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Why am I noticing changes on Ticketmaster?

Our website is getting a brand new look to improve the way you buy tickets

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Noticed anything new over at If you haven’t already, you soon will!

We’ve been busy overhauling our website with one simple mission; improving the way you buy tickets online.

Steadily, we’ll be introducing a range of exciting changes to make sure the ticket-booking process is quicker and easier than ever before.

To help bring you these changes, you might notice that some of our page urls now begin with ‘www1’.

There’s no need to worry when you’re buying tickets on one of these urls though, it just means you’re one of the first to experience our new site.

Not just that, but we’re striving to give you even more information at the point of purchase. More and more of our seat maps are being powered with better technology to ensure you know exactly what kind of view you’ll have at the venue.

Like you, we love the convenience of booking tickets on our mobiles, so we’ve also introduced a new fully-responsive website that looks exactly the same on all your devices.

So next time you notice something different about our website, you’ll know you’re experiencing a whole new era of Ticketmaster.

We want to hear what you think too, so get in touch if you’ve enjoyed using one of the new pages.