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New Music: Ruby Fields

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2019. Our handpicked BREAK THROUGH artists are the future headliners you should get on your radar. Welcome Sydney indie rocker Ruby Fields.

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You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that it was pure luck and an overnight success that kickstarted the monumental rise of Cronulla-bred indie-rocker Ruby Fields, but while she may be young, she had been plugging away at her local music scene for years before catching her big break.

After receiving her first guitar for Christmas and spending hours learning how to play via Youtube videos, Fields began songwriting at 11 years old, before beginning to busk around Cronulla when she turned 13. By 14 she was sneaking into local venues and events, trying to understand the music and art culture in her neighbourhood.

But it wasn’t until she wrote the angst-ridden belter I Want and uploaded it online in 2017 that everything really took off. The response was instantaneous, and within 24-hours Fields had started to gather a pretty large following. The track was raw and brutally honest and signalled exactly what was to come from the 19-year-old.

ruby fields

She followed I Want up with a handful more singles before releasing her debut EP Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner and really honing in on her penchant for honest and raw songwriting, layered in a vulnerability and dry humour that make Fields instantly relatable. Stepping things up a year later, it was 2018’s Dinosaur that has really positioned Fields as an indie-rock staple of the future.

Essential Listening

Ruby Fields – I Want

The single that kickstarted everything  – I want to be more than my parents’ opinions and my atar,” becoming a rallying cry for those on the verge of adulthood.


Ruby Fields – Dinosaur

After locking down her signature sound in her EP, this track stepped things up in sound, texture, and emotion. “I’m scared of the fact / I’ve been to more funerals in my life than weddings,” so simple but so raw.


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