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Bugs celebrate ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’, share top tracks for when you’re feeling indecisive

Bugs are celebrating their new single 'Decisions, Commitments & Plans'

If you’re familiar with Brisbane trio Bugs, then you’ll know that they know a thing or two about brilliantly relatable, honest songwriting – but on their new single ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’, they’re also showcasing something a little different.

For a band whose usual speed is somewhere between 80 and 100, Bugs sure sound good when stripping things back on their second single for 2021.

What begins as a tender, intimate slow-burner that highlights every lyric, brimming with emotion, explodes into a wall of energy and sound – no emotion or vulnerability lost, restraint instead growing into release.  

With only one spin, it’s pretty clear why this absolute belter – perfectly made for crowds of people to lose themselves in while sing-shouting together – has become a live favourite at Bugs’ recent live shows. Another to add to their already packed-full setlist of crowd pleasers.

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‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’ follows on from Bugs’ previous single ‘Diamond’, adding to the pair of 2020 singles that brilliantly followed their 2019 album Self Help

Alongside those two singles – ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Old Youth Feeling’– their triple j Like A Version performance of Mallrat’s ‘Charlie’ added to a huge 12 months that included landing triple j high rotation twice, playing sold out shows alongside Mallrat and WAAX, debuting on triple j’s Hottest 100 and selling out their own headline shows around the country.

Bugs have also recieved nods of support from the likes of Rock Sound (UK), The Guardian, Rolling Stone, NME, Music Feeds, Pilerats, Spotify, community radio, and more.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – as we edge closer to album number three, nationwide domination looks more and more certain for Bugs.

I wanted to write a song that talks about the chaotic emotional pressure of making choices, one that represents the full spectrum of confusion that comes to mind when faced with evolving responsibility and change-forced growth. It can be daunting (or empowering) when you realise you’re the one writing your own script; but with more gained wisdom you learn to realise you’re not alone in that journey. It’s okay to be afraid, we all get scared sometimes.

Connor Brooker, Bugs, on new single ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’

To celebrate their new single ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’, Bugs vocalist Connor shares his favourite tracks for when you’re at life’s crossroads and you’re feeling indecisive.

Check out ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’ by Bugs:

Bugs – Decisions, Commitments & Plans (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Bugs’ top tracks for when you’re feeling indecisive

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

“The ultimate cathartic anthem, belting this chorus out in a group is a fantastic way to blow out the cobwebs of anxiety. An ode to trusting your path and sticking to your guns under pressure.”

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (Official Music Video)

Middle Kids – Never Start

“This song just builds and builds, much like the emotion associated with pressure. Sonically it crescendos in parallel with the journey it takes the listener on. So many sincere lyrical gems that speak directly to the heart of someone struggling with commitment.”

Middle Kids – Never Start (Official Video)

Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You

“A classic toe tapper that gets the dance floor swaying, it’s not often songs with these subject matters are feel-good, so this stands out to me. A bit of a shrug of the shoulders accepting that circumstances are often beyond your control.”

Stuck In The Middle With You

The Sleepyheads – Nihilist

“I loooooved singing on this introspective new number from The Sleepyheads earlier this year. Pat is one of the best poets in the country and it really shows on this song. It’s like a big warm hug.”

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go

“Ummmm duh. Snarl along with some swagger to this hook heavy classic. Love the desert tambourine spanking throughout it to emphasise the attitude of the arrangement.”

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go (Official Audio)

Tamam Shud – First Things First

“This song has a strong sense of nostalgia for me because I listened to it on surf film soundtracks growing up.”

First Things First

James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend

“JT is one of the all time greats in my opinion, a true storyteller. The way the message of this song is delivered so sincerely puts one at ease immediately.”

"You've got a Friend" By: James Taylor

U2 – With or Without You

“This band cops a lots of crap, perhaps deservedly so at times, but this song is flawless. Such an ear worm and crushingly relatable. Everyone knows this feeling. Extra points if you cried during John Bartam’s funeral scene in Looking for Alibrandi.”

U2 – With Or Without You (Official Music Video)

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

“I had about 20 MCR bootleg shirts growing up, if you didn’t live through that era of pop punk you honestly wouldn’t understand its influence and prevalence. This is a song that is so representative of the prevailing ideology in youth culture at the time. A really cool time for self-identification and expression.”

My Chemical Romance – I'm Not Okay (I Promise) [Dialogue/MTV Version]

Eagles – Take It Easy

“I mean, easier said than done thanks Eagles, but I appreciate the sentiment. This has an outlaw vibe to it whilst also celebrating the ode of going with the flow.”

Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me

“The way Dylan wails ‘I’m not, I’m not you’ and rebounds in refrain ‘you’re a part of me, you’re a part of me’ sums up the tumultuous tornado of emotion that can exist within when you’re struggling to think independently.”

Cloud Nothings "I'm Not Part of Me" (Official Video)

Coldplay – Fix You

“This song is so beautiful, it speaks to your independence and humanity. Chris Martin just has this way of getting you on board with the message of a song from word one. Such considered and gentle delivery makes it feel like he’s speaking to you, really driving home the intimacy of the message.”

Coldplay – Fix You (Official Video)

INXS – Don’t Change

“Such an Aussie classic, this passes the pub test hands down. It explores the potential restructure of one’s self to fit another’s needs, a position we’ve all likely been in at some point. Don’t. Change.”

INXS – Don't Change (Official Music Video)

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Eight Mile was average but this song slaps. So many strong metaphors for fear in this tune too, Marshall is a wordplay wizard.”

Eminem – Lose Yourself [HD]

The Naked & Famous – Young Blood

“Probably the most underrated band to have come out of the Southern Hemisphere ever, this was a staple on repeat for years after release and still gets a solid crack.”

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood

Check out the full playlist:

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Bugs’ new single ‘Decisions, Commitments & Plans’ is out now. They’ll perform at The Princess Theatre, Brisbane on Saturday 6 November and at UNIFY Gathering in Victoria from Thursday 20 January until Sunday 23 January 2022. Tickets are on sale via

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