Live: A Day To Remember kick off Bad Vibrations tour in Oz

Ironically, there are only good vibrations trembling through Melbourne’s Festival Hall when A Day To Remember stomp into town.

Australian fans are the chosen ones for the Florida five-piece’s latest tour, as they kick off their Bad Vibrations run down under.

“This is the rowdiest crowd of the tour so far,” frontman Jeremy McKinnon confesses to the Victoria audience, “But don’t put that on YouTube.” Oops, sorry Jez.

Something tells us Oz fans at ADTR’s upcoming shows needn’t worry though, it’s scientifically impossible for them to put on a bad gig.

Okay, so we’re not sure of the exact scientific explanation but given the combination of rock energy and pop sensibilities that the band currently comprises, they’ve guaranteed themselves as a surefire fun-time live band.

Rising through a pretty over-saturated market of metalcore bands, ADTR are one of few that have become masters of a more mainstream approach.

Don’t be mistaken though,¬†this lot are still successfully tearing up¬†tracks they released in 2007.

Truth is, ADTR have a show that Justin Bieber would envy. The set is slick, the sound is crisp and it’s safe to assume there’s some light choreography going on somewhere. But it works and more so, it’s a total thrill.

New tracks from Bad Vibrations slip subtly into the set, with Paranoia and Naivety¬†showcasing the band’s longstanding dedication to breakdowns.

It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite moment during a show that runs this smoothly. I’m Made Of Wax Larry…, The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, All Signs Point to Lauderdale and The Downfall of Us All still swirl fans into frenzy, with the likes of We Got This and If It Means A Lot To You offering a few moments of light relief.

“You’re just like me when I was your age,” Jeremy addresses their legions of teen fans during¬†We Got This, “Things do get better, trust me I’ve been there.”

Represented by huge circle pits in the physical sense, it’s the outrageous sing-alongs and heartfelt lyrics that represent ADTR’s sense of community¬†in the emotional sense.

Bad vibes? There’s none to be found here.

A Day To Remember, Festival Hall – Melbourne, 14/12/16

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