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Ticketmaster’s new AFL member upgrade process

We are changing the way AFL members upgrade tickets on our website to make it easier than ever.

The way AFL members purchase tickets on Ticketmaster is changing, making it easier than ever for you.

We are beginning the new process for matches from June onwards. The main difference you will notice is in the website’s appearance when purchasing member upgrades and guest passes, with minor changes to the purchase process as well.

With this change, it is important that you select the correct event from the event listing. If you wish to sit in the AFL Reserve, you need to select the ‘AFL Reserve’ event. However, if you wish to sit in the Public Reserve, you need to select the ‘Club Members’ event.

If you have selected the AFL Reserve event, please follow these steps to select your tickets

1. In the ‘Choose Your Tickets’ section, click on ‘Unlock Member Upgrades’.

2. Enter your member barcode numbers (one barcode per line).

3. For each member barcode number you’ve entered, select number of Member Upgrade and Number of Guest Passes required

Before proceeding past this page, please ensure that you have selected tickets for ALL the member barcode numbers you have entered, and that you have the correct amount of tickets in your basket.

Once you have all the desired tickets in your basket, please follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

***Note that the new upgrade process means that you must now download your tickets from your MyTicketmaster account.

Your tickets will no longer be emailed to you, so it’s important that you download them and have them ready to scan before arriving at the venue.

You will now have the option to download your tickets on your mobile device, in addition to print at home.

You will also be able to use the Ticket Forward feature to send tickets to your friends and family that are attending the match.

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