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Dice celebrate their debut EP ‘Adolescent Arcade’ with a tour of their tattoos

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Perth trio Dice on their debut EP 'Adolescent Arcade'

We know summer festival season is still a little while away, but if you’re trying to conjure up the feeling of open-air amphitheatres, watching your favourite band in the sunshine, with your best mates and good vibes to keep you company – look no further than Perth trio DICE and their debut EP Adolescent Arcade.

Overflowing with soaring guitar riffs, driving percussion, singalong-ready melodies, and big hook-y choruses, all held together by some seriously smooth, buttery vocals, the band are adding themselves to the Australian indie-rock scene in a big way – joining the likes of The Vanns, Spacey Jane, and Beddy Rays in crafting their own unforgettable Aussie anthems.

One listen through the EP’s four-tracks and you might find yourself questioning our knowledge – because surely this couldn’t be the band’s debut. But it’s true. Across just a handful of singles, DICE have amassed more than one million streams, sold-out a bunch of headline shows, and scored some pretty sweet support slots. They’ve also garnered support from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, as well as triple j, Unearthed, Music Feeds, and community radio stations like RTR, 2SER, and 4ZZZ.

Not bad for a band who only played their first live show in November 2020.

Adolescent Arcade is the perfect record for DICE to kickstart their music catalogue with. Summing up their first (almost) two years as a band in a little over 13 minutes, the record tells the story of their experiences, emotions, and struggles so far – Adolescent Arcade is exactly what it means to be a young adult in 2022, searching for your path in life but having a damn good time while you’re at it.

Brimming with sunshiney vibes, it’s also a summer soundtrack that we’re going to keep enjoying well into the depths of winter.

Their growing catalogue of music might still be only in its early stages, but the consistency across their releases alongside the wave of loyal fans the band are continuously growing proves that DICE are unstoppable. Watch this space.

Inside the creative process of Dice’s new EP ‘Adolescent Arcade’

DICE: “The creation of the EP is actually a pretty funny story, it stemmed from stories and experiences from our later teenage years which we all experienced together. The track listing changed frequently with songs being added and removed almost weekly as we wanted to create the perfect image of what it was like to be a young person growing up in the confusing times when COVID first hit. ‘Stop Sign’ and ‘Double Espresso’ were both last minute tracks that we wrote and recorded within a week; both which ended up being the two most fun songs to play live and blast in the car. Working with Sam at Tone City Records, who we have recently signed to, was a great collaborative experience where we got to feed our ideas off each other.”

Tell us the story

DICE: “All of our songs are pretty black and white with no secret, hidden meanings which we find works for us as people can relate their own situations to our songs. The four tracks are a brief summary of what most young adults go through; young love, not enough sleep, bad tattoos, and chasing your dreams.”

For the love of music

DICE: “To us, music is all about having fun with your best mates. It’s amazing to be able to share our stories and passion for music – we want our music to fill their lives with what makes them happy.”

To celebrate the release of Adolescent Arcade, tying int the theme of the EP’s lead single ‘Bad Tattoo’ alongside the overall vibe of the EP – the youthful disregard for consequences – DICE are sharing some of their tattoos.

Check out Adolescent Arcade by Dice

DICE take us on a tour of their (bad) tattoos:

‘Open Sky’ Tattoo

“I (Ben) decided to tattoo myself on my foot. ‘Open Sky’ (by our good friends Sunsick) was one song I had listened to in the past year that I loved, everything about the song made me want to keep writing music. I could listen to it at any time, and I decided to tattoo it as a memory of the past year and everything we have been through as a band.”

‘DICE’ Tattoo

“Not only the reason we named ourselves DICE, my first tattoo of a DICE was for my grandad who has been a big influence on who I am. His last name is Dyson which he signs off by drawing a DICE so it was the perfect symbol.  The tattoo now also symbolises the first international holiday myself and Tom went on and the memories we made. These memories are heavily reflective in our latest track ‘Bad Tattoo’ where I write about our times in Bali.”

’64’ Tattoo

“64 was another tattoo I (Ben) did myself. 64 is in dedication to my parents who were born in 1964. They’ve played a massive influence in my life and support for our band, so it was a nice dedication. Although they weren’t too supportive of at-home tattoos!”

‘Bad Tattoo’ Tattoo

“We found out from our distributor that we needed a single artwork for ‘Bad Tattoo’ the day it was being uploaded, so I (Tom) actually made the extremely impulsive decision to go get the words ‘Bad Tattoo’ inked on my bicep as a potential option for the cover art. Although we didn’t end up using this, its still one of my favourite tattoos, as it signifies all the memories we have had as a band over the last 12 months writing this EP.”

‘Spider Web’ Elbow Tattoo

“Its very rare that you go out to a bar or pub in 2022 and wont find someone with a traditional spider web tattooed on one or both of their elbows. Although it is possibly one of the more common tattoos of this generation, I (Tom) love the look of it and believe it is a timeless piece that will continue to get tattooed for years to come. It’s also great fun to spot others with it when out and to bump elbows – almost like a secret club.”

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