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The Lume paint Melbourne in Van Gogh

The countdown is on!

There is only a few months until multi-sensory digital art gallery The LUME Melbourne launches with its inaugural experience Van Gogh – and to celebrate, they lit up the city with some of his most recognisable works.

Wednesday 1 September is the day when Australia’s first permanently housed digital art gallery, The Lume, officially open its doors, and takes you inside some of Van Gogh’s most well-known and universally celebrated paintings.

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From The Starry Night to his Self Portraits to Sunflowers and The Night Cafe; you may know these pieces, but we bet you’ve never experienced them like this – as epic-scale masterpieces woven together with stunning musical soundscapes, evocative aromas, and perfectly curated food and beverage offerings.

The exhibition includes 3000 images, including paintings, drawings, and letters. But before we get to step inside The LUME and experience it for ourselves, the gallery took his works to the streets of Melbourne.

To prepare us all for Van Gogh’s imminent arrival, The LUME blasted pop-up projections across some of Melbourne’s most iconic locations.

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So what can you expect from this fully immersive, multi-sensory delight? In short, to be transported into a whole new world.

Scents include subtle notes of nutmeg, cardamom, and cyprus, citrus fruits and cedar wood. Tastes include offerings of regional cuisine from France and The Netherlands.

Then there is, of course, the mirror-infinity room packed with hundreds of sunflowers and a life-sized recreation of Van Gogh’s famous Bedroom in Arles.

And that is only the beginning. In September, you’ll have to experience it all for yourself.

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The LUME Melbourne’s inaugural experience, the multi-sensory Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, opens on Wednesday 1 September. Tickets are on sale now via