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Oliver Cronin | Byron breakthrough pop prodigy you need to know

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Byron-born up and comer Oliver Cronin.

If you like your pop music with smooth grooves readymade for hip shaking, big earwormy hooks readymade for singalongs, and forward-thinking production readymade for warming dancefloors, you need to meet breakout Australian pop star Oliver Cronin.

We are having an incredible pop moment across this country right now. In every pocket of the genre – be it indie-pop, bright bubblegum pop, left-field pop, pop inspired by R&B and hip hop, the list goes on – we have Australian artists making worldclass music, and Cronin is here to add his name to the list.

On his second single for the year, the insanely catchy ‘10,000 Hours’, he has teamed up with his best friend and fellow breakthrough artist Mason Dane. If you’re a fan of artists like Justin Bieber or The Kid LAROI, you’re going to find yourself right at home here, but it’s also the way Cronin approaches every facet of his music – as a producer, vocalist, and songwriter – that sees him carving his own distinct path.

’10,000 Hours’ sees Cronin and Dane effortlessly unpack the hurdles and time investments of relationships. Cronin’s silky-smooth vocal and groove-filled, R&B-infused, tropical production is perfectly complemented by Dane’s flow, adding another layer to his dark pop music.

Since its release, the track has earned support from the likes of CADA, FBi, and Soundcloud Radio.

The track follows on from last month’s heartfelt ballad ‘On Me’ and is the second taste from his forthcoming EP. Now he’s also released its follow up, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Self-described as “one for the boys”, Cronin dives into the expectations and pressures placed on young men to fit into masculine stereotypes, further pushing his sonic boundaries and showcasing another side to his sound.

The future is looking bright for Oliver Cronin. And with a stack of new music planned for the rest of 2022, right now is the perfect time to start taking notice.

I wrote this track with Mason and Liam about a year ago and it’s always been one of my favourite tracks. There’s something about the way us three work together – we always come away with hits. The song was originally just going to be mine, but when we decided we wanted a feature, Mason was the obvious fit. The song is essentially about someone who is afraid to commit into a relationship. We played on the “10,000 hour rule” and not being able to put in the time and effort to make the relationship work. It also shows the tough balance with not wanting to be alone, but not wanting to commit to someone.


To celebrate the release of his single ‘10,000 Hours’, we sat down with Oliver Cronin to get to know him better.

Check out ‘10,000 Hours’ by Oliver Cronin ft Mason Dane:

Oliver Cronin – 10,000 Hours (feat. Mason Dane)

The Oliver Cronin Story:

From the beginning

Oliver Cronin: “Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I had guitar and drum lessons as a child, and was constantly beatboxing, and singing around the house.

“In high school, I used to have really long bus rides to and from school, and all I would do was listen to music. I remember watching artists like Tory Lanez and Lil Durk in the studio, and thinking, ‘wow this looks like a lot of fun’. I made my first song when I was about 16, just with a Youtube beat on Garageband, and instantly fell in love with the process. That was when I really decided I wanted to do this as a career.”

What you’ll hear

“I like to think I have a unique sound. I always try to experiment and dabble in all sorts of different genres, as I’ve always had a very open mind to music. If I had to put a label on it, I’d say ‘new wave pop, with hip hop undertones’, however my sound is constantly evolving. I’m a completely different artist than I was 12 months ago, and I’ll be completely different 12 months from now.”

Influences & inspirations

“I used to listen to a lot of rap music in high school, artists like Kendrick, Tory Lanez, Lil Durk, and Travis Scott were some of my biggest inspirations when I started making music. Some of my biggest inspirations currently are Mike, Chase Atlantic, Bazzi, Khalid, Post Malone…the list goes on! Outside of music I always find inspiration in nature. Growing up in the bush has really played a part in my music, and I always love exploring and seeing new places.”

On his new single ‘10,000 Hours’

“I wrote this track with Mason and Liam about a year ago. It was originally just going to be my song but when we decided we wanted a feature, Mason came in and sang my second verse (that he wrote!). At the time, Liam was going through a situation with a girl where he was afraid to commit to a relationship, and we thought that was a perfect topic to write about. We played on the “10,000 hour rule” and not wanting to put the time and effort in to make things work.”

For the love of music

“Everything. The process. The emotions. The result. I believe that music is one of the most powerful forms of art. Everyone’s life has a soundtrack. Music is a time capsule, a medicine, a way to bring people together. To have people all around the world listening and relating to music that I’ve made is an incredible feeling.”

Kicking goals

“To know that I’ve changed people’s lives. To know that my younger self would be beyond proud to see where I am today.”

Overcoming struggle town

“Not giving up. There’s been times that I wanted to quit and wanted to give up, but I feel like I needed that to refuel my hunger, and help me get to where I am today.”

The year ahead

“A whole lot of music. I’m working on an incredible live show at the moment, so there’ll be a lot of that coming up. Potentially a project at the end of the year too…”

Essential Listening:

Oliver Cronin – On Me

“I wrote this with Ned Houston and Cyrus Villanueva back in 2020. It was my first time ever writing with someone else and I was super nervous! It ended up being one of my favorite tracks to date, and my first single as ‘Oliver Cronin’.”

Oliver Cronin – On Me (Official Video)

Oliver Cronin – 10,000 Miles

“Mason wasn’t even supposed to be at the studio session! When he pulled up he helped write it but it was just going to be my solo track. Fast forward a year later, he ended up singing the second verse and it was perfect!”

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