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New Music

Ticketmaster’s Fresh Scoop: the best new music (15/04)

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Album of the week

Gold Fields – Dalawa

We can’t believe it’s been six years since Ballarat legends Gold Fields released their phenomenal debut album Black Sun, but we can finally say we have their follow-up, the gorgeously dreamy ride that is Dalawa. With nine tracks clocking in at 50 minutes, each track is its own separate journey – but as a whole, one thing is clear, the wait has definitely been worth it. After a relentless touring schedule in support of their debut album, taking a break to pursue other interests is exactly what Gold Fields needed. On Dalawa they sound refreshed – there’s a new energy here and more sonic exploration than ever before. How a record can so perfectly be the soundtrack you fall asleep to and fuel a fantastic night out is beyond us, but basically more people should be shouting about this album because it’s perfect. Welcome back, guys.

Singles of the week

Anderson .Paak X André 3000 – Come Home

Not everyone got around Anderson .Paak’s 2018 record Oxnard. Following the beauty that was his breakout record Malibu, the overblown, too-rap-heavy follow-up felt like a misfire. That’s why we’re pretty darn glad that Ventura has seen .Paak return to what he does best – craft sexy soul and bubbly, smooth-as-honey grooves. Album opener Come Home (featuring Outkast’s André 3o00 no less)  highlights everything the album does best – it’s elegant and warm but it’s also one of the wackiest moments on the whole record. We like a bit of balance.

Body Type – Free To Air

Body Type do jangly, indie-rock really really well. Free To Air is the second track to come from the band’s forthcoming EP2 and much like it’s predecessor Stingray this one is packed with earworm hooks only this time they’ve turned down the pace even more, cruising into a dreamy, fuzzy, blissful kaleidoscope of bright guitar lines and catchy lyrics. They recently wowed crowds at America’s SXSW, next they head to the UK for The Great Escape and a series of headline shows. From there, the sky is the limit.

Courtney Barnett – Everybody Here Hates You

Courtney Barnett gave us one of the best albums of 2018 when she released Tell Me How You Really Feel and clearly she is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. While the title may make it sounds like Barnett is on the attack, the track is actually about depression and self-loathing and how it’s actually a pretty common/universal feeling. In true Barnett fashion the laidback, twangy guitar line builds into a spirited rock chorus that’ll have you singing along in your sadness.

Fontaines D.C. – Roy’s Tune

Irish punks Fontaines D.C. are one of our new favourite music discoveries, and on their debut album Dogrel they’ve absolutely blown us away. While they have become known for their white-knuckle ferocity, rumbling rhythm section, and for sounding quite pissed off, it’s the more melodic moments on the record that have really caught our attention. That’s where Roy’s Tune fits in. It’s tender and beautiful and marks the perfect breathing space within the record. It also showcases Fontaines D.C. as brilliant songwriters who can move listeners, hit straight at the heartstrings, and make them think about society even when the noise and ferocity are turned down.

GOSH – Never Lose You

This blissful slice of indie-rock goodness is the perfect introduction to Wollongong band Gosh. The production on Never Lose You is outstanding, but the track still holds onto its grit and rawness. It sounds familiar and fresh all at the same time, like putting on a new jumper on a cold winter’s morning and instantly moulding into it. If this track is anything to go by, Gosh are masters of catchy pop hooks, huge guitar riffs, and gritty-yet-warm vocals. If you need something to brighten your day, we recommend you turn this one on.

John Floreani – Echoes

You probably know John Floreani best when he’s fronting pop-punk band Trophy Eyes, but now it’s time to meet a new side to him. Echoes is the first taste and it’s an emotional ride that plays directly to Floreani’s pop sensibilities – from his knack for writing catchy hooks (check out that chorus) to the floating, captivating quality of his voice, it’s easy to get swept away in how simply beautiful this single is. It’s more polished than Floreani’s last solo project, Little Brother, but still features an ease and rawness that cuts through the grandness that fills its three-and-a-half-minutes. Bring on the whole album.

Press Club – Get Better

After the huge success of their debut single Headwreck and the album that followed, last year’s fantastic Late Teens, Press Club are storming into 2019 with the first taste of what’s to come. The single, Get Better, is a short, sizzling bite of punk rock goodness that picks up perfectly from where the album left off last March but takes thing up a notch or ten. If Late Teens put Press Club on the world map, judging by the sheer quality of Get Better, whatever comes next is going to lead them pretty close to world domination.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Bill’s Mandolin

There is no doubt about it, Perth is Australia’s psych-rock capital, and with Tame Impala now reaching astronomical heights, we need a new band to sit on the Aussie mantle, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets just might be the greatest contenders we’ve come across. Follow sold out tours in Australia and the UK as well as a much-talked about run of American shows, the band’s calendar is chock full – from Splendour in the Grass to the UK’s Great Escape and Japan’s Summersonic festivals they’re going to be pretty busy. Lucky for us though, they’ve found some time to bless us with Bill’s Mandolin – we didn’t think they could get better, but here we are. Shredding guitar riffs meet trippy musical dream sequences and it doesn’t slow down for a single second.

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