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Tiarne | Dreamy, delicate melodies drenched in nostalgia

We pick the hottest new live acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Brisbane singer-songwriter Tiarne creating dreamy, delicate pop drenched in nostalgia

Dreamy, delicate melodies that float through a haze of nostalgia is how we are describing the musical gems created by Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Tiarne.

Inspired by those around her – whether it’s her mother’s marriage or a family tragedy – it is the intimacy in every note that ensures her lush pop-folk stays with you long after the tracks finish playing.

Tiarne’s latest release ‘Flora’ continues in the same delicately impressive way. While the melody is a building slow burner, it is the poignant emotion drenching every word that hits the hardest – discussing tragedy and healing and recognising your coping mechanisms.

‘Flora’ is about understanding how trauma has ultimately affected the way a person handles their relationships. I learned about a close family member having gone through a traumatic event and it all just made sense. It’s an acknowledgement to mental health and also references areas of alcoholism and how I came to understand why people have or need coping mechanisms. Flora is a healing track and helped me to gain perspective and rebuild my relationship with this person.


She made her debut in 2017 with her single ‘Kids’, quickly finding love on triple j Unearthed and earning her a spot on Red Deer Festival alongside Kite String Tangle and The Preatures before her next single ‘Golden’ featured in Netflix mini-series 600 Bottles of Wine. 2020 saw her returning with a bang thanks to singles ‘Rose Eyes’ and ‘Bayside’, leading into a promising 2021.

If you’re a fan of artists like Julia Jacklin, Maggie Rogers, Lana Del Rey or Phoebe Bridgers, you’ll find a lot to love here. But, if you aren’t, there is something uniquely Tiarne – warm, intimate, and delicate – about her approach to pop music.

To celebrate the release of her new single ‘Flora’, we sat down with Tiarne to get to know her better.

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Check out ‘Flora’ by Tiarne:

The Tiarne Story

From the beginning

Tiarne: “I had always been that person sitting in their room, singing Taylor Swift covers but I honestly didn’t start properly writing my music until I was around 20. I completed my Bachelor of Music but never wrote anything I truly connected to until the end of the degree. I started gigging when I was 19 and just kept playing shows to get my music out there and get to know the local scene. All those shows led me to a new opportunity.”

What you’ll hear 

“I think what led me to my sound was listening to a lot of different genres of music. I love folk-style storytelling lyrics but I also love electronic production, so experimenting with the two ultimately led me to how my music sounds today. Writing is the most important to me when it comes to music.”

Influences & inspirations  

“I feel like each element of my music is influenced by different genres and artists. I really take inspiration from folky artists like Julia Jacklin and Paul Kelly and then musical influence from alternative outfits like Arcade Fire, The National, and Lorde. Then we jump into a whole other realm where my deep love for Taylor Swift shines through. Love her!”

For the love of music  

“What I love most about making music is the opportunity to really tell a story. Whether it’s my own experiences or the people around me, it’s a creative outlet to express hidden emotions and reflect on moments.”

Kicking goals

“I would have to say having my first ever triple j spin! It was such a dream for so long and I felt like my hardwork and dedication to my music was acknowledged. It was really special.”

Overcoming struggle town 

“The creative blocks. There is a sense of pressure as an independent artist to keep up the momentum and create everyday but the reality is, it doesn’t always strike and there are days where you’re not passionate. It’s taken me this long to understand my own creative approaches and cycles and to not compare my processes to others. It can be a huge challenge to overcome some days but I’ve learned to accept that.”

The year ahead

“My plan is to just release this year, play some shows and focus on writing again. Last year was such a write off for everyone and I’m just easing myself back into the swing of the music scene. I’m hoping to put out an EP by the end of the year! Keep your eyes peeled.”

Essential Listening

Tiarne – Rose Eyes

“This was the first of 11 tracks that I wrote as an album challenge. My friends and I individually decided after Bigsound in 2018 to write an album in 30 days and see what we could come up with. It was the best idea ever and ‘Rose Eyes’ was written in one night on Ableton. The track ended up being about a narcissist that I know.”

Rose Eyes – Tiarne – Music Video

Tiarne – Bayside

“Not a lot of people know this, but this song is actually written from my Mum’s perspective about her husband Greg. They both met in Bayside Victoria and grew up alongside each other. It’s a secret little love song.”

Bayside – Music Video

Tiarne – Flora

“The title ‘Flora’ is named after the street a family member of mine lives on. I wrote it in one night, similar to the same processes as ‘Rose Eyes’. I was in our little home studio set up with my partner and came up with the verse chords. I had a creative lightbulb moment and bam! the track came out all at once.”

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