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A passion for Anime? The AFA CSF is for you!

Anime fans will flock to AFA Creators Super Fest (AFA CSF) this month, as it returns to Singapore on 27 and 28 July at Singapore Expo Hall.

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AFA Creator Super Fest (CSF) is a community-focused festival where anime creators gather for two days to share industry experiences, inspire budding creators, and exchange insights!

So, what exactly is the AFA CSF? It’s a chance for anime creators or budding anime creators to immerse themselves in all the best parts of the world of anime! During the two-day festival, you will expect the following:

Art & Crafts

One of the most exciting features of AFA CSF is the Arts and Crafts! Get ready for thrilling talks with renowned guest illustrators, hands-on workshops, and real-time live drawing sessions. Attendees can also explore the creator’s market, take part in art competitions, and admire the beautiful art by talented artists such as this year’s Wataboku art exhibitions.


Revel in the presence of special guest cosplayers and attend captivating talk shows. Browse through exclusive merchandise offerings and participate in thrilling cosplay competitions. This is your chance to engage with a dynamic community and create unforgettable memories!


Enjoy music on the always-popular ‘Super Akiba’ Stage with live performances from top vocalists, musicians, dance groups, and DJs! You can even get involved yourself by participating in karaoke and dance competitions during the festival.


For the first time, there is a new zone dedicated to up-and-coming fashion lines and accessories by creators from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and more! Whether your vibe is alt, vintage, or kawaii, the new area has something perfect for you! Dive into a world of style where everyone can find some fashion inspiration and discover the hottest trends.

Gaming & Virtual Content

Don’t think we’ve left out the gaming fans! Experience an event filled with notable industry guests, captivating talk shows, and inspiring competitions. Participate in hands-on workshops, explore showcases featuring commercial and indie games, and dive into opportunities for tabletop gaming fun.


An important goal of AFA Creators Super Fest is that it prides itself on being a community-focused festival. The creative community flourishes when knowledge is shared. Embark on a learning journey with seasoned professionals over two days of immersive workshops, insightful panels, and engaging dialogues.

Make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest news about the AFA CSF on Instagram, Facebook, and X. Likewise, check out their website for more information HERE.

So what are you waiting for? This is an unmissable event for any anime creator! AFA Creators Super Fest (AFA CSF) returns to Singapore’s Expo Hall on 27 and 28 July. Limited tickets are on sale now.