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Heading to the BBL? Marvel Stadium has announced new CovidSafe stadium changes

With the BBL season firing along, Marvel Stadium is excited to welcome fans back to the stadium – and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on event day, they have implemented a number of new and increased safety measures.

The stadium will be segmented into four zones, meaning fans won’t have access to the entire venue. There will be amenities and food and beverage stores in every zone.

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Mask wearing is mandatory at Marvel Stadium

marvel stadium covidsafe mandatory mask wearing

Wearing a mask is mandatory when moving around the stadium and while queuing outside the venue, so please ensure you bring a mask with you. You won’t need to wear a mask while seated in your designated seat.

All Marvel Stadium tickets are digital

ticketmaster mobile tickets

All tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are now digital, meaning you can easily access your tickets on your phone via the Ticketmaster App, add them straight to your phone’s ticket wallet, and share them with your friends and family.

Because your phone now holds your ticket, please remember to charge your phone as much as possible before entering Marvel Stadium. There are a small number of charging stations on Level 1 or 2 if needed.

All patrons will also be required to complete a digital health screening process, to be completed at the time of ticket purchase or ticket allocation. 

Arrival at Marvel Stadium might look a little different

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To ensure social distancing and the safe arrival of all fans, Marvel Stadium has introduced staggered arrival times – you and your group will need to stick to the times listed on your ticket/s. If you miss your entry time, there may be a delay.

You will also be allocated a specific gate for entry which is based on your seat location – this will be the only gate you will be allowed to enter through.

Once inside Marvel Stadium, please scan the QR code displayed and check in with your details.

Marvel Stadium is now cashless

Make sure you’ve got your bank card, Tap & Go/Apple Pay or similar contactless payment choice ready to go on your phone because moving forward Marvel Stadium is cashless – this includes food, beverages, parking, and merchandise. There will be no cash transactions within the venue to ensure faster service and that COVIDSafe measures are adhered to.

Only bring what you need 

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To fast-track entry into the stadium, Marvel Stadium encourages you to travel without a bag. If one is necessary, only bags smaller than a4 size will be permitted in. Please note, all patrons entering Marvel Stadium will be subject to a bag search and you will be responsible for packing and unpacking your own bag.
There will also be no cloaking/cloakrooms available within the venue.

How do I purchase Accessible tickets to Marvel Stadium?

Mobility impaired patrons will purchase their tickets via Ticketmaster’s Accessible Seating Line, or via the email service for Wheelchair, Companion Card or Special Needs booking requirements. More information about Accessible Bookings can be found here.

You can read more about Marvel Stadium’s COVIDSafe Plan on their website 

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