We attended opening night of Dracula’s The Resurrection Tour and here’s what we thought

You know what they say, "Legends never die!"

There is a lot squeezed into the two hours you will spend with Dracula’s The Resurrection Tour at The Palms at Crown Melbourne – and we mean that in only the best way possible.

From huge rock show performances to side-splitting comedy, sultry burlesque to jaw-dropping aerials – and that is barely scratching the surface.

The best part about the show (besides how ridiculously gorgeous and talented the entire cast is – seriously, leave some for the rest of us!) is that every twist and turn is so sharp, you can never guess which way your night is going to go next.

Thus, Dracula’s The Resurrection Tour is best experienced when you go into it with an open mind but also not quite knowing what to expect, so to keep as much suspense and surprise intact as possible, we’ll do our best to give you the most spoiler-free wrap up we can.

dracula's the resurrection tour vlad onyx

The Palms at Crown Melbourne is the perfect location for such a night, with the eager audience spread across the floor and all the way up into the booths, the energy and opulence of the room makes the night feel extra special before you even take your seat.

A huge red neon sign adorns the stage, calling back to the venue’s old home in Carlton, while hauntingly beautiful statues sit in waiting on either side, dutifully watching over proceedings.

If you’re unfamiliar with the legacy of Dracula’s in Melbourne – and we promise, you don’t need to be to enjoy your night here – born in a dark, dingy Melbourne laneway in 1980, Dracula’s restaurant and cabaret theatre became a phenomenon across the city, but in 2017, after 38 years, it closed its doors.

Since then, the team have been working hard behind the scenes to figure out a new way to bring the spirit of this Melbourne icon back to the city – and so Dracula’s The Resurrection Tour was born.

As the neon sign goes up and the stage fills with smoke, it is the costumes that set the tone for things to come. Leather, bondage, sparkles, sequins, nipple pasties, boots – you get the picture – ensure audiences immediately know that this variety show is for adult vampires only.

Huge musical numbers fill the night, and the set list is impressive – from Portishead to Queen, My Chemical Romance to Bowie, Led Zeppelin to AC/DC – and each is phenomenally performed by the cast.

Cheeky brothers Onyx (James Smart) and Vlad (Will Rogers) take centre stage for most of the night – Onyx with his incredible vocals and Vlad as the host and comedic talent. Viper (Clara Fable) is as sultry as she is sublimely talented as she adds a layer of burlesque to the underworld, while the band made up of Sting (Cam Smith) on drums and absolute shredder Vendetta (Viola Skyes) on guitar cannot be overlooked.

dracula's the resurrection tour viper and vendetta

The comedic flavour of the night is unashamedly naughty, with sexual innuendos (and some not so innuendos) spread throughout the show in a way that will have your sides splitting open from all the laughter. Seriously, try and image W.A.P medlied with Three Blind Mice, Harry Potter, and Chris Rock, and now also throw in a vacuum. It is as absurd as it sounds, but also a whole lot funnier.

While the energy and showmanship on stage is next level, above the stage is where some of the show’s true magic happens. A duo of aerialists (Emma Dutton and Danny Golding) take to the stage throughout the night, using nothing more than a hoop or a rope and their own strength to showcase acts that are as risky as they are risqué, and as breathtaking as they are actually breath-taking (because you’ll be holding your breath the whole time as you watch on in awe).

Debaucherous, sexy, racy, hilarious, cheeky, incredible, fun – there are so many words we could use to describe the unforgettable night that is Dracula’s The Resurrection Tour and the mind-blowingly talented cast that bring it to life. But if we say much more, we might ruin all the best surprises, and we can’t do that.

So instead, you’ll just have to go along and experience it for yourself.

Dracula’s: The Resurrection Tour is now performing at The Palms at Crown Melbourne until Sunday 12 June before heading to Wrest Point, Tasmania from Wednesday 22 June until Saturday 25 June. Tickets are on sale via

dracula's the resurrection tour vlad onyx viper