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Album of the week

We’re starting something a little new in our Fresh Scoop roundups, because sometimes it’s really hard to just pick one single when a fire album drops and we want to talk about the whole thing. So for some extra playlist bonuses, here is our album of the week.

Nilufer Yanya – Miss Universe

If you aren’t yet acquainted with Nilufer Yanya (and really you should be, we’ve already recommended her a bunch of times), after the release of her debut album Miss Universe you’re probably going to find it pretty hard not to hear about her from now on. The London-based singer-songwriter has been releasing collections of catchy, creative, and beautiful songs for the last few years, but it is on her first full album that Yanya has really realised her sound. Her music takes on an almost nonchalant approach, her delicately husky voice holding everything together as she bends and weaves through genres with ease. Flitting between elements of soul, electronic, pop-rock, R&B, indie, jazz, hip hop – on paper it may sound loose or disjointed, but in Yanya’s masterful hands every piece feels deliberate, essential even. She is an actual musical magician. Miss Universe is catchy and joyous, masterful in its approach, and a masterpiece in waiting. Mark our words, Nilufer Yanya is essential listening.


Singles of the week

Lizzo X Missy Elliott – Tempo

Is there a collaboration more essential to humanity than this? – one of the greatest artists in hip hop’s history and the actual future of the genre? Tempo is an absolute anthem, we’re giving it ten fire emojis. Lizzo is truly proving herself as an artist to watch once her debut album arrives. Where breakout single Juice showcases Lizzo’s flawless vocal and penchant for pop-tinged funk and Cuz I Love You is pure classic soul, Tempo is another beast completely. It is as sexy as it is empowering,  Lizzo is all snarl and attitude as she raps over a ’90s beat. And then Missy comes purring in. Who else is dancing?

La Dispute – View From Our Bedroom Window

La Dispute are back with a new album, and on their Epitaph debut they are definitely stepping things up. For those new to La Dispute, there isn’t a fine line here – you either love their sound, or you can’t stand it. For their ever-faithful legion of fans, their post-hardcore meets poetry has been much-loved for the last 13 years, whether they were dabbling in elements of jazz or screamo, prog-rock or spoken word – every record was drenched in emotion, perfect the emo in all of us. Album number four is by far the band’s most digestible, but that’s not to say that it lacks any of their character – in fact, they’ve found a way to pull out all the best bits of their sound, and package it up so it’s sure to reach more people than ever before. The whole album is beautiful, and View From Our Bedroom Window might just be the perfect entry point.

Dean Lewis – Straight Back Down

Can you believe Dean Lewis released Waves all the way back in 2016? Finally, after spinning that track for three years, Lewis has given us a full record, and it is chock-full of the same beautiful-yet-simple guitar and piano-led tracks ready to make you swoon and cry simultaneously. Our pick of the bunch of Straight Back Down, it’s one of the albums more upbeat moments but we promise it is still jampacked with feelings. While the album is pure beauty, on the live stage is where Lewis truly thrives, and he’ll be hitting the road this May – with shows in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Tickets are on sale here

Frank Iero & the Future Violents – Young and Doomed

Frank Iero is back with his latest project. Even with a new band and a new label, there are still all the familiar elements to love here. We could talk about the song more, but we can’t get over the double-whammy My Chemical Romance references thrown in, because social media is a fun place when MCR-stans are involved. We’re going back to the comment section, but make sure you have a listen.

Brendan Maclean – Goes Without Saying

Sydney pop icon (no, we didn’t stutter, we said icon) Brendan Maclean has just dropped his long-awaited debut album And The Boyfriends and it is a beautiful, emotional, and honest reflection. From strutting pop jams to spoken oddities and tender stripped-back ballads, this record showcases every side of Maclean. While we love them all, we are putting Goes Without Saying on repeat – between the flawless vocals, beautiful harmonies, and simple melody, it begs for repeated listens. We also have to shout out The Boyfriends – Maclean’s topnotch backing band in Kira Puru, Montaigne and Ainslie Wills who each bring something extra lovely here.

Lupa J – The Crash

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Lupa J is back with another gem, and this might be our favourite yet. The Crash is an absolute delight, showing off Lupa J’s penchant for interesting and edgy left-field pop – it is as dark as it is upbeat, as delicate as it is driven. Expect more of this when Swallow Me Whole, her debut album, drops later this year.

Didirri X Ro – Tea Stains

When two beautiful voices come together, it is bound to be breathtaking – and on Tea Stains, that’s exactly what we have. Simple, stripped-back, and sweet, Didirri and Ro fit so perfectly together. This one is bound to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and when things really open up a little after the halfway mark the track takes on a whole new level of fun. Sing it at the top of your lungs, or lay back and relax – however you want to enjoy it, this one is best served warm and without sugar, it’s already sweet enough.

Ali Barter – Ur A Piece of Shit

Ali Barter is at her best when she is writing sassy guitar pop, and here on Ur A Piece of Shit, she’s at the top of her game. Maybe it’s a little ridiculous on the surface, but it’s so damn fun that we don’t even care. An ode to her best friends, it’s as sincere as it is packed with attitude – Barter describes it as a love song, and we totally feel that. The follow up to her album A Suitable Girl is ready and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

Kailee Morgue X Hayley Kiyoko – Headcase

Ever since Kailee Morgue released her single Medusa in 2017, we have been singing her praises to anyone that would listen – now on Headcase, her team up with popstar Hayley Kiyoko, it looks like the world is finally really paying attention. Woozy, dreamy beats and singalong, alt-pop vocals are the flavour of this one, as Morgue details the struggle of living with a mental illness. Pair that with how important it was for Morgue to feature another queer woman on the track (because proper representation is super important) and we think we’ve got an artist who is going to be really essential to a lot of important conversations in the coming years.

Flume X HWLS X slowthai – High Beams

Hi, if anyone speaks to Flume in the next few days, can you please thank him for blessing us with this incredible mixtape. If you haven’t dived in yet, get ready. Where his album Skin was delicate and full of huge pop singles, his new mixtape Hi This Is Flume is throwing it down. This is peak Flume. This is the best thing that’s happened to electronic music this year. This is fire packaged into 38 glorious minutes of music. At times you might feel like your speakers have malfunctioned, every moment on Hi This Is Flume is irreverent and refreshing. There is no structure here, textures and layers collide and collapse, and then the thing that follows is completely unexpected. Why’d we pick this track in particular? Because it’s huge.

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