow Fan Girl on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and keep up to date on all things new music here on Ticketmaster Discover.