Ali Barter shares her favourite songs for a long drive

Before she takes over Melbourne's Palais Theatre stage for Together Again, we sat down with singer-songwriter Ali Barter to learn about her favourite songs for soundtracking a long drive.

Live events are returning to Melbourne stages, and thanks to Together Again at the Palais Theatre you’ve got a stack of great choices coming your way in January. Wrapping up the special series – that sees you sitting onstage with some of your favourite artists while they perform – is Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Ali Barter.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Ali Barter’s take on 2020 was incredible to follow.

Throughout what was a confusing year for many, Barter took her innovation and creativity to a whole new level.

Alongside playing all of our favourite online livestreams – from Isol-Aid to Delivered Live – she also wrote a hilarious iso-inspired love song with Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson (honestly, if you missed it, do yourself a favour and listen here) and staged her own ten-date isolation tour, where she played songs from different rooms in her house – kicking off in her bedroom and wrapping things up in the dining room.

Late last year, Barter also dropped a new single to follow-up to her sophmore album, 2019’s Hello, I’m Doing My Best. The single, titled ‘Twisted Up’, is another tasty slice of the brilliant, anthemic guitar-pop we have come to love from the Melbourne-based rocker.

Since releasing her debut album A Suitable Girl back in 2017 – brimming with catchy guitar hooks, witty lyrics and angsty ’90s attitude – and winning over hordes of fans with singles like ‘Girlie Bits’ and ‘Cigarette’, Barter has become a staple on the national touring circuit.

Her critically-acclaimed second album Hello, I’m Doing My Best took things to another level. Displaying a new level of confidence, Barter’s to-the-point, no-nonsense lyrics and knack for writing hook-filled anthems make her music hard to forget.

Before she takes to the Palais Theatre stage, we got Ali Barter to put together a playlist filled with her favourite songs for a long drive.

I have recently moved from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsular so I’ve been getting used to regular long drives.

Ali Barter

Men At Work – Overkill

Great melody, awesome for driving and singing at the top of your lungs!

Blur – Coffee and TV

A great vibe for a long drive. It’s a versatile too – I think it suits beach as well as city, country, or even suburban cruising. 

Beck – Loser 

Top down, windows open. This song is expansive and euphoric in its own cynical way.

Supergrass – Mary

The jam out section in this song is just perfect for steering wheel drumming. Turn it up loud and ‘ay ya ya’ along.

Roxy Music – More Than This

Perfect drum beat for driving, I imagine dusk, winding open roads and maybe a Hawaiian shirt.

Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk

One of the all-time greatest melodies in this song, and the dreamy guitars are the perfect soundtrack to a long drive while swaying and singing in your best falsetto. 

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

All your friends in the car, this song is uplifting and fun. Just right for a driving to the beach house.

The Avalanches – Running Red Lights

Night time driving for sure. Summer time. I love the bell-like sounds in this song, they sound like stars. I imagine driving towards a glittering city. It’s mournful in a really joyful way.

Beta Band – Dry The Rain

This is the song you settle in with, the slow build is like a long country drive. I spent my summers driving Melbourne to Adelaide as a kid, so this song feels like easy country driving.

Billy Bragg and Wilco – California Stars

The kind of drive you go on after a sad day or a break up, maybe a tear in your eye as you sing along. It feels like the kind of song you can let go of baggage too, in a weary but joyful way.

Ali Barter will perform as part of the Together Again concert series at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre on Saturday 30 January (two shows). Tickets are on sale now via