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Biblemami shares the tracks that inspired her debut EP ‘Unpleasant Adolescent’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Canberra bedroom pop artist biblemami.

Canberra bedroom pop artist biblemami is stirring up a storm with her debut EP Unpleasant Adolescent, cementing her name as an exciting force ready to make waves in the year ahead.

Written and created from the time she was 14 until she was 17 years old, the EP poignantly encapsulates biblemami’s teenage experience. Now at 18, after graduating high school and navigating launching her career during a global pandemic, Unpleasant Adolescent lands as a love letter to those years.

Biblemami first introduced herself with debut single ‘act ur age’ in early 2020. Packed to the brim with catchy hooks, and mixing trap beats with a perfect balance of sparkling pop and snarky attitude – it was a simple yet unforgettable launching point.

From here, it was her following single ‘death support’ – a reflection on a vulnerable relationship – that set the tone for what listeners could expect from her debut collection of songs.

Unpleasant Adolescent serves as the perfect bite-sized introduction to an artist who is set to have a huge 2022. Clocking in at almost 12 and a half minutes, biblemami’s soaring, husky vocal shines, detailing adolescent reflections over bouncy beats, twinkling synth melodies, glassy keys, colourful soundscapes, and more. All the while, it’s her charming storytelling and earwormy hooks that continue to draw you in.

Inside Unpleasant Adolescent 

Unpleasant Adolescent is defined by themes of growing pains, teen angst, and rebellion. Its a love letter to my teenage years I’d say. Each song goes into different feelings. ‘Outsider’ is about trying to act in a way that’s expected of you when you feel alone as ever. ‘Maneater’ is about having fun and embracing sexuality that I was told was wrong by men. ‘Bunny’ is about mean teenage girls and the growing pain of high school told through an Alice In Wonderland lens. ‘Death Support’ is about angst and pain that came about from growing up too fast.

Biblemami on the central themes of Unpleasant Adolescent

‘Death Support’ is where the EP began. I was in so much pain, in such a low place and felt like I was drowning, so i wrote a song about it. And it was actually good?!
As my song writing developed, and followed different, less depressing stories, the EP started taking shape. When I started working with my current team, they pushed me into a really good musical space and I started working with producer Thomas Porter. We really clicked, I wrote better songs and the tracklisting changed to reflect that.

Biblemami on the creative process for Unpleasant Adolescent

For the love of music

I love being free to express myself. I know that’s so cheesy, but when I was in that dark place at age 14, writing music gave me an outlet when I was too scared to tell my parents about how bad things were getting. As I grew up and changed, even when I was doing well, music was a way for me to vent and I never really had an audience so I had freedom to be a bit insane on the tracks. Now that people listen to me, they can resonate with that freedom of expression.

Biblemami on why she loves making music

To celebrate the release of her debut EP Unpleasant Adolescent, Biblemami shares a playlist of the tracks that inspired the record.

Check out Unpleasant Adolescent by Biblemami:

Biblemami shares the tracks that inspired Unpleasant Adolescent:

Olivia Rodrigo – Jealousy, Jealousy

Olivia Rodrigo – jealousy, jealousy (live from SOUR prom)

“This song is something I know me and millions of teenage girls around the world really resonate with. It’s about this experience of comparing yourself relentlessly and feeling all this pressure to be cooler or prettier, or richer. It’s part of growing up in this world nowadays.”

Tommy Genesis – A Woman Is A God 

Tommy Genesis – a woman is a god (Visualizer)

“Tommy Genesis really killed this track. It’s so easy to bop your head around to, but is a song by the girls for the girls. I just love it, it makes me happy to be a woman. Thematically it reminds me a bit of my song ‘maneater’, but takes a feminine-centric perspective!”

Dua Saleh – Dashery 

Dua Saleh – dashery (Official Audio)

“Dua Saleh has an insane cadence and voice, especially on ‘Dashery’. This track is dipped in darkness and swirls til its pitch black. I absolutely love it, and the vibes are an extension of themes I wanted to delve into through ‘death support’ and ‘maneater’.”

M.I.A – Bad Girls 

M.I.A. – "Bad Girls" (Official Video)

“Bad Girls really channels this sense of girlish and youthful rebellion that I love. Aside from being just a classic party banger, M.I.A speaks to the most unpleasant adolescents among us.”

LAUREL – Scream Drive Faster 

LAUREL – Scream Drive Faster (Official Music Video)

“‘Scream Drive Faster’ is one of my favourite tracks to come out (somewhat) recently. It communicates this darkness and riskiness mixed with fun. I just want to scream it as I drive through the city at night in a convertible with the roof down.”

Ashnikko – Drunk With My Friends 

Ashnikko – Drunk With My Friends (Official Music Video)

“I. Love. Ashnikko. This song has the best vibes ever, and is the type of song you’d want to sing drunk with your friends (as the name suggests). It just reminds me of going out underage to the city and singing karaoke with my friends because we couldn’t do anything else.”

Katy Perry – One Of The Boys 

“Katy Perry is one of my biggest unconscious influences, because as a kid when I first started writing music I almost only listened to her. One Of The Boys was the first album I ever had on CD, I think I got it for my 8th birthday. But the titular track was never one I let go of. It communicated so many feelings I had when I was younger as a bit of a tomboy, but it made me realise how good it was to be a girl.”

Umru X Laura Les X Osno1 – Popular 

umru, osno1 & Laura Les – popular (lyric video)

“In my early teenage/tween years, when I went to an American middle school, I really wanted to be popular. I think it was an obsession with Mean Girls or Clueless, or maybe the fact I was bullied all through primary school. But hearing this song earlier this year had me OBSESSED with the song ‘Popular’ instead. It’s such a banger, and I love Laura Les (of 100 gecs).”

Paramore – Misery Business 

Paramore: Misery Business [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Post-Katy-Perry-ism for me consisted mainly of downloading Paramore’s entire discography onto my first gen iPod touch and listening to it exclusively for about a year. ‘Misery Business’ has remained one of my favourite songs of all time, and it is THE song to sing into a hairbrush while dancing around your room and head banging angstily.”

Broods – Peach (NASAYA Remix)

BROODS – Peach (NASAYA Remix)

“Broods were a huge musical influence for me when I first started properly writing songs at age 12/13, and when they released ‘Peach’ just before I moved back to Australia in 2018 I fell in love with the track. When the NASAYA remix dropped, it was put on my playlists and never left. I put it on every party playlist, every girly playlist – everything. I had to add it to this one on principal.”

Check out the full playlist:

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