Paul McCartney | Got Back 2023 – Everything you need to know!

No more lonely nights.

Paul McCartney will bring his acclaimed Got Back Tour to Australia this October! 

These dates will see McCartney return for his first live performances in Australia in six years. McCartney was last in Australia in December 2017 (which saw him win a Helpmann Award for Best International Contemporary Concert in 2018 beating the likes of Ed Sheeran), wowing audiences nationwide with a near three-hour show, the Sydney Morning Herald reporting, “If the greatest songs elicit an emotional response too powerful to properly explain, it’s safe to say no review of Paul McCartney’s tour will quite do it justice.”

Wondering how to get tickets? Here’s everything you need to know!

Paul McCartney | Got Back 2023 Australian Tour Dates Sold by Ticketmaster

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Recommended Ticket Tips:

• Ticketholders need a My Ticketmaster account to access Paul McCartney tickets. Sign up or sign in here.

• All Paul McCartney tickets are digital, and can only be accessed via the Ticketmaster App or on a mobile browser – there will be no printed tickets. 

• Only purchase through Ticketmaster to guarantee you have a valid ticket for entry on event day.

• Take an extra five minutes to carefully read through this page in detail to best prepare for ticket on sale.

We know you are counting down the days to get your tickets with us, but before purchasing your tickets you might have some questions – that’s why we’ve put this handy guide together with everything you need to know.

Paul McCartney & Wings – My Love (Official Music Video)

When do tickets for Paul McCartney 2023 Australian tour go on sale?

Telstra Plus Presale

Newcastle – Thursday 3rd August @ 3 pm (AEST)

Melbourne – Thursday 3rd August @ 4 pm (AEST)

Frontier Touring & Presales 

Newcastle – Wednesday 9th August @ 3 pm (AEST)

Melbourne – Wednesday 9th August @ 4 pm (AEST)

General Public

Newcastle – Friday 11th August  @ 11 am (AEST)

Melbourne – Friday 11th August  @ 1 pm (AEST)

What are the ticket prices for Paul McCartney?

Please, check back shortly for more information.

Are there any VIP Packages for Paul McCartney?

Yes! Please see VIP Package information below.

Premium Hot Sound Package – $2,350.00*^
• One (1) A Reserve floor ticket within the first 2 rows
• Priority check-in and entrance
• Invitation to Sir Paul McCartney’s sound check
• Pre-show hospitality reception
• Commemorative Ticket
• Limited edition numbered lithograph
• Official Paul McCartney merchandise
• Collectible laminate to remember your evening
• Onsite check-in staff

Hot Sound Package – $1,795.00*^
• One (1) premium A Reserve floor ticket
• Priority check-in and entrance
• Invitation to Sir Paul McCartney’s sound check
• Pre-show hospitality reception
• Commemorative Ticket
• Limited edition numbered lithograph
• Official Paul McCartney merchandise
• Collectible laminate to remember your evening
• Onsite check-in staff

Diamond Package – $990.00*^
• One (1) A Reserve Seated ticket in rows 5 – 15 of the floor
• VIP Tour Gift Pack
o Dock & Bay Eco Towel
o VIP Recycled Cotton Tote
o Organic Water Bottle
o Pin with Gift Box
o VIP Laminate: Eco Laminate & Bamboo Lanyard

Gold Package – $890.00*^
• One (1) A Reserve Seated ticket in rows 15 – 25 of the floor
• VIP Tour Gift Pack
o Dock & Bay Eco Towel
o VIP Recycled Cotton Tote
o Organic Water Bottle
o Pin with Gift Box
o VIP Laminate: Eco Laminate & Bamboo Lanyard

Silver Package – $690.00*^
• One (1) B Reserve Seated ticket in the grandstands.
• VIP Tour Gift Pack
o Dock & Bay Eco Towel
o VIP Recycled Cotton Tote
o Organic Water Bottle
o Pin with Gift Box
o VIP Laminate: Eco Laminate & Bamboo Lanyard

Click Here for VIP Package Terms & Conditions

*Additional fees, levies and charges will apply. These vary by venue.
^Prices are subject to change.

Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights (Official Music Video)

Paul McCartney 2023 Australian Tour Ticket Tips

How many tickets can I buy for Paul McCartney?

There is a strict limit of six (6) tickets per customer.

Please adhere to the published ticket limit. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets cancelled without notice by Ticketmaster at its discretion. This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number or any other information.

How do I purchase Accessible Seating tickets for Paul McCartney?

We’ve updated our seating framework to include a larger range of accessible seating options. There will be an option for every price level and package available.

Accessible tickets (including Companion Cards) can be purchased by calling our Customer Service team on the Accessible Bookings line Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm AEST: 1300 446 925. This phone number is reserved for patrons with accessibility requirements and companion cardholders and cannot process any other ticketing requests.

Accessible tickets, both during presales and the general public sale period, can also be requested via our Submit a request – Ticketmaster Help. Please be sure to include your relevant presale code with your request if wanting to make a booking during the presale period.

Want to ensure you’re in the most in demand areas of the venue?

A small portion of tickets will be allocated to In Demand Tickets which are tickets to Paul McCartney in some of the most sought-after areas of each of the venues. Please Note – Ticket prices may fluctuate based on demand.

In Demand tickets are made available by artists and event organisers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to the most sought-after areas in the venue at market-driven prices (adjusting prices according to supply and demand). In Demand tickets are ticket-only purchases, and prices are subject to change at any time.

Want a memento? Grab a Collector Ticket.

If you’re looking for a small piece of memorabilia to remember your Paul McCartney experience by, look no further than a limited-edition Collector Ticket. A Collector Ticket is a souvenir ticket which not only gets you into the event, it also serves as a treasured keepsake to be kept well after the show is over.

Collector tickets are only made available for selected events and can be purchased through the normal purchase processes – be sure to select a “Collector Ticket” ticket type when choosing your tickets. They incur a $20 surcharge.

Collector tickets can only be delivered to fans via mail and cannot be sent as Print-at-Home or E-Tickets, or collected from outlets or the venue. Collector Tickets are not available to those without a valid Australian address. You must provide an Australian postal address to receive Collector Tickets.

Get to know Ticketmaster’s Smart Queue!

We expect that tickets to Paul McCartney will be in high demand, and to make the process fair for everyone you may be placed in a queue.

You will be assigned a random place in the queue once the Presale starts. Your place in the queue is not based on what time you entered the Waiting Room. We suggest entering the Waiting Room 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the Presale.

Once you get your spot in the queue, please do not refresh your browser as you will be pushed to the end of the line.

We will get you through the queue as quickly as possible, so please sit tight.

All Paul McCartney tickets will be digital!

All tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are now digital, meaning you can easily access your tickets on your phone via the Ticketmaster app or mobile web browser via, add them straight to your phone’s ticket wallet, and share them with your friends and family.

Download the Ticketmaster App

Get to know Ticket Transfer so everyone has their own ticket

1. Open the Ticketmaster App

2. Tap on my events and select the event you want to Ticket Transfer

3. Tap ‘Transfer’ below the ticket you want to share (please note: you may have to wait a moment for the ‘Transfer’ button to load)

4. On the ‘Select Tickets To Transfer’ page, confirm the ticket you want to share (please note – you must Transfer each ticket individually)

5. Tap the ‘Transfer To’ button. Tap ‘Manually Enter A Recipient’ & enter your friend’s ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, and ‘Email Address or Mobile Number’

6. Tap ‘Transfer Ticket’. The ticket in your account will now say “Sent”. You can cancel or recall the Ticket Transfer at any time.

7. Your friend receives an email, asking them to accept the transferred tickets, and they can either login or create a new Ticketmaster account to accept.

8. The tickets are now ready to go in your friend’s Ticketmaster account and marked as ‘Transferred’ in your account

Find out more about Ticket Transfer – including how to accept and open a transferred ticket here. 

Log into your Ticketmaster account and update your password if needed!

Get in early and ensure all your MyTicketmaster account details are up to date – from your password to your card details and your phone number.

Ticketmaster will regularly ask you to update your password to ensure the security of your account – you don’t want to get stuck having to change your password while the ticket timer is counting down during onsale as you can risk losing the incredible tickets you have secured.

Instead, now that you know you want to purchase tickets, log into your account and update your password today to ensure you are ready to nab those tickets.

Paul McCartney – Slidin’ (Official Music Video)

Hints and tips for improving your chances of getting Paul McCartney tickets

Make sure you have a My Ticketmaster account

Get the basics covered before tickets go on sale by logging in and checking your Ticketmaster account ahead of time. If you don’t have a Ticketmaster Account then make sure you sign up in advance –

Sign into your My Ticketmaster account ahead of time

Remember to triple check your passwords, account information, and billing information are all filled in correctly in advance, that way you’re not facing any last-minute account updates when trying to process your order.

Keep your options open with ‘Best Available’

Save time by searching “Best Available,” which scans all sections fast – it’s quicker than searching sections one at a time.

Keep an eye on the clock

There will be a time limit applied to all transactions as you are progressed through the ticket purchasing stages. Remember to keep an eye on the timer on your screen and move through the processing pages as quickly as possible (this is even easier when you’ve completed the account set-up stage we mentioned above).

Don’t refresh your screen

Stick to one window while you’re in the Waiting Room and when you’re being pushed through the Smart Queue and always resist the urge to refresh.

Hitting the refresh button means you’ll lose your place in the queue and, as frustrating as it can get, patience is the only way to win this game. Ticketmaster is equipped with sophisticated systems that are designed to manage and process ticket purchases as quickly as possible. The queuing system that appears on your screen will place you at the front of the line as soon as possible.

Remember: there are a lot of fans

We’re expecting this to be a very popular event. When a popular event goes on sale there are hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of customers all attempting to purchase tickets at the same time. Tickets are sold as long as seats are available, and when an act is this popular, sometimes they go very quickly.

Be sure to follow the above tips to ensure you have the best chance of snapping up some tickets.

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Paul McCartney will bring his Got Back Tour to Australia in October 2023. Tickets are on sale via

Paul McCartney – Pipes Of Peace