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Witching Hour celebrates ‘Book of Shadows’ EP with her favourite songs about self-love

It's time to be your own best friend!

On her debut EP Book of Shadows, multi-talented Melbourne artist Witching Hour has truly found herself – and we don’t just mean musically.

We already knew how brilliantly she intertwines the worlds of candy-bright pop and darker, rock-infused elements, but on her first extended collection of songs she lands with a fierce yet vulnerable emo-pop punch as she delves into her experiences navigating toxic relationships and the journey to emerging out the other side as a confident, empowered, and independent woman.

That feeling of self-love – of putting yourself first, relishing in one’s own company, and being your own best friend – is where we find Witching Hour. The Melbourne musician – also known as Claire Quartz – sure knows a thing or two about writing a powerful anthem, so we got her to share some of her favourite self-love anthems with you.

It is hard to describe Witching Hour’s music in anything less than broad strokes because she refuses to be bound by genre. Across just seven tracks and 25 minutes, Book of Shadows reveals a kaleidoscope of influences and styles, from powerful pop punk to cinematic, dreamy synths, catchy power-pop hooks to cheeky lines delivered with a biting edge – and even a raw, heartfelt ballad to ensure the EP’s conclusion lingers with you a while longer.

Not matter the mood she is crafting – be it heartbreak, joy, self-love, or a deep dive into the occult – it is Witching Hour’s vocal that holds it all together. Whether she is creeping or soaring over her addictive melodies, it is hard to turn away. 

With influences stretching from Paramore to Billie Eilish and Grimes, listeners can hear the alt-pop and pop-punk inspiration threading throughout, but make no mistake – Witching Hour exists in her own distinct lane and Book of Shadows is just the first chapter.

This release is my sonic book of shadows, and encapsulates a story I’ve lived over the past few years of constantly rebuilding myself in the midst of chaos and tragedy. It’s a collection of formative, defining experiences, forever frozen in time in musical form. It tells stories of abusive relationships, rediscovery of self, empowerment and reclamation, grief and loss, mental health battles, and creepy dudes.

Claire Quartz AKA Witching Hour on her EP ‘Book Of Shadows’

To celebrate the release of her debut EP Book of Shadows, Witching Hour shares her a playlist of her favourite tracks that inspire self-love – because it’s time to be your own best friend!

Check out Book Of Shadows by Witching Hour:

Witching Hour picks her top tracks to inspire self-love

Hayley Williams – Cinnamon

Hayley Williams – Cinnamon [Official Music Video]

“This song to me is the ultimate luxurious, joyous self-love song. When it came out I was in a very similar situation to the one Hayley is singing about (namely, living alone in a cosy place with just your pet, relishing in your own company after a damaging relationship – an experience which for me ended up inspiring my track ‘Queen Of Wands’), and I fell hard for this track upon first hearing it. It is the perfect soundtrack to blissful solitude.”

Billie Eilish – My Future

Billie Eilish – my future (Official Music Video)

“This track is so gentle, beautiful, and hopeful. It carries on the theme of choosing yourself over unsatisfactory relationships, and being enough as you are. It’s a delicate yet rich number that gives off big self-love vibes!”

She & Him – Me and You

“This was one of my favourite ‘medicine’ songs in high school (and still is now!) during a time when I was processing a lot of trauma. When I’m feeling burnt out, self-critical, or just generally out of sync with myself, I listen to this calming track. I swear, the way Zooey sweetly sings “you’ve gotta be kind to yourself” has some kind of magical healing properties.”

Vera Blue – Regular Touch

Vera Blue – Regular Touch

“I was late to the party in discovering this track, only listening to it properly for the first time a few months after writing ‘Queen Of Wands’. This song also celebrates the feeling of realising you don’t necessarily need the ‘regular touch’ of a partner, and highlights the joy and power that can come from standing tall in your own independence, making it a must-have for any self-love playlists!”

Beach House – Space Song

Beach House – Space Song

“This one makes the list less for its lyrical content, which isn’t explicitly self-love orientated like most of the others, but because of its music. I have synaesthesia, which means my sensory nerves are intertwined where they wouldn’t usually be, and as part of that I often perceive music as having colour.

“This song has been a favourite of mine for many years, because the twinkling synths are like shimmering rainbows to me, and when I listen to this track it feels like the music is massaging my brain and washing sweet, dreamy colours all over me. If that ain’t a luxurious and restorative experience, I don’t know what is.”

Hayley Williams – Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris 

Hayley Williams – Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris [Official Lyric Video]

“Hayley Williams makes the list twice because, well, I can’t help myself! This track is beautiful for both its floral metaphors, and the way it so cleverly weaves together themes of self-love, self-growth, and empowerment that exists without the need to tear down or compare yourself to other women/GNC people in the process. It’s a stunning work that invites you to awaken your deep, authentic self within, while uplifting those around you on the way.”

Vulfpeck – Smile Meditation

VULFPECK /// Smile Meditation

“I dare you to listen to this instrumental gem from Vulfpeck and not feel at least a little bit sunnier afterwards. This is another song that I’d consider a ‘sonic massage’. I don’t have whatever gene or trait is needed to experience the physical sensations of ASMR, but the bubbling, trickling sounds at the end of this track are the closest I’ve gotten – they’re just so soothing and yummy!”

Kali Uchis – After The Storm

Kali Uchis – After The Storm ft. Tyler, The Creator, Bootsy Collins

“This is a tasty, dreamy, feel good bop. It’s reassuring, hopeful, sweet, and badass all in one. And a little cameo from Bootsy Collins? Sold!”

Princess Nokia – Happy Place

“It’s in the name! Pop this song on, zone out, and reconnect with your inner child. Princess Nokia makes such fun and restorative music, and this is just one example of her playful-yet-fierce style.”

Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya

“Timeless, empowering, and energising. If you’re craving more of the fired-up, take on the world type self-love vibes rather than the slower, tonic tracks, this iconic Riot Grrrl track will have you feeling on top of the world and like the powerful angel you are!”

Check out the full playlist:

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