Three must-see women at MICF 2016

If girls just wanna have fun, then these three women are the life of the party, a laugh riot, the cream of the crop. And they are all set to light up the MICF stage!

They are fierce comedians, each with their unique style and insights, rivaling the best of the best. If anyone can steal the thunder from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) then these are the women who will do it, and do it in style.

Good Morning MOFO- Zoe McDonald

Zoe McDonald may seem like the new kid on the block, but she’s been treading the boards for a number of years as an accomplished actor, singer, dancer, writer and comedian. This year Zoe is bringing to the stage her new show Good Morning MOFO that showcases a number of new characters, and with a fresh take on comedy and morning TV show hosts and content.

An accomplished comedian, who uses situational humour, impeccable characterisation and timing, with a neat story arc, you are bound to be fascinated by the wit and comedy that Zoe brings to the table. Zoe is a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary comedian who interchanges between a number of dynamic and interesting characters- she’s a true one-woman show!

Fresh from Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival with her show FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out, which garnered rave reviews from the likes of Huffington Post (UK), four stars from Broadway Baby (UK), and locally in The Age, Good Morning MOFO should be on your must-see list.

You can see Good Morning MOFO at The Coopers Malthouse, from now until April 17. Click here to purchase tickets for Zoe McDonald’s MICF show.

The Looking Glass- Celia Pacquola

You know if they chose a particular comedian to host the Oxfam Comedy Gala, they’ve got to be good, and nothing could be truer of Celia Pacquola.

Using on-point observational humour, Celia is a master at making you feel like she’s the best friend you never had, who understands you so well, while also making you keel over in tears of laughter.

Celia is an established comedian, running the comedy gauntlet, supporting the likes of super star John Oliver on his Australia tour. Along with her own one woman shows, you may have seen Celia on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Spicks and Specks, and she has even been described as the “funniest woman to come out of Australia since Barry Humphries”!

Catch Celia Pacquola at the Comedy Theatre from March 30 until April 11. Lucky for you she’s even had to add an extra show to her MICF run! Click here to buy tickets for Celia Pacquola now!

Dogmatic- Hannah Gadsby

One part kooky, one part deeply troubling, one part so totally relatable; Hannah Gadsby weaves a beautiful web of stories that will leave a lasting impression on your psyche. Just as you get pulled into her vortex of dry delivery, she will slap you in the face with hard-hitting intelligent humor.

Hannah is a wordsmith who takes you through her dodgy decisions, whilst also reminding us of our own terrible life decisions! Hannah has an amazing comic timing and deep insight into life that is equally compelling and hilarious.

Along with her own comedy sets, and pulling in numerous awards, Hannah has appeared on smash hit ‘dramedy’ series Please Like Me where she plays Hannah… a character that resembles pretty much a version of herself.

Don’t miss Hannah Gadsby at ACMI, from now until April 5. Click here to get your MICF tickets now.