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Perth indie-rockers South Summit take us inside the recording studio for new single ‘Tired of Waiting’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Perth indie rockers South Summit on their new single 'Tired Of Waiting'.

Listen to anyone talking about Perth indie rockers South Summit and they’ll tell you the same thing – there is something special about this up and coming five-piece.

Blending strokes of reggae, rock, and indie, with splashes of folk harmonies, yearning blues, mystical psych rock and more – South Summit cover a lot of sonic ground in their soaring, coastal indie rock.

With infectious energy, huge melodies, and an enigmatic frontman showcasing beautiful, honest storytelling, you might think it would be easy to get lost in the South Summit mix – but it’s the way the band manage to masterfully balance every element, constructing a sound that is both familiar and uniquely their own, that showcases the band’s true promise.

It is staggering to think that South Summit have been crafting this sound for less than three years, but it’s clear with their growth across breakout singles ‘River Days’ and ‘Runaway’ that the quintet has surely hit their stride.

Which brings us to South Summit’s latest single, ‘Tired Of Waiting’. Their most prolific single to date, the track showcases a darker edge to the band’s sound, but it also soars – readymade for their upcoming festival sets. Though it sounds like it should be blasting out in a stadium. Just you wait for the chorus.

Since forming in 2020, South Summit have been quick to make themselves a staple of the Perth live music scene. Their debut five-track EP Merlin’s set the foundations for the band’s versatility while quickly drawing fans in with their charming personalities.

Now that they’ve locked onto the perfect sonic blend, while harnessing the heartfelt and deeply personal storytelling present across the songwriting of their most recent singles, it’s clear that South Summit aren’t just a force to be reckoned with on the west coast, they’ve got their sights locked firmly on the national stage.

2022 is looking to be South Summit’s year. Sold out headline shows in Perth, festival appearances at Out Of The Woods in Busselton and Festival of the Stone in Byron Bay, debut headline performances in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and they’re getting out of the city to hit some regional WA stops too.

If ‘Tired Of Waiting’ is anything to go by, the continued rise of South Summit is going to be very exciting to watch.

The meaning of the song itself is about the realisation that this person you thought you needed to depend on to be loved, was actually dragging you down and keeping you lost in a state of confusion through their manipulation and unreliability. The progression of the song then continues to a point where enough is enough, it’s time to take a stand and distance myself from this situation that is holding me back from independence, because I’m tired of waiting. This independence then gives you the ability to achieve a happiness that comes from self-love and the freedom it brings.


To celebrate the release of their new single, South Summit are taking is inside the studio for the recording of ‘Tired Of Waiting’.

Check out ‘Tired Of Waiting’ by South Summit:


South Summit take us inside the recording studio during the making of ‘Tired Of Waiting’:

Creating music in the studio is our favourite thing to do as a band. Our process starts with taking demos from home into the studio , then we turn them into a more tight and polished product. Scratchie day at the studio helps the process by allowing us to have a full day of working on song structure , tempos and individual parts to get closer to the end product. Having Dave’s input has helped us steer into different directions and think different , and this always ends up with a better song than when we walked in.


“Scratchy day is the first day of recording. We spend the whole day finalising our parts and really finding the right sound. This day plays a huge part of the recording process as it sets us up for individual tracking the next day. Here you can see us laying down a live recorded take of ‘Tired of Waiting’.”

“Sitting down with Dave Parkin @blackbirdstudios is a very important time, as we really break down the song and find parts we may need to fix. Always being open to ideas and thinking outside the box is something we do when sitting down with Dave. Here you can see us talking about new ideas for ‘Tired of Waiting’.”

“Recording the drums is the first thing we do once we have finished Scratchy Day. Nathan is first up, but recording drums is a long process. First, you have to set up all the equipment, mix and match different drums to find the best sounding kit, and then finally tuning the kit to pull the sound we want out of them. This process plus tracking the song usually takes most of the day.”

“Tracking lead guitar always adds flavour to the song, here you see our very own shred- master Fynn, in action. Pedals and amps play a huge part in the recording process as we have to find the right sound for his parts. Once that is set up, Dave will get a couple of takes from Fynn and we will then choose the best ones and put them in.”

“Individual tracking for vocals is something we focus on heavily. Here you can see Dave adjusting the mic for Zaya to get the best sound possible. Finding the right takes for Zaya is how we spend our last day in the studio.”

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