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Ticket Tips

What is ‘Speculative’ ticket listing?

We believe real fans deserve real tickets

Ticketmaster has a zero-tolerance policy towards speculative listing; this is when unofficial sellers list tickets for sale without actually having those tickets.

At Ticketmaster, we believe real fans deserve real tickets. Speculative ticket listing is not only wrong, it’s unfair on fans.

We are constantly improving our tools to make our ticket purchasing experience even safer and more secure for fans, and Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan is one way we do this.

Snow Patrol recently utilised Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan in Australia, and Pink, Phil Collins and Hamilton are among the artists and events who’ve chosen to use the technology around the globe, helping to get tickets into the hands of fans – not scalpers or bots.

Speculative listing is a growing problem, one that forces real fans to compete against resellers who don’t have the tickets they claim to have. These resellers are actually fighting against real fans, like you, to get their tickets through legitimate sources like Ticketmaster.

Fans should not trust resellers who claim to have tickets before the onsale has begun. Speculative listings like these are not real tickets and the resellers listing them do not actually have them to sell.

We urge fans to be vigilant and beware of these sellers.

We recommend always purchasing tickets from the official sources.