The Rocky Horror Show marks its 50th Anniversary – Celebrate with the brand-new Australian production coming to Melbourne & Perth

Ready to thrill you with its frothy fun, this is the boldest bash of them all, so sharpen those stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life.

Written and created by Richard O’Brien, The Rocky Horror Show has become one of the world’s favourite musicals and the only contemporary rock musical to celebrate 50 years on stage.

The Rocky Horror Show is a comedy that transcends the usual limits of generational divide – a tribute to classic sci-fi and horror, flavoured with drama and camp flare unlike any other production. It has been rare throughout history, and to this day, for any show to explore such promiscuous themes without being labelled as vulgar or immature. The Rocky Horror Show, however, seamlessly keeps it’s taste and dignity in tact while still causing jaws to drop to the floor. It is no wonder that The Rocky Horror Show is so beloved and admired by millions.

VIC CAST: Jason Donovan will play the role of Frank N Furter until Sunday 9 July, and Myf Warhust will play the role of The Narrator, and David Bedella as Frank N Furter from Wednesday 12th July at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre.
WA CAST: David Bedella will play the role of Frank N Furter and Nicholas Hammond will play the role of The Narrator at Perth’s Crown Theatre.

David Bedella: “I am thrilled to be returning to Australia after so many years and to return to a show that is forever linked to my heart! This Fiftieth Anniversary production promises to be the best yet and I’m gonna do my part to see that it is! I hope everyone will come along to help us celebrate a show that has undeniably become the greatest cult sensation musical theatre has ever seen and has meant so much to so many for Fifty years!”

David Bedella gives the performance of a lifetime that was acclaimed by many, here’s what some of them had to say:

“David Bedella is confident, sexy, entrancing and heartbreaking, all in equal measure.” – Thrifty Theatre Thinker

“David Bedella as the phenomenal Frank ‘N’ Furter, whose superbly mellifluous purr of a
baritone voice effortlessly holds the stage”
– Yorkshire Post

The show also transcends the usual limits of the stage. One of the most notable attributes The Rocky Horror Show deserves praise for, is it’s connection to the audience. The 1975 film adaption The Rocky Horror Picture Show launched the story towards it classic household title status it still holds today, continually growing it’s cult following of fans. If you are planning on attending a Melbourne or Perth performance (which we highly recommend you do) we ought to let you in on what to expect, we’re looking at you Rocky Horror virgins.

Audience Participation started back in the 1970’s, originally only for the movie, but now a highly anticipated part of the stage show as well. Fans have been dressing up, shouting back lines and singing along to the show for thirty years now! While lots of fun, there is a line not to be crossed – here are some guidelines to help you out:

1. If you are dressing up for the show, don’t criticise other people’s costumes. Everyone has the right to wear whatever they wish. Some people make carbon-copies of the stage costumes, others take a more abstract approach. Some don’t dress up at all.

2. Talk-back lines should be used to add to the Rocky experience, don’t try to shout down other people, they might know some better lines, the best lines are the unexpected, especially if the cast start to giggle!

3. Don’t throw rice or water at the performers, spotlights or screen. In fact, don’t throw them all. It may be dangerous and may result in the show being halted.

4. Dance, sing, laugh and have fun!