Peking Duk offer a lesson in partying at Festival Hall

This duo can throw one hell of a party. Here's what we thought of Peking Duk at Festival Hall.

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Canberra duo, Peking Duk, bring The Wasted Tour to Melbourne’s Festival Hall for the ultimate electro-dance party.

After a royal treat by Triple J’s electronic hip hop mogul, Kwame, and Jack River’s dreamy alternate pop debut (including a sneaky cover of Tal Bachman She’s So High), a short film lights up the screens of Festival Hall. 1700 eager faces gaze up at the Duks on their band of horses, telling the crowd that they should probably get to the show… talk about tease.

Electronic two-piece Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde, aka Peking Duk, waste (pun intended) no time getting the crowd amped up with their top tracks like Fake Magic, Say My Name and Let You Down. Perfectly timed disco lights, visuals and animations accompany the shuddering bass drops of each track, ensuring you feel every beat as it happens.

With everyone hyped and having a good time, the headliners smash their DJ set with crowd-pleasing cameos like For What, My Heart Will Go On and the all-too-familiar drum beats of Seven Nation Army.

If you take one thing away from Peking Duk at Festival Hall, it’s that these two know how to party.

Oh, and they weren’t kidding when they called their EP, Songs To Sweat To. Evidence below 👇

Words: Vanessa Pillai

Peking Duk, Festival Hall, 12 May 2018