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Let’s Laugh is bringing live comedy back to Sydney this month

Let the laughs roll on...

Across two jam-packed nights, Let’s Laugh is set to bring some top notch Australian comedy to Sydney this November.

Hosted by comedy heavyweights Tom Gleeson and Rove McManus, Let’s Laugh will feature two huge lineups of Australia’s best and brightest comedians including Anne Edmonds, Merrick Watts, Becky Lucas, Tom Walker, Aaron Chen, Zoë Coombs Marr, Lizzy Hoo, Nikki Britton, Sam Taunton and Lloyd Langford.

“Nothing beats being in front of a live crowd, no matter what size. I’m so happy to be back on stage performing with such a stellar lineup of talent and especially at the prestigious Sydney Opera House,” Rove McManus says.

“This is guaranteed to be a great night and much better than me just ranting into a hairbrush in front of the mirror at home.”

We can’t recall a time when we’ve needed a night or two of laughter, so Let’s Laugh couldn’t have arrived at a better spot in the calendar.

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    Let’s Laugh – Friday 27 November

  • Host: Tom Gleeson
  • Zoë Coombs Marr
  • Aaron Chen
  • Nikki Britton
  • Sam Taunton
  • Lloyd Langford

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    Let’s Laugh – Saturday 28 November

  • Host: Rove McManus
  • Anne Edmonds
  • Merrick Watts
  • Becky Lucas
  • Tom Walker
  • Lizzy Hoo

Let’s Laugh will take over Sydney Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre on Friday 27 November and Saturday 28 November. Tickets are on sale now via Keep up to date on all the latest live entertainment news with Ticketmaster Discover.