Good Eggs

Launching Ticketmaster’s Good Eggs

We want to hear about each and every random act of kindness you’ve seen at a live event.

Enter through Instagram

Just in time for Easter, we are thrilled to launch Ticketmaster’s Good Eggs campaign.

For the next two weeks, as we lead into Easter, we want to hear all about the positive experiences you’ve had and witnessed at live events.

Comment on our Instagram feed with any and every random act of kindness you’ve seen or been involved in at a live event…EVER.
Even better, share a video or photo on your Instagram story to show us, and tag @ticketmasterau.

Or, if you’re not feeling like sharing, simply tag a friend who is a ‘Good Egg’ on our Instagram feed.

Commenting a story on our Instagram or sharing a video/photo on your Instagram story and tagging @ticketmasterau will put you in the draw to win 2 (two) tickets to any Ticketmaster event of your choice^*.
*Subject to availability, to the value of $200.

Tagging a ‘Good Egg’ friend on our Instagram feed will put you in the draw to win a $75 Ticketmaster Gift Card^.

What should I share?

So, what are we looking for? Any and every random act of kindness. We want to share the positivity this Easter.

It can be as simple as a photo of your friend helping an elderly person down the stairs at the footy. Or, a story about how you cared for a person that was in need of assistance at a festival.

Comment your story on our Instagram, or share your videos/photos on your story and we will share them on ours. Just make sure to tag @ticketmasterau.

And remember, you can still win a prize even if you just tag a ‘Good Egg’ on our Instagram feed.

Help us spread the positivity you’ve experienced at live events this Easter.

^Full terms and conditions here.