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New Music: Fan Girl

We pick the hottest new live acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. This week's pick is Melbourne indie rockers Fan Girl.

Ticketmaster New Music is your one-stop destination to discover the best emerging live acts before they explode. These are the artists we’re expecting to make waves in the live music scene, and we want you to know about them first.

When Melbourne indie rockers Fan Girl released their debut single, ‘Small Town’ back in 2016, music fans around the city instantly fell in love with their catchy hooks and relentless, raucous energy.

Initially started as the brainchild of guitarist Vincent McIntrye and Jack Wood, the pair soon grew to a trio when Noah Harris – based in South Korea at the time – joined the fold, and soon the pieces of Fan Girl’s debut album Elephant Room came together. As did the band’s lineup, growing to a perfectly selected six members.

Elephant Room – released in 2018 – was written, recorded, and produced by McIntrye and Wood in McIntrye’s basement. On first listen it is still clear the album is everything guitar music should be – huge, crunchy riffs, hooks for days, an easy balance of light and shade, and an underlaying polish that ensures everything sounds slick without being too clean.

Tragically, a few months after the album’s release, Fan Girl’s founding member Jack Wood passed away. After taking some time for themselves, the band returned in a huge way in early 2019, with a sold out hometown show that brought the city’s music community together.

Now we find Fan Girl back with new music in the form of their latest single ‘Fox Song’. Seamlessly following their debut album, the track further leans into both the band’s pop sensibilities and knack for writing huge, anthemic rock riffs.

They’ve already supported the likes of The Vines, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Birds of Tokyo and become well known for their explosive, energetic live shows. If you aren’t on team Fan Girl yet, now’s the time to get acquainted.


The Story

From the beginning

Noah Harris (Vocals): “When I was 6 years old, I became really obsessed with Elvis and ABBA, and got sick of singing along to greatest hits CDs, so I begged my parents for guitar lessons. Both Elvis and ABBA are still on high rotation. Vince doesn’t let me play guitar in Fan Girl though. Nearly 20 years of guitar playing down the drain.”

Vincent McIntyre (Guitar): “I can’t remember when I started making music, it was really young. I grew up as a Beatles fanatic in a musical household. I’m still a Beatles fanatic and I still haven’t moved out of said household.”

What you’ll hear

VM: “I guess [our sound] is just obnoxious guitar music that is pretending to not be obnoxious? It was born out of a general direction that Jack and I started working on a few years back.”

NH: “There definitely is a new direction forming as we start to work on new music, which feels a bit darker, grander, and more groove-based. We love the idea of really direct songwriting, and how pop music emphasises the fundamental elements while cutting the fat.”

VM: “Also we’re loud lol.”

Influences & inspiration

VM: “Anthony Bourdain is a massive inspiration. We all love his work, and he is a big part of why we want to endlessly travel the world, play music, meet new people, and experience new things and cultures. Super wanky, but true. We are a bunch of foodies stuck in degenerate musical lives. We would eat so well if we could afford it.”

NH: “Greta Thunberg, because she is so inspirational in all things environmental and political, as well as breaking down stereotypes around mental health and Autism. Also, she recently put resident-slimebag Andrew Bolt in his place. We need more of her in the world.”

For the love of music

NH: “This sounds a bit naff, but there is no greater high than creating. Also, we love hanging out with our friends, and it just so happens that we get to make music together.”

VM: “I would be a mess without music. I’m not very good at it, but I am so much worse at everything else. **Noah rolls his eyes at Vince’s self-deprecation**”

Kicking goals

VM: “We have been super lucky and privileged to be given some amazing opportunities over the years, but I’d say the biggest in my mind was the Headspace Collingwood fundraiser we ran earlier this year. Such a wonderful night of amazing music, for a great cause, and also just a really big moment for us as a band, and as friends, after a pretty shitty 2018.”

NH: “Totally agree. Hanging out with Craig Nicholls after supporting The Vines was a big one too.”

The year ahead

NH: “Playing lots, writing lots, releasing some more new music,  just taking everything one step at a time, and trying to enjoy it all.”

VM: “Not taking anything for granted. I love this band and these boys.”

Essential Listening

Fan Girl – Fox Song

“It’s our new single. Really glad to be back sharing new music. Listen to it, you might like it.

“FUN FACT: We tracked everything in the dead of winter in our freezing cold studio. We only had a $30 K-Mart heater (sponsorship, hit us up?) and a box of Tetley tea to keep us warm, but we think the track sounds HOT **fire emojis**.”

Fan Girl – Small Town

“Our first release, and one of the first songs we ever wrote together.

“FUN FACT: We somehow convinced Broden Kelly (Aunty Donna) to star in the ‘Small Town’ video clip. It is a bit of a laugh, and yes, he is as funny, charismatic and handsome as you would assume he is in real life.”

Fan Girl – Cold Tea

“It weirdly seems to be a lot of people’s favourite song off our debut album, and as an act of resistance, we rarely play it live. Bring tissues.”

Vince says: “It might be a good chance in the set to go to the toilet, have a cig, and grab a drink” **Noah rolls his eyes at Vince’s self-deprecation**

Keep up to date with everything Ticketmaster New Music right here. Fan Girl will perform at Bigsound in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley this September.