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Your fave podcasters are coming together for Melbourne Podcast Festival this September

They’ve kept you company during lockdowns, fill in the quiet of long commutes, and make you laugh/cry/become a true crime detective – now your favourite podcasts are jumping out of your headphones and on stage for Melbourne Podcast Festival.

Taking over the Village Cinemas Jam Factory for three days this September, the inaugural event will see more than 25 podcasts live recording some very special episodes.

The lineup is pretty top notch and covers everything from current affairs to true crime, sport to beauty, science, sex, sexuality, gossip, food, and everything in between. This is a rare opportunity to experience the recording of their favourite pods in a completely live format, within a unique intimate setting. 

So ‘who’s on the lineup?’ we hear you asking. Well strap yourself in because it’s a big one. This year’s Melbourne Podcast Festival will feature the likes of AM with Ruby Jones, Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb, The Culture with Osman Faruqi, The Chaser Report with Dom Knight and Charles Firth, It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, and more.

Melbourne Podcast Festival 2021

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Get to know the Melbourne Podcast Festival Lineup:

Friday 17 September:

Sizzletown with Tony Martin & Matt Dower in conversation with Astrid Edwards

Welcome to SIZZLETOWN, the world’s first late-night call-in podcast, hosted by comedian and broadcaster Tony Martin, with Matt Dower on the Pots n Pans. It was the winner of ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Outstanding Production’ at the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards. 

Beauty IQ Uncensored with Adore Beauty

Welcome to Adore Beauty’s podcast Beauty IQ Uncensored, with hosts Beauty Editor Joanna and beauty newbie Hannah getting real about every aspect of beauty. No topic is off-limits – from retinol to bum hair – and you can expect a healthy dose of education and laughs. 

It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

+ second show on Saturday 31 July

A conversational-style podcast by The Bachelor Australia Season 7 Runner up Abbie Chatfield, that’s just like having a thoughtful conversation and a wine with your friends. Abbie and her guests answer listener questions, doing the best to give advice about dating, friendships, sex and all other facets of life.

Saturday 18 September:

AFL Exchange with Cal Twomey, Mitch Cleary & Riley Beveridge’s Cal Twomey, Mitch Cleary and Riley Beveridge share an entertaining take on Australian Football news and culture, asking and answering all of the big questions.

Somehow Related with Glenn Robbins & Dave O’Neil

Comedians Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil are given two seemingly random topics. Together they have to work out how these very different things are somehow related.

The Culture with Osman Faruqi

The Culture is a weekly show focusing on film, music, TV, streaming, books and art. Each episode takes a deep dive into a work, an artist or an area where culture and society collide. Hosted by Osman Faruqi, the editor of 7am, the show will feature conversations with critics from The Saturday Paper and The Monthly, and interviews with local and international musicians, filmmakers, writers and artists.

Loose Units with Paul Verhoeven & John Verhoeven

The true crime book Loose Units, out now through Penguin Publishing (and in bookstores everywhere), had one thing it couldn’t do: it couldn’t fit everything. So each week, Paul and John will sit down and delve into cases too surreal, brief or contentious to fit into the book.

7AM with Ruby Jones

A daily news show from the publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. Hear from the country’s best reporters, covering the news as it affects Australia. This is news with narrative, every weekday.

Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie & Emily Webb

Think nothing ever happens in your town? Australia’s suburbs are home to some of the most mysterious and disturbing true crime cases in the world. Meshel Laurie is a true crime obsessive. Emily Webb is a true crime author. And together with expert interviews with writers, victims, investigators and perpetrators, they probe the underbelly of our towns and suburbs, and uncover the darkness at the heart of Australian life.

Sunday 19 September:

Better Off Dead with Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia. 

Plumbing The Death Star with Jackson B Baly, Joel L Zammit & Joel Duscher

Three rude boys ruin pop culture through dumb questions. Ever wanted to know the answer to what would make better hands than scissor hands for Edward Scissorhands? Of course not! But we’ll tell you. Somehow this podcast is a world-wide phenomenon.

The Junkees with Dave O’Neil & Kitty Flanagan

Dave O’Neil and Kitty Flanagan investigate junk food, old and new. It’s a roundabout of salt and sweet, bygone and brand new, crunchy and chewy.

Too Much Tully with Tully Smyth

Reality star, hopeless romantic, show-off, Big Brother bad-girl, gay, bi or straight, Tully Smyth is known for a lot of things in the media, but the real tea will be spilt every Tuesday on Too Much Tully. Tully Smyth opens up about her life, sexuality, mental health, being 30-something and single, and what it’s like being a typhoon with a heart of gold. Nothing’s off-limits.

Welcome To Patchwork with Dion Factor, Josh Porter & Christian Pisasale

Have you ever wondered if it’s acceptable to bring food to someone’s house and take it back home if no one has eaten it? Well if you have, then you’re in good company. Christian, Dion and Josh are Welcome to Patchwork: An Australian comedy podcast that thinks too hard about the monotony of life. By debating the obvious, challenging social conventions and improvising sketches, we’re more concerned with the crumbs than the cookie.

The Chaser Report

Are you sick of news you can trust? For over 200 years, The Chaser has been the world’s leading source of news you can’t trust. Now daily in 2021, The Chaser Report will be hosted by original Chaser co-founders Charles Firth and Dom Knight each day, with Rebecca De Unamuno delivering all the latest Chaser news headlines.

The Melbourne Podcast Festival will take over Village Cinemas Jam Factory from Friday 30 July until Sunday 1 August. Tickets are on sale via