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Sydney singer-songwriter Tim Ayre takes us inside his dreamy EP ‘Modern Life’

We take you inside our favourite new albums with the artists who made them. We're sitting down with Tim Ayre to deep dive into his dreamy new EP 'Modern Life'.

If you like your pop sunkissed, fuzzed out, and luxuriously lathered in nostalgia, look no further than Modern Life, the wonderful new EP from Tim Ayre.

The Sydney based musician, composer and vocalist is here to take you on a sunshine-bright roadtrip – think wind in your hair, car roof off, palm trees blowing in the wind and the wide open road ahead of you.

So turn the volume up and get ready to be transported to places far from where you are, little voyages to destinations we can’t quite go right now.

Each of Modern Life’s five tracks takes its own sonic form, but Ayre expertly ties them together via lush, long-drive worthy instrumentals combined with his charismatic lyricism and charm.

From his bedroom to the studio, Ayre crafts his dream pop sound on his guitar, drums, bass, and synth – combining the warmth of yesterday with a modern pop vibrancy.

Tim Ayre – California Dreamin' (Official Video)

Earning his stripes in the national music scene as half of indie pop duo Tim and Jean, together the pair became known for their energetic live performances, taking over stages such as Splendour in the Grass, Good Vibrations Festival, Future Music Festival, and Falls Festival.

Now, his solo adventure sees him taking on a new pop sound – influenced by the likes of everyone from the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the Flaming Lips, to Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk.

Tim Ayre released his self-titled debut solo EP in November 2019, amassing over 1.24 million streams and earning coverage from radio stations Triple J, KCRW, BBC1xtra, and publications including Indie Shuffle, Earmilk and The Line Of Best Fit.

I’m really proud of this EP, I feel like the intention to write music that reminded me of more positive times and this idea of travelling the world has come through. Despite the fact we’re still in this weird ongoing uncertainty, I hope the record can give people a feeling of positivity. I feel like if you sit by the window and play it from start to finish, you can almost daydream like you went on a holiday.

Tim Ayre on ‘Modern Life’

To celebrate the release of Tim Ayre’s EP, we sat down with the singer-songwriter to take us on a deep dive through Modern Life.

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The Tim Ayre Story

From the beginning

Tim Ayre: “I think I was around 17 when I started working on original music…mainly like half ideas with dumb lyrics. I’m still doing the same thing only I’m working with more efficient people.”

What you’ll hear

“My sound is old yet new. I think that just comes from listening to old and new music all the time, those references find a way into my songs – it’s something that just naturally happens.”

Tim Ayre – Modern Life (Official Video)

Inside the Modern Life creative process

“The EP process was mainly me coming up with ideas during lockdown – I was daydreaming about places around the world that I was hoping to get to someday – each of the songs sort of represents a city in some way.

“I’d send those over to my friend Tobias (producer/songwriter) and we fleshed them out to where they are now. Pat Jones (Toro Y Moi / Washed Out) mixed it in the States which I think really elevated the record to a new place.”

Down memory lane

“My favourite memory from the creative process is being in an Airbnb in Victoria and then COVID hit and I thought it was the end of the world – I felt like I had to urgently make some music before the zombies arrived…so that first night we sat down and in a couple hours wrote and finished the song  ‘So Long’.”

Tim Ayre – So Long (Karaoke Video)

Tell us the story

Modern Life is a natural progression. It kinda randomly became about places I haven’t been but want to go to, and also a little comment on the current social climate in a hidden way with modern life.”

Audience Takeaway

“Hopefully, the EP instils a little positivity and happiness in listeners.” 

Say it in a sentence

Modern Life is…”God bless George Harrison.”

Tim Ayre – Miami Drive (Official Video)

For the love of music

“I love getting lost in whatever music I’m making and keeping it real. Also love collaboration and seeing ideas mould together.”

Kicking goals

“My biggest achievement to date is releasing songs and my dad thinking they’re pretty good.”

Overcoming struggle town

“There were many challenges but I always overcame them. I enjoy the struggle because it makes it real and brings something to the music. I overcame them by trusting the music and the ideas.”

Tim Ayre – Mexican Holiday (Lyric Video)

Essential Listening

Tim Ayre – Miami Drive

“Miami Drive is not about Miami.”

Tim Ayre – Mexican Holiday

“Mexican Holiday is about friend who went to Mexico and got hit the peyote and now is living there as a spiritual vibe shaman.”

Tim Ayre – Modern Life

“The name Modern Life originally came from Rocko’s Modern Life – my favourite childhood show.”

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