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Connection at THE LUME Melbourne: Where art, culture and technology converge

Experience art like never before with this awe-inspiring celebration of Australia's First Peoples.

Connection, the groundbreaking exhibition at THE LUME Melbourne, is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together nearly 650 artworks from over 110 visual and musical artists, making it the largest collection of First Peoples art ever assembled.

Immerse yourself in the stories and traditions of Australia’s First Peoples as you explore the world’s largest digital art gallery, spanning an impressive 3,000 square meters and four storeys. Presented through the lenses of Land, Water and Sky Country, Connection is more than a celebration of culture – it represents the most comprehensive telling of our country’s story through art and music.

The exhibition showcases the works of revered artists such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Tommy Watson, Clifford, Gabriella and Michelle Possum Nungurrayi, Anna Pitjara, Lin Onus and many more. All set to the backdrop of a moving soundtrack comprising legends like Yothu Yindi, Archie Roach, Emily Wurramara, and Gurrumul; renowned composers like William Barton; and emerging musicians like Alice Skye and Baker Boy.

Connection is a result of a collaboration between THE LUME Melbourne and the National Museum of Australia, ensuring the utmost respect and authenticity in its representation. The curatorial experts have worked closely with the artists, ensuring that each animation and enhancement of their works is done with their approval and consent.

Connection presented by THE LUME Melbourne

Smoking Ceremony

As you step into the gallery’s entrance, guests will experience an interpretation of the traditional Smoking Ceremony practice and Welcome to Country. This custom forms part of the traditional practice of strangers seeking permission to enter a Custodian’s Country.

Emily’s Wall

Anmatyerre woman Emily Kame Kngwarreye (c. 1910 – 1996) is widely considered one of Australia’s most significant First Nations artists. Despite not beginning to paint until in her 70s, Kngwarreye gained international recognition for her distinctive style of incorporating flora, fauna and Dreamtime figures from her environment.

Many of Kngwarreye’s incredible pieces are featured in the primary Connection experience, projected on a huge scale like never before. As part of Connection, THE LUME Melbourne also proudly presents the first public display of Emily’s Wall – on loan from art collector Hank Ebes. The collection comprises of 53 individual panels, each painted during one week over the course of a year and illustrating Kngwarreye’s depiction of the passing seasons.

Gallery of Original Art

For the first time, THE LUME Melbourne will also house a display of physical artworks and artefacts to complement the Connection experience. The Gallery of Original Art will showcase a collection of work by First Nations artists, with pieces on display also available to purchase. Royalties on the sale of artworks will benefit the artists and their families.


Step inside the art itself with artplay! THE LUME Melbourne‘s interactive cylindrical room becomes an immersive, playful installation. Artworks representing Land, Water and Sky Country come to life as projections that respond to visitors’ movements.

Enjoy a feat for the senses at Mirri

Mirri, THE LUME Melbourne’s café, invites visitors to discover the incredible flavours of Indigenous produce through First Nations chef Mark Olive’s fusion of traditional foods with contemporary ingredients.

Presenting a menu that melds Australian ingredients with Indigenous flavours and native produce, Mirri promises to tantalise taste buds, enlighten guests, and authentically enhance the Connection experience. Mirri embodies a tribute to traditions and storytelling, where each dish embodies the heritage of cultural legacy.

Connection is an unmissable opportunity to connect with Australia’s rich cultural heritage and the world’s oldest continuous culture. By stepping into the digital art gallery, you’ll not only witness the masterpieces but also be transported into the heart of the artists’ vision, allowing you to experience their stories, histories, and cultures in a profoundly moving way. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking celebration of art, music, and culture at THE LUME Melbourne.

Why tiptoe through silent galleries when you can step into the world of the artist? Book your tickets now and embrace the unforgettable experience of Connection at THE LUME Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now via