10 of the best Taylor Swift songs

Which Taylor Swift songs make your top 10 playlist? Fans at Ticketmaster HQ take on the impossible task...

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Days aren’t the only thing we’re counting down ahead of Taylor Swift’s reputation tour, we’ve compiled a list of her 10 best songs, too. 

To help contain our excitement for Tay Tay’s arrival, we’ve taken to picking our 10 favourite EVER Taylor songs.

You might think it’s virtually impossible, and after sparking one of the biggest debates Ticketmaster HQ has ever seen, we’re almost inclined to agree.

Check out the 10 Taylor Swift tracks we love the most:

10. Tim McGraw

In at number 10, it has to be old school Taylor. Tim McGraw is classic country, all blue jeans and pick-up trucks, reminding us of where she started. This love ballad holds a dear place in our hearts!

9. Mean

Mean is a masterclass in revenge with a country twist. Swift shows off her songwriting skills whilst pretty much predicting her future. After all, she is now living in a big old city, being bigger than we can handle as one of the biggest stars on the planet.

8. 22

Who doesn’t grab their mates and drag them on the dancefloor when 22 hits the speakers? Wishing we were still young and carefree, unlike us this song cannot age.

7. Enchanted

If you don’t belt this in your car whilst driving, are you even a Taylor Swift fan? Those strings, that chorus… perfect for a road trip sing-along!

6. Don’t Blame Me

Clearly a fan favourite from reputation, Swift presents a modern love song with one of her catchiest choruses to date, all while showing off her incredible vocal range. So. Good.

5. You Belong With Me

Aka the beginning of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. With an epic video, and lyrics pretty much every fan can relate to, You Belong With Me was a must for our list from the start.

4. Shake It Off

It is impossible to talk about this song without having a little wiggle and a sing-along. Believe us, we’ve tried! Inspiring fans everywhere to shake off the haters, this is an anthem we just love to dance to.

3. Ready For It

Making us want to pout and practice dance routines in the mirror with this one on repeat, this song is a powerful reminder that the old Taylor is certainly ‘dead’.

2. Blank Space

Considered an absolute banger at TM HQ, Blank Space let the world know that Taylor does not take herself too seriously! Catchy as ever with an iconic video, Blank Space just misses the #1 spot!

1. Love Story

How could we not put this anywhere but number #1?! We were only just getting to know Taylor when Love Story became the earworm of 2009! The plucking mandolin, the acoustic twang; all it’s innocence. It’s wholesome. It’s pre-John Mayer/ Jake Gyllenhaal / Harry Styles / Calvin Harris. It started our own love story with the one and only, Miss Taylor Swift. Swoon.

Now check out the playlist: