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Playlists need an update? It’s never too late to look back on all of the new music treats September served up. Let’s dig in.

A Swayze &  The Ghosts – Paid Salvation

A Swayze and The Ghosts are delivering upbeat, urgent fury on their debut record Paid Salvation and it is everything we need right now. There are no skips across its 12 tracks, as Swayze takes aim at everything from gender inequality and online-fuelled anxiety, to climate crisis and the monotony of routine. Paid Salvation is 40-minutes of back-to-basics fun – the sort of album readymade for the sweaty bandrooms we’ll be dancing in again in no time.

Agnes Manners – Fantasia Famish

Inspired by the sounds of Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Simon and Garfunkel alongside more modern artists like Father John Misty and Bon Iver, while refusing to be limited by genre, what Agnes Manners delivers on their debut album Fantasia Famish is a collection of honest, intimate and vulnerable admissions of love and loss, of grief and of healing. Read our chat with frontman Matt Gravolin to dive deeper into the record’s roots.

Baker Boy X Dallas Woods X Sampa The Great – Better Days

Baker Boy, Dallas Woods – Better Days ft. Sampa The Great (Official Audio)

When we think about powerful team-ups, Baker Boy, Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great is exactly the vision we had in mind. You might wonder how anyone could possibly balance this much talent in one package, but on ‘Better Days’ each artist stands at their lyrical and musical peak. Focussing on moments of struggle and pressure, the song threads Yolngu Matha, English and Bemba languages together to further enhance the unity between the three artists.

FeelsClub – A Wave Inevitable

Their latest EP A Wave Inevitable features all the hallmarks of FeelsClub’s self-described “trash-pop” sound, but on each of the six tracks, the band deep dive further into experimental territory. Dancey beats, catchy hooks, and reflective, honest lyrics are all elements any FeelsClub fans will be familiar with, but now they are presented with a new, gritty tinge. Check out our track-by-track with the band to learn more about the record.

Jack Grace – Daydreaming

Jack Grace Daydreaming (Lyric Video)

Following his very welcome return a few months back with single ‘A Ribbon’, Jack Grace is back with another gorgeous cut. ‘Daydreaming’ see Grace dive further into a more minimal, sparse sound, with a gentle, dream-like soundscape perfect for getting lost in. Everything about ‘Daydreaming’ is simple and delicate, but we promise that it’s a “less is more” approach, allowing for Grace’s vocals to shine.

Jess Kent ­– Parking Karma 

With every release Jess Kent continues to showcase her knack for crafting electro-pop gems, and her latest EP Parking Karma is overflowing with them. The five-tracker is a non-stop bop, adding another host of sounds to her ever-expanding arsenal – from folk-pop to PC music, indie acoustics to sparkling synth lines, there’s a lot packed into 14 minutes and it’s all an absolute treat.

Joji – Nectar

With all this extra time on our hands, what we really want is a gorgeous, long record to soak into, and on his latest album Nectar, Joji has given us just that. His debut Ballads 1 was packed with ambition, breaking Joji away from his Youtuber origins and setting him up for a huge future, and on Nectar he takes another huge leap forward. Across its almost-hour-long, 18-track journey, the worlds of R&B and alt-pop continue to collide, rich sounds, lush soundscapes, classic hip hop beats and slick production proving that Joji is an artist with a lot to say and a vision all of his own.

Kuya James – Isa

On his debut album Isa, not only is Kuya James showing off his knack for brilliant production across a rich sonic pallette, but he is also showcasing the diversity among Australia’s music community – bringing together artists from a variety of backgrounds and heritages to impart their own life experiences within his work. And in the process, re-establishing what the Australian identity actually is.

Kwame X Clypso X Phil Fresh – TOMMY’S IN TROUBLE


Everything Kwame puts his name on is brilliant, that we have already come to expect, and on latest single ‘TOMMY”S IN TROUBLE’, he is continuing the next chapter of his career with a bang, and further cementing why he is one of the most important rising voices in Australian music. The hazy, bouncy track is loaded with Kwame’s slick, raw lyricism, and the addition of Sydney musos CLYPSO and Phil Fresh adds a new perspective to his sound. With his second EP on the way, we can’t wait to see where this era takes Kwame.

Lupa J – Supermarket Riots

Lupa J – Supermarket Riots (Official Music Video)

Another brilliant addition to their repertoire, with each new track Lupa J continues to unfurl their full musical identity, and here on ‘Supermarket Riots’ they are really coming into their own. Written right before COVID-lockdown, amidst the panic buying that swept across the country, it is a swirl of anxiety, chaos and longing wrapped in a lush, glitchy electro-pop package, further showcasing Lupa’s skills as both a lyricist and a producer.

Mildlife – Automatic

If your chasing a euphoric high, we recommend popping on some headphones, laying back, and giving Mildlife’s Automatic a spin. The kaleidoscopic journey spreads just six tracks across its 40-minute run time, slinking and swirling through their psychedelic jazz odyssey and perfectly showcasing the sound they’ve expertly crafted on the live stage. We only wish we could experience it for the first time all over again.

The Neighbourhood – Chip Chrome & the Mono–Tones

Alt-rockers The Neighbourhood are taking us on a multi-dimensional musical exploration on their latest album Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones. Like watching a film without the pictures, main character Chip Chrome guides us through this moody, cruising half-hour sonic journey filled with smooth, sparkling soundscapes and velvety vocals. Diving around genres, Chip Chrome balances everything from moody folk, to dance pop and menacing rock moments amongst its many sonic dives.

Thunder Jackson – Thunder Jackson

If you, like us, have been waiting the last three years to find out exactly what a Thunder Jackson is, let his debut, self-titled album reveal it all. Glittering ‘80s-tinged pop flows through the record, mixed with r&b and funk grooves, soaring ballads, sparkling synths and a whole lot more – all of it held together by Thunder Jackson’s powerful, ethereal falsetto. Basically, it’s Thunder Jackson’s world and we’re all dancing in it.

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