AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022 is back

Are you ready for AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022?

It’s time to show your support for your favourite Aussie musicians with AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022.

This year AusMusic T-Shirt Day will take place on Friday 18 November. The annual event is a fun way to bring awareness, celebrate your favourite Aussie music and raise funds for the music industry’s charity, Support Act.

For those who are unfamiliar, Support Act delivers crisis relief services to musicians, managers, crew and music workers who can’t work due to illness or injury, or any other crisis. Support Act has been an essential service to artists and their teams over the past two years, which has truly tested the resilience of everyone within the music industry. 

Artists, managers, crew and music workers all deserve the utmost celebration for their strength recently. Especially their ability to rise to the occasion now that live music is back and better than ever. And thanks to this year’s AusMusic T-Shirt Day celebrations, we can all show our appreciation and support to the people who make our favourite music possible. 

Last year’s event raised well over $500,000 for Support Act – a record for the project.

This year over 30 stars of Australian music, screen and stage are ambassadors for the official AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022, including Casey Donovan, Darren Hayes, Kylie Minogue, Cub Sport, Ball Park Music and many more. 

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day 2022 Ambassador Launch

How to get involved in AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022:

So, how can you get involved?  

For AusMusic T-Shirt Day 2022, Ticketmaster has paired up with participating promoters to allow fans to donate to the cause. We’ve enabled a charity upsell on your favourite music events for the month of November (AusMusic Month), where you can donate at check-out to help raise funds for Support Act. See the complete list of participating events here.

However, this isn’t the only way you can support AusMusic T-Shirt Day. Here are just some ways you can support the cause this year.

Go and buy yourself a t-shirt from your favourite Australian artist. Support Act has partnered with an incredible lineup of artists to provide you with a Premium T-Shirt range where 100% of the net proceeds go to Support Act. Check out the full range here.

If your favourite artist isn’t within the Premium T-Shirt range, check out the official merch partners here for more inspiration. All AMTD merch partners donate a portion of their proceeds to the campaign. 

Can’t seem to find a t-shirt that fits your style? Then you can donate directly to Support Act instead. You can sign up to create your fundraising team with your friends, family, workplace or on your own. All funds raised go toward crisis relief, mental health, the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline and First Nations support.

Lastly, make sure to get everyone you know together and wear your t-shirts on Friday 18 November. Then share your day on socials using the hashtag #AusMusicTShirtDay to help spread awareness and get others involved, just like the team here at Ticketmaster will be doing! 

Remember, you can always continue to support your most loved Australian artists throughout the year in many ways. Give them a shout-out to your friends and family (or even your work colleagues), add their songs to your Spotify playlists, and show them love on social media by sharing their music or tagging them in an appreciation post about how much you love their music – every small gesture makes a difference.

AusMusic T-Shirt Day is the best way to celebrate, support and show love to Australian artists and everyone behind the scenes who give us the music we love. 

Get involved today and show your support on Friday 18 November.