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Haliday’s Seb James and Teenage Joans’ Tahlia Borg interview each other to celebrate new single ‘Head Rest’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Teenage Joans' Tahlia Borg and Haliday's Seb James interview each other to celebrate new single 'Head Rest'.

Inspired by the artists he had on rotation as a teenager, on single number two from his punk-infused solo project Haliday, Adelaide musician Sebastian James is delivering huge angst-filled hooks at a break neck pace – and he’s teamed up with Teenage Joans to do it.

If you too spent your high school years listening to bands like Balance And Composure, Basement, and Box Car Racer, or if your current favourites include the likes of Slowly Slowly, then you’re going to want to get to know Haliday.

The new solo project from Adelaide indie pop outfit Pinkish Blu’s Sebastian James arrived last August with debut single ‘Phase Me’, earning a First Play on triple j’s Home & Hosed, followed by spins on Short.Fast.Loud and Weekend Lunch, as well as scoring community radio support across 4ZZZ, SYN, and Radio Adelaide.

The project – featuring a live band that includes TOWNS’ Aston Valladares on guitar, Don’t Bring Stacey’s Kyle Sambell on drums, and artist manager Rachie Whitford on bass – played their first show in 2021, supporting Sydney pop punk band Yours Truly, and launched ‘Phase Me’ with a headline show at Adelaide’s Fat Controller Steam Room.

Since then, Haliday has appeared at Brisbane’s Scorched Fest and Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, and has opened for Mum Friends and Teenage Joans.

Speaking of Teenage Joans, our fave Adelaide indie-punk duo is part of the current Haliday chapter.

Following up his huge debut single, Haliday is back with track number two – ‘Head Rest’.

After originally having a sound bite of Dwight from The Office in place of the song’s bridge, Haliday enlisted the help of Teenage Joans’ drummer Tahlia Borg to fill the missing piece in the song’s puzzle.

“Working with Tahlia on this project was so easy and she absolutely makes the whole song a million times better – I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

Now with his debut EP Honeyglow on the horizon, there is a lot to look forward to from Haliday.

‘Head Rest’ is about feeling extremely restless and continuously overthinking, which keeps you awake at night. You aren’t thinking rationally anymore, and you just need to go to bed and get some sleep rather than staying up and ultimately end up making poor decisions. 

Haliday’s Sebastian James on new single ‘Head Rest’

To celebrate the release of ‘Head Rest’ and this incredible Adelaide team up, we sat down with Haliday’s Sebastian James and Teenage Joans’ Tahlia Borg and let them interview each other.

Check out ‘Head Rest’ by Haliday ft Teenage Joans


Teenage Joans’ Tahlia Borg asks Haliday’s Seb James

TB: What is your all-time favourite movie?

SJ: Don’t get me wrong, I love movies but I don’t know if I have a favourite movie! But, I think at least yearly I watch all the Lord of the Rings extended versions back to back. It’s actually about time I do that again this year.

TB: Knowing you love Blink-182, what do you think is there best album?

SJ: It honestly varies day to day. I’d say the big three I play equally, as in Enema [Of The State], Take Off Your Pants [And Jacket], and Self-Titled…yeah I love them all, I can’t decide!

TB: Which venue in Adelaide is your favourite to play?

SJ: Adelaide has a lot of sick venues, but I think the Crown and Anchor has the best vibes! There’s something about that dingy little room that I love, especially when it’s full.

TB: What made you gravitate towards playing music?

SJ: I think both my parents, they were both really into music and gave me that passion really early on. But I think starting bands came from wanting an excuse to hang out with my friends.

TB: Taking into consideration all of the Haliday songs, which one is your favourite to play live and why?

SJ: That’s a tough one! It hasn’t been released yet but I think ‘Pushover’ is my favourite because I think it’s my most dynamic song, so I get a flavour of all the aspects of my writing.

Haliday’s Seb James asks Teenage Joans’ Tahlia Borg

SJ: What’s your favourite meal home-cooked by your mum?

TB: It would definitely have to be her spaghetti bolognese, because she makes her own sauce which she lets simmer for ages with a leg of lamb inside of it. It has so much flavour.

SJ: Who or what inspired you to start playing drums?

TB: I used to watch my cousin play in his band when I was younger and I thought it was so cool, so I started playing. I also stopped for a while but then I started listening to 5 Seconds of Summer which got me back into it and I’ve been playing ever since.

SJ: What’s your favourite band tee you’ve ever owned?

TB: Ooo this is definitely a hard one, but I think it would have to be my green Mum Jeans shirt which I brought at their show when they last came to Australia

SJ: Knowing you’re not one to drink, what’s your fave substitute on the Teenage Joans rider?

TB: My fave would have to be either the pineapple juice we have because it’s so refreshing or lemonade because it’s a classic.

SJ: What’s your guilty pleasure band?

TB: Sleeping with Sirens! I used to listen to them so much when I was younger but now I only listen to their old stuff when I’m chilling in my room or on the bus

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