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Wham Bam Thank You Fam debuts in Footscray next month

A day party for kids and big kids everywhere.

Wham Bam Thank You Fam will launch in the heart of Footscray this August, with a mini-festival in a laneway designed for kids and adults alike.

With almost 15 years under their belts, Laneway Festival has become a staple in the summer calendar for music and festival fans around the country. So we put a lot of trust in the team that pull it all together. That’s why we’re so excited about their latest venture.

A concept from the fabulous minds of the Laneway Festival team, in collaboration with DJ Joey Lightbulb, Wham Bam Thank You Fam presents a family-friendly disco that’ll have you dancing right through the daytime.

Appealing to anyone who loves a Sunday session (who doesn’t?), the festival is for anyone.

With plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained all day long, there is plenty of time for the adults to drink and dance the sunshine away.

We’re talking on-the-spot DJ lessons and pizza making, or even a chance to tear it up in the Fortnite dance zone. The kids can draw all over the walls in texta and even meet a surprise unicorn. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, right?

DJs will be providing non-stop music from Joey Lightbulb, Bruce Swayin’, and Single Dad, with disco, crunchy rock, indie bangers, and even some Pixar classics all on the menu.

Laneway co-founder Jerome Borazio spoke of the concept, saying, “I hear the frustration of parents always hanging outside in the cold at sporting events. Sport is great but I wanna build something for people who like being creative and want to encourage their kids to get into art, cooking, dancing, whatever. Wham Bam will be the nucleus.”

DJ Joey Lightbulb, aka Mikey Cahill, said “It’s a simple idea: provide a big, comfortable space parents can have a few drinks in while their kids are entertained nearby. I have two kids that I’m aware of and I want them to run amok for five hours then whisk them home by 5.30pm for the night time routine. The perfect crime.”

So what we’re saying is, it’s a kids party that becomes a party for the adults too. A concept we can definitely get behind.

Held at The Line, 2 Yewers St, Footscray in Melbourne on Sunday 18 August, the party will be rockin’ from noon to 5pm.

Plus, adults get in free.

Head over to our good friends at Moshtix to secure your tickets now, and enjoy Wham Bam Thank You Fam.

Wham Bam Thank You Fam

  • The Line, Footscray

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