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Beddy Rays | Heartfelt hooks and huge riffs ready for the mosh pit

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2021. Welcome Brisbane party-starters Beddy Rays.

If you’re a fan of Dookie-era Green Day and having a bloody good time, you don’t want to look past Brisbane party-starters Beddy Rays.

From hanging out on their Redland Bay (we really like the name inspo) primary school oval to tearing up bandrooms around the country – Beddy Rays are definitely on to a good thing.

We’re not sure if it’s the mosh-ready choruses that have us singing along at the top of our lungs and dancing until our feet hurt, or the bucket loads of heart that has us smiling for days, but we just can’t get enough of this foursome.

Tradies by day, surf-rock riffers by night, they welcomed a legion of new fans in 2020 thanks to their cracking single ‘Sobercoaster’. Amassing over 150,000 streams in only a couple of months – now edging closer to 1 million every day – and being added to high rotation on triple j might have been enough, but then they went and capped it all off by landing at #57 in triple j’s hottest 100 earlier this year.

Beddy Rays followed up the single towards the end of 2020 with another certified crowd-pleaser, ‘Better Weather’. Written during COVID lockdown and fuelled by the feeling of isolation the band felt, it is a wholesome and important reminder to always check in on your mates during rough times.

With a nice handful of singles to their name, Beddy Rays have well and truly cemented themselves on the Australian punk rock scene. Thanks to their knack for huge shreddy guitars and an infectious energy that you can’t help but be swept up in, they are calling us back to the mosh pit one by one.

We might have spent most of 2020 socially distancing from each other, but it’s bands like Beddy Rays that make the kind of punchy, uplifting music that makes us all feel connected no matter what.

Beddy Rays – Valerie (Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse Cover)

The Beddy Rays Story

From the beginning

Beddy Rays: “We used to play acoustic guitars on the primary school oval, writing stupid songs about our teachers. Thinking back on it now it’s pretty funny, but I’d hate for them to know what those songs were about.”

What you’ll hear

Beddy Rays: “We haven’t strayed too far outside the box for our sound. The songs have always stemmed from an acoustic guitar. Once the lyrics and melody are together, we turn the amps on and raise the tempo a little. I guess that’s rock music?”

Influences & inspiration

Beddy Rays: “My old man’s always been a major influence for me. He showed me a lot of early punk music growing up and is also just full of good advice. I also looked up to Johnathon Thurston growing up. He’s an all-time Queensland legend and his efforts in the community are humbling.”

For the love of music

Beddy Rays: “Sometimes songs take time to come, and other times they flow out quickly. When they flow easily, they are usually the more relatable songs. My favourite part about writing songs is when all the pieces come together in a rehearsal. We love making music, but performing the songs and seeing it connect with people is what we love most.”

Kicking goals

Beddy Rays: “One of our career highlights has got to be playing some shows and a festival in Thailand. It was the biggest fluke that we got on the bill, and getting to hang out at a wakeboarding park with Dunies, Hockey Dad, and Verge Collection was good fun.”

2020 taught us:

Beddy Rays: “I guess you could say we’ve worked on our patience. We can all say 2020 has tested us in many ways. Getting our first spin on national radio and not being able to tour has sucked, though we’re rolling with the punches and have big plans for 2021.”

The year ahead

Beddy Rays: “It’s all still up in the air about touring though we’ve got some tour dates planned so hopefully it all comes together. We’re releasing and EP or possibly an album if all goes to plan.”

When we chat in 12 months…

Beddy Rays: “This time next year I’d love to be touring overseas – that’s always been a dream of ours. If we get this album out, hopefully it can connect with people abroad.”

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Essential Listening

Beddy Rays – Coming Home

“‘Coming Home’ was written in 2014 and was the first Beddy Rays song. It was written about leaving the town of Wagga Wagga after spending a year down there working away from home. I had just finished school and moved away from my mates. I hated it so I moved back home to Reddy Bay and we officially started the band.”

Beddy Rays – Better Weather


“‘Better Weather’ was written in the middle of isolation.  Sometimes you just don’t feel up for it, your mates might be inviting you out but you can’t find it in yourself to go. Was a little reminder that no matter what you’re going through there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. In time, things do get better.”

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