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Album of the week

Billie Marten – Feeding Seahorses by Hand

Leading into Feeding Seahorses by Hand‘s release, Billie Marten (or at least her press releases) promised to take a magnifying glass to the outside world, and on her second album that’s exactly what she does. That doesn’t mean that this album isn’t an intrinsically beautiful listen. Whether Marten is calling out people in power, being angered by modern-day communications, or lamenting on musician’s guilt, every track is filled to the brim with gorgeously poetic and emotional lyrics. Tying everything together is Marten’s floating, dreamy vocal – as delicate as it is strong, her voice carries it all, soaring atop a bed of ethereal soundscapes. Taking an honest and frank look at the state of the world on all its levels, Feeding Seahorses by Hand is a raw and open look into the mind of Billie Marten and it more than promises a bright future for the up and coming British talent.

Singles of the week

Bec Sandridge – Eyes Wide

This is a glittery, retro, funky bop. Empowering in the face of an overwhelming fear of being abandoned, this tune is signature Bec Sandridge – channelling the best parts of the ’70s and ’80s, it’s her groovy guitar melodies and knack for writing brilliant hooks that holds everything together. We’ve loved everything she’s done so far, but Eyes Wide might just be our favourite – big call, we know!

Better Oblivion Community Center – Little Trouble

Following the release of their debut album back in February, Better Oblivion Community Center – the indie-rock duo featuring Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers – have dropped a new single titled Little Trouble. Perfectly showcasing just how good to pair are together, the track could have easily slotted onto the record. But look, we aren’t going to complain about an extra treat. A punchy melody and beaut harmonies – can this team-up be any more perfect?

Bruce Springsteen – Hello Sunshine

The Boss is back. We repeat, The Boss is back. And what a glorious re-entry he has made. His first new music since the release of 2012’s Wrecking Ball, it has been a long wait. But one well worth it, it seems. Following on from Wrecking Ball‘s anger, Hello Sunshine – and the album that it comes from, Western Stars – is a return to Springsteen’s solo recordings and his picturesque, character-driven narratives. Built around an easy-listening, country arrangement, Springsteen transports us to the California desert. His warm croon paints a vivid landscape, surrounded by pedal steel, honky-tonk piano, and an almost-delicate rhythm section – this is the Springsteen we’ve been waiting to hear for a little while.

Ceres – Dancing Patterns  

On their latest album, We Are A Team, Ceres are proving that you cannot sleep on them any longer. Maybe Ceres are happier than they used to be (especially if we sit this album right next to 2016’s Drag It Down On You) but this record is still quintessentially Ceres – and we wouldn’t want it any other way. It was a pretty hard task to pick just one track to highlight, but we’ve gone with the gorgeous Dancing Patterns. Where the second half of the album kicks the tempo up a notch, Dancing Patterns is the shining light of the record’s first half. There’s more polish here than before, and a greater balance between rock riffs and pop sensibilities, but that doesn’t mean Ceres have lost any of their grit. Dive into Dancing Patterns and get acquainted with Ceres.

FKA twigs – Cellophane

Following on from the sparse beauty of 2016’s single Good To Love, Cellophane is FKA twigs showcasing her devastatingly vulnerable best. Haunting, yearning vocals sit at the track’s fore, growing into heart-aching falsettos, while a tense melody – built around a warbling, slow-moving piano and droning synth – only add to the eeriness. But Cellophane doesn’t need much more than that, twigs’ delicate vocal is enough. It’s a truly beautiful track that showcases the strength of FKA twigs as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

Holy Holy – Teach Me About Dying

The latest track from Holy Holy doesn’t stretch too far from their previous release, but Teach Me About Dying is definitely a deep dive into the new more electronic-led territory the band promised with the release of Faces at the end of last year. A fast-paced programmed beat holds everything together, while pulsating synths, a groovy guitar riff, and some gorgeous harmonies courtesy of Ainslie Wills and Ali Barter add to the whole thing. The hook is a pure earworm, and even with just the studio bones, you can hear how beefy this track is going to sound on the live stage. It’s safe to say, no matter what Holy Holy try, they do it bloody well.

Lucy Dacus – My Mother & I

We welcome Taurus season and Mother’s Day with this gorgeous new tune from Lucy Dacus. As devastating as it is brimming with love, it is also a frank exploration of body image (My mother hates her body/We share the same outline/She swears that she loves mine) and a consideration of the things we as daughters inherit from our mothers. With nothing more than a tender guitar line carrying Dacus’ floating vocals, it is a starkly beautiful listen. The delicately, serene, lullably-like track is part of Dacus’ holiday songs – following her Valentine’s Day cover of La Vie En Rose, and will soon be joined by tracks for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, and even Bruce Springsteen’s birthday. What a treat.

Mahalia – Grateful

British singer-songwriter Mahalia has returned with a beautiful love song in the form of Grateful. Her lush vocals combine with the stuttered-yet-smooth beat for one heck of a sweet R&B moment. 2019 has seen Mahalia scoring nods in every direction, and if she keeps dropping singles as class as this one, there is no doubt she’ll be a household name in no time.

Middle Kids – Beliefs & Prayers

For anyone lucky enough to catch this tune live on Middle Kids’ most recent tour, you’ll know that it’s huge, but the studio recording brings something even more special to the song. It’s another anthemic listen built around swirling guitar lines, pulsing percussion, and Hannah Joy’s gorgeous vocal – and you guessed it, there are more hooks here than your average coat rack. Last year’s debut album Lost Friends showcased the promise of Middle Kids, but the strides the band are showing with their new material pushes them leaps and bounds ahead of that. Middle Kids are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest indie-rock bands in Australia.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Read My Mind

We still haven’t stopped spinning Rolling Blackout’s debut album, Hope Downs, so it’s pretttttty nice to have something new to wrap our ears around. Read My Mind is a playful, jangly affair featuring a lush, psychedelic guitar line that sweetly meanders along underneath a deliciously pop-tinged hook. Try and get this chorus out of your head, we dare you.

Thelma Plum – Better in Blak

Thelma Plum should be one of the biggest pop artists in Australia, and her latest single Better In Blak well and truly proves it. It’s another triumphant anthem focusing on self-empowerment and the frustrating experiences Plum faces as an outspoken Gamilaraay woman and musician. Her vocal is laced with raw emotion, and coupled with the upbeat melody, this track is as catchy as it is important. Honest and triumphant, Plum’s is a voice you need to be listening to.

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