Gig Tips

How to enjoy going to a gig on your own

A definitive guide to getting the most out of a solo gig experience

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Going to a gig on your own doesn’t come with the same stigma it used to (because whoever decided it wasn’t completely fine, was completely wrong) but it can still be an anxious experience.

No matter the reason for gigging solo – maybe everyone was just ‘too busy’ to see your new favourite folk band or you nabbed the last Alanis Morissette ticket in town – there are plenty of ways to ensure you enjoy yourself at the show.

We’ve compiled a definitive guide to going to a gig on your own and not having it ruined by feeling awkward.

Stop looking at your phone, stop it right now 

Burying your head in your Instagram feed has multiple consequences, because not only are you missing the live experience around you but you’ll be overcome with heavy feelings of FOMO while checking in on what everyone else is doing.

Try your best to relish in the moment and absorb the atmosphere in real time.

While we’re not saying ditch your phone altogether, and we’re definitely not suggesting you stare down the person next to you until they talk back, we recommend limiting your screen time to taking photos and sending too many emojis to friends when your favourite chorus drops.

Wear your dancing shoes

Dance, sing and jump about because all efforts to act cool go out the window when you’re flying solo.

Turn those anxious feelings of not knowing anyone in the room into a liberating reason to let loose and dominate the mosh pit. Who’s gonna know?

Don’t feel pressured to drink

We’ve surveyed it and we can confirm that making multiple trips to the bar ‘to look busy’ does not count as passing the time. If you do feel inclined to do some daydreaming in the bar queue, consider a soft drink or grab some free water if you don’t actually feel like something alcoholic.

Make conversation

Human encounters can be hard enough at the best of times, so striking up a conversation with a stranger at a show might not sound like the most exciting idea.

Still, you already know you have one thing in common, right?

If ever there was a chance to finally meet someone who likes decent music, this is it.

Leave if you’re feeling uncomfortable

No one is going to think any less of you if you skip out on a few songs. If you stick around for as long as you feel happy and comfortable, you can’t go wrong.

Be sure to brag about it

Here’s the great thing about going to a gig on your own, you know a good handful of people who missed out on it.

Update your Instagram Story and stop by Facebook to tell your friends just how epic your night has been.

Enjoy that feeling, it’s you overcoming your nerves! 

You did it, see! Going to a gig on your own isn’t so bad when you prioritise your personal enjoyment.

Fighting off those anxious feelings will make you feel amazing, so enjoy the post-gig buzz. After all, you earned it.