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June has well and truly kicked off with some top-notch musical moments

Here are some of our favourite, tastiest fresh scoop tunes released in the first couple of weeks of June. Dig in!

Alexander Biggs – All I Can Do Is Hate You

All I Can Do Is Hate You

Single two for 2020 from Alexander Biggs and he is still doing his best to break our hearts into a million pieces. Tears? Don’t worry we’ve got them too. Lump in your throat? Check. Lyrics swirling around your head for hours after the song has stopped playing? Yep, ‘All I Can Do Is Hate You’ did that to us too. Biggs has crafted something so devastatingly warm that for almost four-minutes we can all feel joined in our heartache.

Brayden Sibbald – Afterglow

After Brayden Sibbald performed this song during our live-streamed festival Together Fest a few months ago, I found myself singing the song’s chorus at random moments throughout the day, waiting until he’d unleash the studio version on the world, and it has definitely been worth the wait. As we’ve come to expect, the tune is all swirling lush layers and Sibbald’s warm vocals – continuing the streak of incredible singles leading us into an album.

Dekleyn – Who We Are

Dekelyn are back at it with another catchy treat, this time it’s their new single ‘Who We Are’. Their signature catchy, electro-pop flair is still here, but the dance production is more subtle, giving their brilliant vocals room to really shine.

Eves Karydas – Complicated 

Eves Karydas - Complicated

We’ve been shouting about our love for Eves Karydas for a little while now after her debut album summerskin put her well on her way to global pop star status. Well, that was in 2018, and with her first tune since, she has well and truly cemented it. How she makes this addictively, sweet pop sound so effortless we’ll never know, but we can’t wait to hear what comes next. 

Fever 333 – Supremacy

After debuting the track during their Long Live The Innocent, Black Lives Matter livestream fundraiser, American punks Fever 333 have dropped their blistering new single ‘Supremacy’. Catchy melodies and huge instrumentation carry punchy lyrics packed with the band’s signature brand of punk activism. The track is completed by Blink 182’s Travis Barker on drums, guest vocals from Gin Wigmore, and a little sample from Blondie’s 1981 single ‘Rapture’.

Genesis Owusu – Whip Cracker

Genesis Owusu - Whip Cracker (Official Music Video)

We are big fans of Genesis Owusu. From his infectious grooves to his poetic, honest songwriting, he continues to wield and bend genre in a way that is hard to ignore. His latest track ‘Whip Cracker’ continues his high-intensity, hard-hitting run of tracks. The song arrives amidst a sea of protest music fuelled by the #BlackLivesMatter movement around the world, and while the song is so incredibly relevant to everything that’s happening now, it’s telling that the song was written one-two years ago. 

George Alice – Stuck in a Bubble

George Alice, NASAYA - Stuck In A Bubble

After taking out triple j Unearthed’s High competition in 2019, George Alice is proving she is definitely more than a one-hit-wonder, following up her competition-winning single ‘Circles’ with the glorious ‘Stuck in a Bubble’. The woozy gem shows off a funkier side to Alice, setting her up for a very exciting future.

The Hunter Express – There Was Love

The Hunter Express - There Was Love (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Melbourne musician Brad Ellis AKA The Hunter Express has a way of filling his indie-folk tunes with enough warmth that you almost feel like he is sitting right beside you performing. His latest ‘There Was Love’ is a dreamy, stirring journey, intimately swirling along carried by an almost-whisper and filled to the brim with emotion. It is the first piece of what will become The Hunter Express’ third album.

Johnny Hunter – Hollow Man

Sydney post-punks Johnny Hunter continue their perfect run of singles with the chaotically urgent ‘Hollow Man’. The final release before their EP Early Trauma lands in August, we are really starting to get a sense of exactly what the full Johnny Hunter picture looks like. Their modern-meets-’80s post-punk stylings, driving by hard-hitting guitars and punchy percussion stands stronger for Nick Hutt’s distinctive vocal delivery.

Kuya James – Trust

James Mangohig has been on the scene for a while now as a performer, producer, and songwriter, but it is with his second single under moniker Kuya James that he is truly taking centre stage. Teaming up with the incredible Emily Wurramarra, ‘Trust’ is a moment of Filipino pride, and every moment of it, from its confident, urgent beat to the effortlessly beautiful vocal, provides something truly magical.

Sports Team – Deep Down Happy

Provocative, unapologetic, and ambitious are just a few words thrown around to describe London six-piece Sports Team but on their debut album Deep Down Happy (which we named our Album of the Week by the way) they are proving that all the hype is more than well deserved. Memorable anthems-in-waiting feature throughout the album’s almost-40-minute run, and whether they are calling out music industry sell-outs, dissecting middle-class living, or fearing mediocrity, there is a heartwarming euphoria and tongue-in-cheek humour that permeates everything Sports Team do. This is the sort of album that makes you want to pick up a guitar, get your mates together, and start your own band.

Stevan – Tripping

Stevan - Tripping (Official Video)

Wollongong’s multi-talented wunderkind Stevan is taking his leftfield, woozy, dreamlike pop to a whole new level on ‘Tripping’. Taken from his Just Kids mixtape, the single marks a turning point for the artist whose use of bright guitars and understated vocals have become a signature part of his sound. Here he sounds more confident than ever, leaning harder into his pop sound and only hinting at what might come from Stevan’s new direction. 

The Buoys – Linda

Sydney punks The Buoys continue to reign supreme on newy ‘Linda’. If you’ve had a shit boss and you’ve been stuck in a shitty job, you’ll feel this one deeply. The riffs are fierce, the drums are full of attitude, and over the top of it all, lead singer Zoe Catterall absolutely soars.

Wing Defence – Relocate

If you love simple-yet-punchy pop-punk melodies and netball references, Adelaide duo Wing Defence are delivering both in spades. Infectiously catchy, they are laying themselves bare and wrapping us all up in their charm at the same time.

Ziggy Ramo – April 25

Taken from his new album Black Thoughts, Ziggy Ramo introduced his latest single ‘April 25’ with a simple message – “In my next act of dismantling the systemic racism in Australia…”. From race relations to toxic masculinity, Ziggy Ramo’s politically-fuelled hip hop makes his voice one of the most important in the Australian music circuit. The truths he is presenting might be confronting, but it’s a poignant reminder that we cannot forget.

This is the music we’re loving so far in June, what have you been loving? Stay up to date with all things Ticketmaster New Music here.